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Untitled, unfinished "book" written in 1995

Awhile back, while doing some spring cleaning, I found a bunch of “books” I wrote when I was young and set them aside to read over and share. 222 more words


Accidental Abduction

I accidentally kidnapped a child the other day. Not in the way you think. I didn’t accidentally leave a bag of candy on my front seat and get in the car to find a child hiding in the back eating it. 875 more words

Naked Tea Sipping

"Go Ask Alice" (1973)

Being raised by parents who cared little about what I did as long as I came home each night with all my limbs intact, I read pretty much whatever I wanted as a child. 1,206 more words

Tv Movie

"What Are Friends For?" (1980)

The 80s seemed to be a golden era for “that kid,” young actors whose familiar faces, if not particularly familiar names, always seemed to pop up on one TV show or another. 1,362 more words

Troubled Teens

Progress on A Wounded Heart

After taking a couple of days off from writing, I am reading through my progress thus far (the 7th chapter) in order to ensure consistency of flow in the storyline.   126 more words

Christian Fiction

Parent Shares Success Story at Shepherds Hill Academy Family Conference

The Shepherds Hill Academy Family Conference provides parents with the tools they need to strengthen their family and prepare for their child’s return home.

“The campfire, ERT demonstration and blindfold “trust” exercise were great bonding experiences. 66 more words


The Totem of Loneliness for Children

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the sectional exams, during this time when the students awaited for their grades to get posted and to fill out their choices of majors, they all just want to, party hard. 480 more words

Experiences Of Life