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They say troubles come in three’s;

I say troubles grow on trees.

Smoke billows ‘round weeping willows

All is silent on the tear-stained pillow.

In a young man’s room, where shadows promise comfort, 137 more words


No Subject

See, life’s full of its little joys.

The beautiful morning painted outside your window, the cute dogs, cats, and cows you might catch on your way to school, your friends at school and, the jokes you crack with them or at their expense, a good movie or T.V. 1,271 more words

Conundrum of Time and Space

Hanging bougainvilleas cast a shadow above my head,

I hug my knees and swirl the contents of the golden liquid-

My tongue burning at each sip, 108 more words


swimming in the depths of emotions
contemplating your thoughts
your sadness and your stress
sometimes the pain engulfs you
become one with it

tirelessly gliding your body through the waters… 43 more words


Desperate Prayer

When do you really pray? When do you pour out your heart to the Lord? There should be some time when you really get “in the Spirit”- especially close to Jesus. 352 more words


It's Not Over Yet! Get Up!

So often when troubles and trials come and seem insurmountable, one of the first things that some people do is succumb to the belief that all is lost. 605 more words

Hope For Today

Distant Star

I can shine
but in the murky sea
I can shine
but darkness only be
I can shine
so may troubles vanish
from thee
I can shine… 13 more words