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Trudeau Regatta - April 28th 2016

This weeks Trudeau Regatta, in The North Sea, saw some fun and exciting racing along with some great sim weather. This weeks fleet was made up of a majority of four 12 Metre’s, with a NY30, a Leetle Cat II, and a Patchogue II rounding out the fleet. 439 more words

Sailing Results

Blue Lagoon Marina Regatta - April 27th 2016

This week saw favorable sim weather, large fleets, and exciting sailing for the Blue Lagoon Marina Regatta in The North Sea. The sims were well behaved during the small boat race, with no crashes, however we saw two DNF’s due to crashes in the big boat race. 413 more words

Sailing Results

Why I am against Free Trade Deals

Growing up in the industrial heartland of Canada I imagined myself becoming a professional hockey player.  Like thousands of other Canadian kids I spent hours playing the game I loved.   651 more words


Angry Beaver Radio (Winter-Spring 2016)

Angry Beaver Radio fresh off a mainstream endorsement the Angry Beavers are back in swim trunks and broadcasting in 2016. Listen as the team goes coal powered for Earth Day, discussing Uber as ISIS, White Toyota watch, Love the Infidels campaign, Life Matters movement, farewell Rob Ford, touch screens for fast food, red paint on your meats, Vaxxed, Ontario the nanny state bans vapours, look up chem-trails or solar radiation management, Canada the shiny pony Trudeau, legal marijuana monopoly, and election circuses in the USA. 185 more words

Justin Trudeau, Politician and Star of His Own Viral Universe

Mr. Trudeau has become a digital star many times over since his election as Canada’s prime minister in October. (Roll the video on quantum computing.)

The Liberals are Masters of Misdirection

Last Tuesday, the Liberals shut down an NDP effort to review Canada’s role in the arms trade. On Wednesday, they invoked closure to ram through a bill moving Air Canada workers’ jobs offshore. 569 more words

On Easter egg hunts & the Liberal government

An update is long overdue! The Alibrahim family continues to settle in to Canadian life. The kids are doing well in school, picking up lots of English, and parents Saad and Ghaydaa continue to attend English classes in Owen Sound on a regular basis. 628 more words

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