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"Can a Guy Say No?" (1986)

For nearly two decades, the ABC Afterschool Special was the number one source for Young People With Problems. Anorexia, teen pregnancy, suicide, child abuse, dyslexia, drunk driving–all of it was covered at some point, and almost always wrapped up with a neat bow at the end. 1,634 more words

Troubled Teens

Practical Example of How SHA Provides Second Chances for Student Academics

Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) specifically helps teens by meeting their academic needs. This is done time and time again. See what this student has said about his academic opportunities at SHA. 93 more words


"Baby Sister" (1983)

One my least favorite well worn movie and TV tropes is the love triangle. You want to lose my interest almost immediately? Have a couple of characters pretzeling themselves into all sorts of humiliating poses for the love of a third person, who rarely seems worth the effort. 1,231 more words

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"Alexander: the Other Side of Dawn" (1977)

If you’ve been following my writing here long enough, then you’ll know that I often enjoy mocking people my age who wax poetic, to an absurd degree, about their childhoods, insisting that they were far better than the selfie and participation trophy laden childhoods of the present. 1,157 more words

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SHA Student’s Letter of Encouragement

Students often write the Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) team after graduation. See the encouraging words this young graduate had to say about Shepherds Hill Academy. … 174 more words

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Teen Recommends Shepherds Hill Academy after Stay

More times than not, teens recommend Shepherds Hill Academy upon graduation.

See what this student says about why parents should send their teens to Shepherds Hill Academy therapeutic boarding school.

Shepherd's Hill Academy

The Parent Conference at SHA Brings Hope and Change

Each year, Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) has two Parent Conference events. This is a time for SHA parents to get together, attend parenting classes lead by Trace Embry and Allison Wallace. 96 more words