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Integrate Spring boot Rest API, Spark, MongoDB and Azure

In this post I have shown how to connect end to end Spark, MongoDB, Rest interface and web client to consume rest service created using Spring boot on Azure. 1,540 more words


DRS troubleshooting guide


Sometime ago I found the next troubleshooting guide about DRS that, on my opinion, is the best official resource so understand this complex component (the fact that this is a mix between files replication and over SQL replication make it difficult to understand) that I found till now. 16 more words


Guia Oficial para la solución de problemas con DRS en ConfigMgr

Hola a tod@s,

Localicé una guía genial hace algún tiempo publicada por Microsoft.

Si quereis profundizar en el conocimiento de este complejo componente (el hecho de combinar replicación de ficheros con replicación  montada sobre SQL lo hace especialmente difícil de analizar) creo que es la mejor fuente de información oficial que he localizado hasta ahora. 13 more words


BITs transfer Jobs stop running on W10 with ConfigMgr client installed

Hi all,

On my company we are on the W10 deployment projec, and we are on the testing phase.

We found several clients where the ConfigMgr client stopped downloading files, after some investigation we confirmed some interesting changes that affect how BITs service is managed on this systems. 519 more words


Find and replace text within a file using commands  on linux

Replace a String in Multiple Files in Linux Using Grep and Sed (Find and replace text within a file using commands.)


Use grep and sed commands… 60 more words


Family Guy Quest For Stuff Technical Help: Crashing & Lagging Game

Munch, Munch Munch!!!

Ever wonder where all your device’s memory has gone or bemoan the fact your game keeps crashing whilst playing FGQFS? If so I understand your pain and I’m here to try to prescribe a potential cure or three. 1,388 more words

Family Guy Tips And Tricks

Streaming analysis of Twitter data using HDP2.4, Spark, Mongodb on Azure

This post is about streaming analysis of live twitter data on Azure using spark on HORTONWORKS and persisting data to mongodb.
With this post also the main idea is to help out flocks in troubleshooting. 1,107 more words