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Shepherds Hill Academy Maintains Family Focused Environment

Shepherds Hill Academy intentionally maintains its small community style environment. We believe it helps facilitate genuine relationship and healing. See what this parent has to say: … 38 more words


"The Death of Richie" (1977)

As we bring this installment of “Just Say No Month” to a close, we come to the inevitable “based on a true story,” 1977’s The Death of Richie… 1,096 more words

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"Not My Kid" (1985)

You know you had a mediocre public school education when the “health teacher” did double duty teaching another class. In my school, it was usually either a gym teacher or a football coach, and all you had to do to pass was show up. 1,225 more words

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1 Benefit of Shepherds Hill Academy

Parents see the benefit of having their child enrolled at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA).

One benefit that is becoming a common benefit for more and more families is our unplugged environment at SHA. 37 more words


"Sarah T.--Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic" (1975)

Nobody was put through more shit in the 70s than Linda Blair. While other young actresses got to do movies about the joys and pains of first love, or pursuing their dreams of stardom, the cherubic Blair, in a four year stretch of unrelenting misery, played an abused runawaywrongfully sent to reform school and sexually assaulted ( 1,561 more words

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Teen Depression: The Scary Truth

Teen depression comes in two forms. It can be a simple episode in which they are upset because of a breakup. Or, it can come in a constant, heavy depression that can and does destroy lives. 432 more words


Praise for the Efficient Admission Services of Shepherds Hill Academy

Parents find comfort in working with our loving Admissions Team. See what this parent said about their enrollment experience.

“We are the one’s blessed to find Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) and for their wise decision to hire you as our admissions coordinator. 40 more words