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Annie’s Little Dug-Out

At the beginning of February 1917, 9 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park was Annie Wheeler’s “little dug-out”.  Annie and her eighteen-year-old daughter, Portia, moved to Lancaster Gate in May 1916.  632 more words

Trove - My Precious!

I was lucky enough to get gifted several shadow rings when I first started playing Trove. After using them and thinking they were all level 5 due to having 5 stars I though I had hit the jackpot. 151 more words


Trove - Hitting 5K PR

I have never really tried to over level any of my characters on Trove but when I noticed the weekly mastery rank rewards I started to try and level them all beyond 4k. 189 more words


Annie sorts out the money.

January 1917 – Annie Wheeler needed to lend money to soldiers on leave from France because the money their mothers had cabled hadn’t arrived and by the time they received their pay they would be back in France.  573 more words

MMOCraft (Trove)

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has probably played the beta version of the game I’m about to review. Yanno, with the blocks, and the block people, and the block ghosts and block candy stuff. 374 more words


Trove Tuesday - Pam Curry

Since my last post I have added about another 60 articles to my CurryAus list at Trove. I have corrected the text on many of these and added  details on the people to… 62 more words


Trove Tuesday - Parklands Road

For today’s post we are focusing on one of the streets in our Shire, Parklands Road, Mount Colah. A search on Trove found several references to residents of that street. 95 more words