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Phase 2, Day 1: Hurry Up and Wait

Woke up after a good night’s rest, pumped up and ready to roll! Truck assignments were scheduled for 12:30, so I found a seat outside where I could enjoy the beautiful weather and waited for the time to roll by. 516 more words


Phase 1, Day 17: The Day of Reckoning

Today I woke, packed my bags, spent two hours on the practice range, then turned in my paperwork to upgrade to Phase 2. 454 more words


Trucker's cellphone stolen after suspects flag down big rig: OPP

Middlesex OPP say they’re investigating an early-morning highway holdup.

Officers say it was around 4:30 a.m. Friday when a vehicle pulled in behind a westbound tractor trailer on Hwy. 162 more words


Phase 1, Day 13: Little Pebbles, Big Problems

After leaving Tennessee today, we encountered some heavy rainfall, and during the storm a dump truck passed beside us and kicked up a pebble which struck the windshield, causing a six-inch crack to form. 383 more words


Phase 1, Day 12: 34-Hour Reset

I spent the entire day today parked at a truck stop, resetting my clock. (Drivers can only drive up to 70 hours in an 8-day period, but if you go off-duty for 34 hours, your clock resets.) 540 more words


Phase 1, Day 11: The View Outside My Window

We arrived at our next pick-up at 9:00, after an early-morning unload. I gotta say, it’s gonna take some time before I’ll be used to sleeping in a moving truck. 436 more words