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Trust // Slug

As to be expected pretty much anything TRST has released has instantly become gold. This is just one more example of how this artist is unstoppable and how sweet and perfected his sound has become. 12 more words


Track Talk - Tracks I'm listening to - Shoom - Trust

Well my ambition of making ‘track talk’ a weekly thing went completely down the pissoir. When was the last one… August? Ah well. With irregularity I’ll continue. 185 more words


What is Belief?

What is belief?
Why do we need it?
Last year I went through a really messed up year, crazy actually. I found myself, G-d, and figured out what belief was. 362 more words

The countdown begins. (Brandon's first in a series of posts)

Our annual top ten albums of the year countdown begins.  We will be going back and forth with our lists for the next 25 days.  It should mean a return to a regular schedule. 65 more words


Totally Random Search Terms for November

Guess what time it is? Well, perhaps it is indeed Hammer Time, somewhere, say in like, an alternative universe where Aresenio Hall is still cool, Bill Cosby’s only major crime is wearing ugly sweaters, and baggy-crotched satiny pants are the thing. 1,112 more words


Totally Random Search Terms - October Edition

Way back in the day, when thePoeLog was just a tiny little sentence fetus and Google played nicely with WordPress, we had a semi-regular feature called “Totally Random Search Terms that Brought Someone to thePoeLog.” 954 more words

Trips Down Memory Lane