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Pipeline Politics: Updates

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (January 20 – 23), Canadians saw their Prime Minister in a new light. Trudeau with a world celebrity filter. 602 more words


Written By: Shannon Murphy

You are here and you are safe. You are here and you are loved. You are here and you can stay. Never been more proud.

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The crisis in Canada's oil patch demonstrates the right-wing populist's lack of self-awareness and persecution complex

The drive-by smearing of Justin Trudeau — three months into his new government — is reaching comic proportions. iPolitics columnist Tasha Kheiriddin coined a clever phrase to describe Trudeau’s political style: the “Oprah-fication of Ottawa.” 982 more words

Keep the Faith

Faith Goldy does it again!  If Trudeau is a nightmare for Canada, Turnbull is that same horror show for Australia.

Watch and learn, baby.  Watch and learn.


Diversity Mandate - too liberal?

Trudeau received great praise in November after his selection of a cabinet  included such a diverse group. Falling in the wind of Harper, of course Trudeau would act in such a manner — liberally. 891 more words


A Case of Mislead Poisoning

Oil companies are good for the economy. Alberta has carried the load for Canada and now it’s pay back time.

You hear it all the time. 1,024 more words

AFL calls on PM to fix the gaps in Alberta’s EI system

afl.org – February 4, 2016

Putting money in the pockets of unemployed Albertans is the most powerful economic stimulus.

Edmonton – Alberta’s largest worker advocacy organization is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to broaden eligibility for employment insurance in Alberta. 343 more words