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Canada: the Pakistan of the North

I read some history.  Gentle readers might want to reflect on how Pakistan came into being.

Here we are.  One democratic nation falling after another. Tick tock.


Trudeau Patch II Class Racing - Feb 23rd 2017

This weeks Trudeau Patchogue II class races saw some stable sim weather with great racing. The sims behaved themselves and we only saw one DNF on the day, from Josh’s connection misbehaving during the first race. 245 more words

Sailing Results

What Comes Next: Canada Vs. Israel

I know, I know, I resolved in 2017 to write more and then left my blog neglected for nearly two months. For good reason though, I have been far busier than I thought I would be. 1,456 more words


The Guitar That Reminds Us Who We Are

Sometimes the craziest of ideas can be terrifically inspiring. This one involves a guitar and a nation.

It was 1995 and Canada was coming apart at the seams. 904 more words


The schism in Women's Day

Yes, we know; it’s a day for women, and by evolution, a day taken over by Feminists. But what is today a Feminist? Is it the Libertarian ideologue of Emma Goldman, or the Leftist ideal of groupthink mentality like WAVAW? 358 more words


Different Face, Same Agenda

Damn Canada, hoodwinked again! When are we going to take back our power and stop giving it to a government of two-faced liars or  we must hold elected officials accountable to their campaign promises. 293 more words

Math 141 Final Mastery Prep Sessions: Early Registration for Weekly Members

Registration is now open for the Math 141 Final Exam Mastery Prep sessions: early-bird pricing is open to weekly members first, but non-weekly members can RSVP and will be assigned spots based on availability (first come, first served). 30 more words