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Beating the slump of having Borderline Personality Disorder

So after a great deal of time thinking about it, I decided to start a blog for myself, and for parents needing some light on how to deal with a child that has BPD.  135 more words

It's Not About The Guns!

October 7, 2015 10:56:23

Posted By Brenda Lawson – House of Hope Va

Hello friends,

Some have suggested that I write a blog, and up until now I haven’t felt that I had anything important enough to say, or that people would want to read.   192 more words


A Two-Edged Blade

This is an excerpt that a future project that I am doing which will take off from A Wounded Heart.  Rick Sartori is a former street kid who is training to become a preacher/youth leader. 1,363 more words

Wounded Heart near completion

I have one more edit to do on my current novel. It’s a bit different than the previous three which were more Christian romance. In this one, the hero, Sam Treadwell, is a high school teacher in central Los Angeles in 1958. 175 more words

A Wounded Heart and time off

A Wounded Heart is getting very near to completion. I have one more editing to do, and then a quick read through for grammar, punctuation, etc. 32 more words

West Ridge Academy provides help to teens who have lost their way

http://www.westridgeacademy.org/ There are a variety of programs for troubled youth out there. But none promise to deliver you a child that is better equipped to handle the challenges of the future than West Ridge Academy.