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BREAKING: Amazing change in Florida's drought in just 3 weeks

With more than double the normal rainfall so far this month, where does Florida’s drought stand?

It’s completely wiped out.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor report released this morning, there is no drought in Florida, although about 15 percent of the state is still considered “abnormally dry.” 250 more words


Cindy has made landfall along the central Gulf Coast. Severe weather and flooding more of a concern now.

Analysis this morning shows Cindy has made landfall around south east Texas or the south west Louisiana. Clouds extend way beyond the center of the storm, take notice the pink outline. 241 more words


Latest on Cindy in the Gulf and a quick look at the forecast of what's left once it moves inland.

In this water vapor image we can see already dry air getting wrapped around the south side of the cyclone, but the system won’t fully die. 271 more words


Update on Tropical Storm Cindy. Also Flooding continues in areas affected.

Visible imagery this afternoon shows expansive cloud cover over much of the South East. Heavy rain continues along the central Gulf coast states with the risk of tornadoes as well (noted by the pink outline) (green = Flood warning) 185 more words


We have Tropical Storm Cindy in the Gulf!

Analysis of a few overlapped features here. First notice the two upper level ridges (over the South West US) and another over the western Atlantic, also note in white the dip in the jet stream ( the weakness I talked about in earlier post) A cold front has stalled in the south east (noted by dry air (lower dewpoints #s) vs the south where tropical air resides. 230 more words


Tropical Storm Cindy Set to Drench the Gulf Coast

Over the last several days, we’ve told you about a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico that could bring impacts to the Alabama Gulf Coast. 238 more words

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Florida's wet weather moves out, balmy summer beach days ahead

Look for a changing of the weather guard over South Florida, with the torrential rains of the past few weeks fading in favor of a more typical July — read drier — pattern. 476 more words

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