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The Dance

I just got home from the dance and it was awesome! There weren’t as many people there as there usually is, but it was still a lot of fun. 102 more words

Why do I write? (Poem)

The reason I write is simple.I write because the paper listens.

The paper lets me pour myself out.

It doesn’t object and it lets me keep going. 145 more words

Meanings (Poem)

Meanings hidden within words.Words grouped into sentences and phrases.

Phrases arranged into a certain order.

Order encouraging the meanings in poems.

Poems portraying specific feelings. 187 more words

Will You Vote to Save My Canada?

Even countries as multi-cultural as Canada have an identity. ‘My Canada’s’ identity is founded on certain cultural beliefs and values that serve as the cornerstone of who we are as people.  619 more words

My Writings

Upcoming Dance

So, tomorrow I have a dance. It’s the Homecoming Dance. It’s a casual dance, even though I went to get a dress today. I’m saving it for the next one now. 183 more words

Been A Long Time

Hey, I know it’s been a while. Like a reeeeeeeeallllly long while. I’ve neglected to update or post on my blog. Sorry! I’m trying to commit myself to keeping a blog going in hope that one day that at least  35 more words

The 5 Conversations You'll Have With Your Conservative Uncle This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – and so is election day. That means that your family will be engaging in lively, and probably good-natured, discussion about politics. 580 more words