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A Minor Inconvenience (a cautionary tale)

When you’re on a budget like I am any planed fishing trip farther than the local bass pond is kind of a big deal. First you have to find the time to go, which for me means making sure I have time off, that my wife can take time off, and none of my three children have anything scheduled. 557 more words

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Here we go again with proposed hatchery cuts -- and here's how you can help.

Once again, the Governor of the jolly old yo-ho-ho State of Connecticut has decided that a good way to save money would be to close our hatcheries. 119 more words

Steve Culton

Pass my hammer, it is getting cold

It’s mid-November and the year is showing its age. Leaves clog the drains around the house now and the heating boiler had to be coaxed into life again with some deft hammer blows to the pump housing and a liberal stream of expletives. 609 more words

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The Last Day of Trout Season

The morning started off perfectly, I got up, got out the door and on the road by 7am, and the weather was fantastic! Crisp, clean, and hardly any wind. 1,019 more words

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Another good review for Travels With Charlize

Writer’s Digest Judge’s Commentary*:

So much personality shown in Charlize–we get real emotion and expression in the way the author has painted every scene with the dog. 155 more words


Apres fishing

Angling in Ireland has many facets, some challenging but most pleasant and convivial. I want to talk about one of these additional joyous addendums to our sport today, the Irish pub. 956 more words

Fishing In Ireland

One million miles and a Unicorn.

The car rolled to a stop. The bridge stood stoic, silhouetted by the bluffs. Doors slammed as we made haste to gain vantage on our water. 713 more words

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