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Frosty - Young, Black, and in Crisis

I would like to introduce you to my friend Frosty. That is not his real name but his nickname.

He is tall, 19 years old, thin, and of African American ethnicity. 973 more words

Support And Help For Troubled Teens

Lost Teens are Found

“Before coming to Shepherds Hill Academy, I was lost… In the movie “Unbroken” Louis Zamperini’s brother tells him “one moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.” During my stay at SHA I experienced the hurt and the pain that comes with breaking and rebuilding my life and I’m now awaiting the glory of my King.”

-CG from Georgia


Shepherds Hill Academy Parent Conference Success

During our parent conference we provide a special workshop to families that are preparing to return home. We have found this to be a success to parents. 29 more words


Before It's Too Late

“It’s the breakdown of the family. Faith issues. Societal issues,” he said. “I can tell you that our juvenile courts are full and that one day we will reap a bitter harvest when they grow up.” 248 more words


Dangerous Minds

Am I the only one that watched Dangerous Minds about a hundred times growing up? I loved seeing Michelle Pfeiffer touch the lives of kids that everyone else had completely given up on. 250 more words

Shepherds Hill Academy Can Help with High Functioning Autism

One father explains how Shepherds Hill Academy helped his child work through high functioning Autism.

“Shepherds Hill is the only place that my child has been successful in dealing with his Autism.”
-CM from California