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Change Tracking Cleanup

Cross post from SQL Server Tiger Blog.

Change tracking is a lightweight solution that provides an efficient change tracking mechanism for applications which was introduced in SQL Server 2008. 1,141 more words


Having Trouble with Hotmail Email Attachments

I’m no expert when it comes to using a computer and I really struggle sometimes online. Those things that you probably find to be really easy usually end up being a disaster for me. 221 more words


Check the Pages Publishing Status of your Site

If you need a report to show the Publishing page status of your SharePoint Site, you can use this simple script to generate a Text file with some information. 182 more words


Only Default Printer Mapping Over With View 6.2

I recently had an issue with only the default printer being mapped over from the local Windows 7 PC to the View Client session.  It did not make any sense to me.   70 more words


How To: Make RJ45 (Ethernet) cables

The process of making Ethernet lines is quite simple, given you have materials available. I have photo’s below of everything you need, minus the obvious (cable itself). 215 more words


Quickly Switch or Force Quit Apps on Apple TV

With the Siri Remote, the Apple TV is iOS-like in the way we interact with it–from swipes to motion gestures. One useful aspect of this is the App Switcher. 98 more words


Don't Forget Visual Inspection When Network Troubleshooting

My small engines shop teacher said it in high school. Countless Air Force electronics instructors said the words when I went through Electronic Warfare school. I myself even harped on it when I became an Air Force instructor, and again years after when I taught basic electronics classes at a local vo-tech center. 928 more words

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