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Tropical Fish

My local library has a very large fish tank with beautiful tropical fish. I’m mesmerized each time I visit.

My morning warm up….A watercolor/watercolor pencil sketch from a photo I took.

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Aunt Vera and The Pet Shop

If you spend any time with me, you know that I like to raise and observe tropical fish. We have five active aquariums in our home. 327 more words

Aunt Vera

Freshwater Fishes of Mexico by Robert Rush Miller

Firemouths, jack dempesys, goodeids, and swordtails. When thinking of fish from Mexico, these are the species people generally think of first. But wait, there’s more! There’s a plethora of species located right in our own backyard. 530 more words

Aquarium Book

The tale of the Chameleon fish and the snail kebab

A while ago now I set up an old style 18x12x12” aquarium with the intention of keeping small tropical fish. The setup was as simple as it gets, with T8 fluorescent lighting, a metal hood and the tank sat on an angle iron stand. 3,074 more words

Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish

These colorful denizens of the deep make scuba diving worthwhile, and provide food for many species. If we are not careful there may be none left to admire. 9 more words

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All the Little Fishes

There in the back, in the glow of the fluorescent tubes, I catch her arm to steal a kiss.

“Get off me,” she giggles as I nuzzle her neck and bury my face in her hair. 204 more words

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Insights or Non- (Part 10)

We won’t ever have a clean planet — free from dying and mass extinction — if fracking is more important for creating jobs and oil than green energy is for world health. 120 more words