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Herbie the baby Angelfish

Herbie is not a healthy Angelfish. The poor little guy is a runt. He was born 2 months ago. His brothers and sisters are big and healthy. 73 more words


Giant Tigerfish tank video

There are several unique aspects to this video, but I didn’t want to label it up like click bait, and have people disappointed.

The tank was on display at the China International Pet Show, known as CIPS for short. 334 more words

Tropical Fish

Baby showers

The Splash tetra belongs to an exclusive club, for it is often used to demonstrate the weird and wonderful in the freshwater fish world, and the diversity in the fishes of the Amazon. 1,229 more words

Tropical Fish

My latest fish purchase, but what is it?

Last Friday saw me get my wallet out and purchase a fish. My intention was to buy just three Otocinclus, which I did, but on a whim I also bought a singular specimen of something else. 736 more words

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Thoroughly adorable Thorichthys

Jeremy Gay revisited a cichlid he had not kept in over ten years, and found that even when breeding, they weren’t the hammer-wielding gods of thunder from who they take their name. 3,112 more words

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The austere aquarist

Life does make it hard to be a fishkeeper, as there are many hurdles that get in the way. What I’m focussing on here is the cost of the hobby. 1,716 more words

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And now for something completely different...

 I aim for a consistent look in my portfolio – I even hope to one day have a style that is instantly recognizable as my own, but clearly I am not there yet.  707 more words