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Vote Justin Trudeau: Kill Innocents Here

In response to a question regarding the Boston bombing in a CBC interview, Justin Trudeau responded and said this:

“We also have to monitor and encourage people to not point fingers at each other and lay blame for personal ills or societal ills on a specific group…because it’s that idea of dividing humans against ourselves, of pointing out that ‘they’re not like us, and in order to achieve our political goals, we can kill innocents here.’ That’s something that no society in the world that is healthy, regardless of ideology, will accept.” 423 more words

For 67 years, Israel has been destroying Palestinian homes and villages - a video seminar

Desperate and frightened Palestinian residents watch a home being destroyed in the West Bank as Israeli military stand guard. The total number of Palestinian homes destroyed in the 67 years since the creation of Israel almost certainly exceeds 100,000.

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“Personhood.” this is an inherently exclusionary legal term created to exclude certain groups of people.

One might say that there are certain prerequisites (either than being human) to enjoy the perquisites of being a person. 486 more words

Use Of EI Funds By Conservative party To Help Balance Budget Draws Criticism

Huffington post, by Sunny Freeman   The federal government is using $1.8 billion in surplus EI funds to help balance its books

(EI is Employment insurance previously known as UI  Uneployment insurance) see some explanation about EI on… 70 more words


Trudeau ink clog clean

I thought it was a little early to be refilling a pen, and it turned out to be a cleaning issue. So, here we have another scrap of newspaper soaking up more ink with Pierre Trudeau. 


On the significance of sound and fury.

Oh journalists, you love a strong response to an unanswerable question don’t you?

The media are really into nailing down what each party leader thinks about coalitions after the next election at the moment. 662 more words