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My Cafe on Wheels....

Golden, B.C.

  Do you have a special place where you can retreat to in order to be alone with your own thoughts, your own imaginings, your own soft and all to frequently drowned out inner voice? 74 more words


Inside Embark’s mission to make autonomous trucking a reality

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Autonomous trucking is an area where a growing number of companies are competing for talent and funding, but newcomer Embark is on a bit of a hot streak when it comes to funding, talent acquisition, product development and more. 1,157 more words


Spinning Head and the Poconos

A week ago I left home in Oklahoma City to pick up a load in Cactus, Texas. We turned around and headed back the way we came, with the load scheduled to be delivered Tuesday evening in Carryville, Tennessee. 1,260 more words

Trucker's Diary

Driving a Moving Truck - a.k.a. Bedbuggers

“Then we’ll pack everything in the house into cartons. I don’t love packing; it’s inside work and mostly tedious. I do enjoy packing stemware, china, sculpture, and fine art, but that stuff is getting rarer in American households.

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The Great Hurricane Absence


Hurricanes are not stronger and more frequent.

In fact, the exact opposite is true.

You will see story after story in the news about how hurricanes are stronger and more frequent. 422 more words

Over The Road

Which is Your Favourite-Looking Truck?

Many truck drivers registered to join the Special Olympics truck convoy in Paris, Ontario, September 16.  How a truck looks can be very important to a truck driver. 27 more words


The best ways to Price a Truck Wash

. All truck cleans are not created similarly as well as if you are driving over-the-road trucks or you work for a large trucking business, you probably currently understand this. 343 more words