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It’s time to refocus. Why are we doing this again? This job is hard. It’s a lot of work, a lot of hours and we don’t get much time off. 882 more words


Technology could prevent tractor-trailer wrecks

Federal policy makers are weighing a number of trucking regulations this year, including a federal rule that would require collision avoidance systems.

Highway safety advocates say the horrendous truck crash near Savannah that resulted in five deaths on Tuesday and the five-fatality truck wreck that killed five Georgia Southern University nursing students on April 22 might have been prevented if the trucks had a collision avoidance system. 186 more words


Of Dinosaurs and Deliveries

I have always loved dinosaurs! I can’t pinpoint exactly what the appeal is…because they are extinct, fearsome, unique, or maybe they just inspire the imagination. The first “book” I ever wrote was about dinosaurs. 161 more words

Riding The Road

In trucking, a little automation saves a lot of money

The dream of a fully-automated semi truck is getting closer to reality every dayearlier this month, for instance, Daimler announced that it would begin testing an automated truck on public highways in Nevada. 436 more words


Rise of the Machines

If you happen to be driving through Nevada on your family vacation this summer, you may glimpse what many believe is the future of trucking in this Country. 142 more words


Making Space for a Home Office in Your Studio Apartment

Featured image source: Volkan Olmez

Creating the perfect home office – a space that is both functional and inspiring – can be a challenge, even more so when you need to carve that intimate, productive space out of a studio apartment. 1,261 more words