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Sia - The Greatest (Nikolas Degas Remix)

Here is my latest remix to Sia’s – The Greatest. Please download and share!


Day 2: Wandering Around Guadalajara, Mexico

November 8, 2006

Day 2 in Guadalajara. This got off to a disappointing start as we made our way to the Parque Agua Azul which I described in my journal as ‘not a great walk unless you’re into car parts’. 205 more words


Lifou, New Caledonia

The second stop on our 10 day cruise. This island was my favourite and cannot wait till I can go back and snorkel there.

It’s not a fancy island with a resort but there are local stalls and coconut stands as soon as you walk off the jetty. 73 more words


January 5, 2017 – Plate-billed Mountain Toucan (Andigena laminirostris)

These toucans are found in the western Andes from southern Colombia to Southern Ecuador. They feed primarily on fruit, but also eat invertebrates and small vertebrates, such as lizards, mammals, and birds, as well as eggs. 82 more words


Pineapples and Paddle-pops

Lived abroad for years
And it was all gems and jubes
Awareness and awakening
Chi and chewy!

In the sunshine state it’s been
Pineapples and paddle-pops… 12 more words


Schick Intuition Moisturizing Tropical Splash Refill Razor, 3 Count

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