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'Gord Downie Was Wrong About Justin Trudeau'

If this initial year is a Trudeau policy barometer, the First Nations file is the first casualty of the disconnect between his rhetoric and the expected follow through behind it. 31 more words

What's the most Liberal thing Justin Trudeau's government has done so far?

Welcome back, Liberal Party of Canada. It’s been awhile.

So what’s the most Liberal-like act of Liberalling Justin’s Liberals have Liberalled?


Can Trudeau get away with killing electoral reform?

And what happens when a Canadian Prime Minister strongly hints he might walk away from one his most emphatic and unequivocal election promises?


What's a Caesar eh!?

Oh Canada, our home and native land! Home of the Hockey Hall of Fame, maple syrup, BeaverTails, free health care and the Justins (Trudeau and Bieber). 443 more words