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The right way to choose tank size

“In order to breed fish in a small tank (less than 20 gallon), you need to be an experienced fish keeper. Novice fish keepers need to start with at least a 39 gallon fish tank.”

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Wednesday 24.07.19

Up and about early this morning after a restless nighs sleep, had some very strong coffee and the Cameron and I got ready for work, dropped off Cameron and then went for a walk before going to the garage, had a very busy day running here there and everywhere, almost every job in the workshop didn’t go smoothly and the weather was so warm, Cameron walked up this evening and on the way home via the stables to turn Skye out for the night I dropped Cameron off at Julie’s, when home we had some dinner sat out in the garden, after we had eaten and tidied up I went up and fed Smaug, and ended up listening to my audio book and watching his tropical fish and Smaug, after that I went to bed and got an early night, hope I sleep better tonight

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Complete Book of Dwarf Cichlids

Cichlids are some of the most diverse
freshwater fish on this planet. They can be the most challenging and
most rewarding fish to keep. Their beauty can rival that of saltwater… 403 more words

Fish Book Review

The Pet Shop – Don’t Tap On The Glass

Waukegan, IL: The animals and the birds in The Pet Shop were wonderful, but I really liked the tropical fish. Before there were “all glass” aquariums or even fancier Acrylic aquariums, the normal aquarium had a metal frame and the glass sides were set with a gooey black cement. 300 more words

Aunt Vera

A Trip to the Pet Store

Pam’s Pictorama Post: Kim and I are largely the stay-cation types and enjoy the quietude of Manhattan on holidays as a rule. This week we took a walk together in the late morning of July 4. 1,550 more words

A plenitude of platys

Damn, man, got an overpopulation crisis in the aquarium. Platys up the wazoo. They’ve live bearers—as opposed to egg layers—and being really awful parents they tend to devour their own offspring. 282 more words


Aunt Vera's Pet Shop Circus

Frank Sherry was a drummer with the
Ben Wallace Circus and was the creator of Tiny Brother’s Circus, a miniature,
handcrafted masterpiece of circus memories. Frank and my aunt became friends… 205 more words

Aunt Vera