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I Think Something Bit Me

I have a friend that works for Terminix and last week he had to come by our office to check on some ants. He asked me where the ants were coming from but I was clueless. 518 more words


I Feel The Rain

There is beauty here,

In these wide spaces.

The distant blue islands.

Sometimes dark,

With threatening clouds,

Or light.

The sky is a promise.

Here, where we have loved; I beg. 28 more words

"You May Have Peace" Part Two

Your Bible says that God is a “God of peace” (Hebrews 13:20). Nothing ever disturbs Him. No earthborn storms invade the holy calm of His presence. 608 more words

Negative Emotions

Faithfulness in the Hard Times

        Often it is in the mundane Mondays, the random times you least expect it, the moments that don’t seem to hold much weight. It’s the time when the Lord reveals more to you than you can grasp. 1,104 more words

Ben - True Love??!?!?

Ah the Joys of single life at 27.

Did you ever go out with a guy who was really not the best looking but that you were absolutely crazy about and convinced that you were in love, you were made for each other yadi yada??? 754 more words


If we continue looking at life through the loophole of our pain we will not only fail others but we will fail ourselves.

Dealing with tough times like Jesus did...

On Thursday, 13th April 2017… I was asked to preach in a church in the evening time. I chose the portion where Jesus was going through deep sorrow knowing that His time for being crucified was near. 780 more words