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Best Laid Plans

After today’s early-morning delivery, I was directed to pick up a load of sugar from a local refinery here in Louisiana. However, upon inspecting the trailer, a number of leaks were discovered. 412 more words


Destroyer of Worlds

The past couple days I spent driving from Georgia to Louisiana to deliver some medical supplies to a healthcare facility in Hammond. On the way, I listened to a 6-hour episode of a podcast called Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. 330 more words


Glad Hands

Yesterday’s delivery went well, and I had no trouble getting to my pick-up spot this morning. Things were going smoothly, and I was happily truckin’ along… until this morning. 735 more words


Out of the Nest

My first day of solo driving was… less than phenomenal. But every day can’t be all California runs and flaming mountains, so I guess I can’t complain. 501 more words


Nigga i dont care how big your truck is how little or weather you got one!

Nigga i dont give a fuck if you got a black truck and the Harley to back it up you aint no friend of the poor like jhonny cash nigga you just a chicken shit names john mccrea fuck that guy he is no war hero of mine i know real war heroes and i don’t respect no generals or politicians quit asking good men to die your to dumb too lead us, and as for me well i don’t fall in I lead my own! 156 more words

Phase 2, Day 50: Recovery Shenanigans and a Nice Surprise

This morning brought new and exciting developments. We were told yesterday that we were going to drop our old in Arkansas, recover a manual-transmission tractor, bring it back to West Memphis, then continue on our merry way. 342 more words


Phase 2, Day 49: Road Recovery

Today our fleet manager called with a change of plans. My teammate and I are going to Arkansas instead of Indiana, and we’re going to help recover an abandoned truck. 163 more words