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Congress Reexamining Insurance Minimums for the Trucking Industry

In 1980, Congress enacted regulation that the trucks have $750,000 in insurance.  And it has been that amount for thirty-five years, although in real terms that $750,000 is worth $4 million in today’s dollars. 339 more words

Trucking Accidents

Protecting Your Cargo With Trucking Insurance

Trucking insurance is something you probably have. After all, liability is required and you value your truck, which is your key to staying employed. So, it’s likely that you’ve insured your truck. 263 more words


The 5 Biggest Trucking Hazards

Truckers face work risks everyday while on the road. The lengthy, irregular hours and tight delivery schedules can result in stress. When this stress is combined with sitting for long amounts of time, it can take a toll on a trucker’s body. 329 more words

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