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Cold Thoughts

Bone chilling wind, frost bite on my hands, smell of a giant freezer, exhaling smoke, my mind numb, these are the thoughts that come to my mind when in Europe or North America. 247 more words


Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden

The garden has a multitude of features, such as this suspension bridge leading to one of the many trails…
These stairs that remind me of ruined pyramids… 273 more words


브라질 목재 수출은 상향세

2016년 10월 브라질의 pulp와 종이를 제외한 목재 관련 생산품의 수출액은 2015년 10월 US$ 210.0 million 보다 5.9% 상승하여 US$222.4 million 이었습니다. Pine 제재목 수출액은 2015년 US$ 25.7 million에서 2016년 US$ 28.5 million으로 10.9% 증가하였고, 수출량도 121,900 m3에서 146,700 m3으로 20% 넘게 상승하였습니다. 22 more words


Island In The Sun

Have you ever traveled somewhere so beautiful that you knew you must return?

The musical line up on this cruise is amazing!

Mighty Crown the far east rulers! 51 more words


November 22, 2016 – Paradise Tanager (Tangara chilensis)

These tanagers are found in northern South America, throughout much of the Amazon basin. There are four subspecies which vary in the coloration of their lower back feathers, ranging from bright red to red and yellow. 64 more words


Transport options in Rarotonga (Raro part 3)

Kia Orana!

Another thing I love to do in a new country, aside from eating everything I can, is to find affordable and fun ways to see as much of the place as possible. 1,167 more words