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Penniless And Transgender (III)

When she returned from visiting her older sister, to another city, where she painted me as darker as she could, my mother then tried again, the bullying, she was not practically able to stop being so selfish, and this time she even tried to involve some neighbor that she had an affair with, and then she complained to my father, but I didn’t soften an inch. 1,788 more words

Maria Aspena

Penniless And Transgender (II)

I was so lucky being born in this nice era of technology, when we can have access to all the information in the world, as anyone else has, rich or poor. 2,233 more words

Maria Aspena

Penniless And Transgender (I)

I don’t know about you, but my transition never been easy. Because of the money, and because of my cowardice. Taking them both, what they really mean, for a restless soul of a transgender person. 853 more words

Maria Aspena

ATTENTION: Truck Drivers

Are you an ambitious owner-operator looking to make some serious dough? VIA Trucking is the place for you! It is a new company that just got started a few months ago that is very eager to add valuable members to its team. 55 more words

The Lowdown

Buried (2010).

Thriller about an American truck driver captured in Iraq and buried alive inside a coffin. Can he escape? 164 more words


Receiving Kudos... from a truck driver

There’s this simple gesture of communication that I really love in traffic, and that’s the indicating between truck drivers, or some car drivers (like me) and truck drivers, that you can merge in front of one another; and the friendly thank you afterwards.   21 more words


Lisbon man killed in Pa Turnpike crash

(WYTV) – A Lisbon man was killed Friday morning when he was hit by a vehicle on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Pittsburgh.

The 73-year-old truck driver was checking tires on his commercial vehicle when he was struck. 42 more words