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Trudeau, Castro, Cuba, Canada, and News Bubbles

I almost did not write this. It is an opinion that could lose me fans. But part of being a writer is having the courage of my convictions. 684 more words


Trudeau and Bitumen Pipe Lines

Jeremy Arney on Bitumen Pipelines.

 After agreeing to the toxification of the Sacred Headwater Aquafer in NE BC  via the LNG fracking process, and a damn  (Site C ) being built on very unstable foundations and based on absolutely false need, Prime Minister Trudeau made three announcements on tar pipe lines and I offer these comments: 793 more words

The big black hole of a terrible November

It’s been a long, dark and unproductive month. I did an AutoCAD class because I need to know AutoCAD to do the work I want to do but didn’t learn it during my masters, which was very frustrating. 419 more words


Syrian resettlement in Canada

By the end of Feb. 2016, Canada met its goal of resettling 25,000 Syrian refugees. There was much press around this — international favorite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau… 112 more words

Syrian Refugees

When Will Ted Cruz Learn that He is an Insignificant Hypocrite?

Cruz can denounce anyone he wants, but cannot defend his own weaknesses, and his traitorous and hypocritical actions towards our nation’s people and his master; Donald Trump. 634 more words

How to fact-check yourself?

When you write on social medias or even on a blog, it’s easy to change the meaning of your post. It takes one word and it’s done. 937 more words


Trudeau's Castro problem

In this the era of populist demagogues like Donald Trump, with far right politicians crawling out from under their rocks in Europe and around the world with divisive messages of hate, Canadians can only hope Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision not to attend the funeral of Fidel Castro isn’t an omen of things to come for Canada’s foreign relations. 905 more words

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