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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Greetings dear viewer, and welcome to my first post on zakopinion. My current topic is, should marijuana be legalized? In some parts of Canada, medicinal marijuana has been used by doctors on patients to calm them down, but crazy popularity has been dragged to recreational use from Justin Trudeau, current host of the federal Liberal party, who wanted to smoke a fatty Snoop Dogg style. 354 more words


Politician Match-Up of the Week: John Tory and Justin Trudeau

Hello zakopinion followers¬†this is zakopinion’s first Politician Match-Up of the Week. We appreciate the support that you viewers are giving us, without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. 501 more words


The Age of Enlightenment: Should Canadian youth be giving the right to vote?

The 42nd federal election is looming. We’ve long known the contenders; Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau and May. All that remains is a date. And while the Canada Elections Act was amended in 2007 to provide for fixed election dates on the third Monday of October(this year it will be the 19th) the Prime Minister is still free to ignore this date completely and call an early election, as occurred in 2008. 1,262 more words




You may not know it yet but this election is going to be something different in the history of Canada. The Harper Party has stacked the deck. 949 more words


going back...

le retour…

Oh yes, I know, I owe you a post or two, or more, on my trip to France. So let’s start with a short recap, and in the coming weeks, I will share the pictures (taken with my iPad mini, so apologies in advance for the non-professional quality of these pictures).¬† 753 more words


Niqab Controversy: the Rule of Law

As of late religious freedom has shown its head again in the form of the wearing of a niqab by a woman at a Canadian citizenship ceremony, and a decision by a Federal Court judge ruling that it was legal for the woman to wear her religious attire while taking an oath a citizenship ceremony. 330 more words


Trudeau joins Harper, Blaney in condemning BDS

In an astounding move, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has lined up with Stephen Harper and Steven Blaney in calling for a ban on discussion of a boycott of Israel on Canadian campuses. 278 more words

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