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Let there be light. And lots of it - Troubleshooting Pepper Problems

Starting seedlings can be hard. Starting them during an insufferably grey spring in Chicago is even harder. I am still trying to revive my ostry cyklon peppers under some LED grow lights and while heat is one of the components, so is light. 800 more words

Urban Gardening

Edgerouter-X and VPNs

Being a homelabber on-the-go, I need to be able to access my lab remotely to maintain and resolve issues for a large number of things. I also like to upgrade and configure remotely, and I need a reliable way to do that. 611 more words


Troubleshooting Display Devices

Like all computer hardware, display devices can develop problems and faults. In this article we’re going to look at the more common problems and their possible solutions, starting with the easiest and most obvious. 1,350 more words

Computer Information Technology (CIT)


In satisfactory customer service situations a good representative will be skilled at troubleshooting. A knowledgeable customer service agent will pinpoint what the issue is quickly and resolve the difficulty or problem proficiently. 304 more words


Skype For Business with Skype Issues

Hello guys!

Today I have a very appetizing mushroom. Perhaps you have had at anytime a problem with your Skype to Skype for Business integration. 155 more words


Troubleshooting Chrome Resource Issues

Chrome is known for memory consumption but there are things you can do to help better manage and monitor your configuration for current and potential future issues. 112 more words


The Best Hidden Feature on my MeterĀ 

If you wear an insulin pump, one with tubing, you’ve probably had experiences where it wasn’t convenient to whip out your pump and bolus. A great example is if you’re wearing a dress and it’s clipped on your hip or between the girls. 169 more words