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A Voyage Into The Unknown

Hi guys!

Nearly at the end of week two of editing.
I’ve found that my original plan using three characters wasn’t working as well as I’d first thought. 327 more words

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The ‘Right’ versus the ‘Required’

Relationships are the most treasured things we create in our lifetimes and yet the most fragile. Often it takes only an ill-spoken word or an unthoughtful moment to rout the foundations of faith and trust build over several years. 1,413 more words



I was the same to you: loosing faith, falling deeply down, not know who to share things with because people would say that i was crazy..  28 more words


The Story of My (Un)Success So Far - Part 1.

So, thus far I’ve introduced myself… Kind of. Reading back on it, it’s a bit lame, but I was just so excited to finally be writing a blog. 1,083 more words


Do You Struggle With Organizing?

Do you have troubles keeping it clean and neat around you and are your places an entire mess with no system? Or do you manage to keep things clean? 16 more words

Fiction: Locked Out (284 words)

He swore quietly as the key got jammed, and he had to rip it out of the lock and start again.  Sean had not had the day for this, and he was in no mood to be locked out of his own apartment through no fault of his own.   241 more words


When Cruising Seems Crushing...

The other day I was talking to my friend Tammie, and she asked if I’d heard about the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that had been caught in a monster storm.  374 more words