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Autumn: a short poem by Frida A Phillips

There’s blue in the sky, and there’s blue in the sea,
And a blue mist is veiling the mountains from me.
A blue wren is calling his mate from the bower, 71 more words


U is for Una

Una Elizabeth Dwyer née Sneyd (1900-1982), first cousin twice removed of my husband Greg, was the daughter of Samuel Charles Sneyd (1863-1938) and Emily Sneyd née Way (1868-1952). 753 more words


The Song of the New Guard

A couple of months ago, I wrote briefly about the New Guard, a right-wing paramilitary movement that sprung into being in Australia during the Great Depression. 369 more words

Robbie reblogged this on Test Patterns and commented:

[caption id="attachment_484" align="alignleft" width="150"]Sydney Calland - Sunday Times 1927 Clipped from 'The Sunday Times" 1927[/caption] I've been chasing down a few family lines recently - and was a little surprised to find there were more artistes in the family. Celene Hooper (born Selina Hooper Hudson) is/was my 1st cousin 3R. She married Sydney Calland (born Sydney Charles Scoble) and, in 1924, came to Australia.  They performed regularly on the live theatre circuit as Calland &  Hooper and, later, on radio. Syd also taught singing. Imagine my surprise and delight when this blog post turned up as a result of my Google search. In it is an audio version of the only published work by Syd and Celene I have been able to find - "The Song of the New Guard".  I had already established through TROVE that the sheet music was in the hands of the National Library but to find that someone had brought it to life, was a little added bonus! Thank you, Matthew.      

J is for John

One of my husband’s great great grandfathers was John Way (1835-1911).

When he died on 11 June 1911, in Parkes, New South Wales, John Way was buried in  Parkes cemetery with his wife and son. 177 more words


F is for Francis

One of my husband’s great great grandfathers was Francis Gilbart Edwards (1848-1913).

He was born at St Erth, Cornwall, on 21 January 1848, youngest of the nine children of Thomas Edwards (1794-1871) and Mary née Gilbart (1805-1867). 605 more words


Trove Revenant - The New Top DPS Class

This isn’t the first time we’ve been talking about the MMORPG game Trove on this blog.

So today, let’s talk about the Revenant, an all time favourite class… 84 more words


Whirlwind Tour Weekend

This Saturday, I played more games in one day than any other day this year… for very much less time.

Yep, there’s that unavoidable tradeoff. 2,822 more words

Guild Wars 2