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1 Benefit of Year Long Therapeutic Care at Shepherds Hill Academy

The team at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) has been serving families since 2001. One benefit we see in the lives being transformed at SHA is the family’s restoration of communication. 146 more words


Education As Therapy

Within the past decade, schools across the nation have become more familiar with the concept of experiential learning. Educators, recognizing a flawed system, have been searching for radically new ways to reach students, capture their interest, and increase graduation rates. 174 more words


Self-Defeating Attitude And Behavior

Understanding and Overcoming Self-Defeating Attitudes and Behaviors

Teens and young adults who are described as troubled or high risk often share a very similar characteristic- they have self-defeating attitudes. 287 more words


Adolescent Brain Biology

A recent article published in the Nature Neuroscience Journal had some interesting information about why young adults behave the way they do, the findings shine some light on the old adage “if your friends jump off a cliff does that mean you have to?” 279 more words


Shepherds Hill Academy Puts Lost Children Back On the Right Track

God uses Shepherds Hill Academy to make lasting changes in our students. Here is a quote from one parent about the impact that Shepherds Hill Academy has had on just one student: 90 more words


Experiential Learning

What is Experiential Learning and Why Does It Work?

Experiential learning is a process through which students at Northwoods Ranch & Retreat are able to positively cultivate knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences beyond the traditional academic or therapeutic environment where they may otherwise have struggled. 219 more words


"Can a Guy Say No?" (1986)

For nearly two decades, the ABC Afterschool Special was the number one source for Young People With Problems. Anorexia, teen pregnancy, suicide, child abuse, dyslexia, drunk driving–all of it was covered at some point, and almost always wrapped up with a neat bow at the end. 1,634 more words

Troubled Teens