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Three flys from my table

I was trying (unsuccessfully I might add) to tidy up the mess of feathers, hooks and other assorted odds and end which have accumulated on my fly tying bench. 251 more words

Fishing In Ireland

The Bumper

I always have a few of these flies in my box as they come in handy on those days when you have no idea what to try next. 283 more words

Fly Tying

On The Road Report: Streamer Session Edition

It’s that time of year again; hunters have taken to the hills, the ambitiously lethargic have returned to their recliners for the remainder of the year and the… 802 more words


The One That Got Away

I arrived home last night from a four-day fishing trip. It felt good to be home, but the memories of the four days would not be easily dismissed from my mind. 1,888 more words


LUNKERS by Skiz Gazelle


SUNDAY MAY 6, 1923


by Skiz Gazelle

This one I call, ‘THE OLD BAMBOO.’

Upon reflection of one of my more recent fishing jaunts to the Catskills on the Beaverkill at Craigie Clair, I was reminded of the innocence of youth by what it was that a little but gallant eight year old tyke said, and then soon asked of me. 873 more words



When I got back from fishing the Owenduff I found a package with a Scottish postmark on it waiting for me. Inside was a wonderful old badge of the second angling club I ever joined, the illustrious Mugiemoss  Social and Recreation Club. 19 more words

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