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Beardie Beach

I love Crissy Field,  in the middle of a beautiful big little city. Next to the worlds most famous bridge. Thousands of people walking, running, riding bikes there everyday, camera’s, iPhones, sunshine and rain. But beaches always stay wild. 

Walking With Dogs

First Day of Spring, by pd lyons

First Day of Spring

my daughter asks me
why did people invent war?
don’t they know it’s the devil not god that likes war?
do children have to fight? 56 more words


a practitioner shouldn’t show off & buddha is not a creator god

a practitioner shouldn’t show off

a practitioner shouldn’t show off except at the time of death, when best is to laugh, next best it to be unafraid and third best is to have no regrets – 70 more words

May All Who Journey

Cotton Sandwiches

Mom was still living in Brooklyn pre-Depression, most likely in Kindergarten. She & her siblings use to walk down to the naval ship yard and collect metal slugs from the construction site. 208 more words


Being honest

Everybody knows this situation- somebody ask you about something and want you to be honest. You don’t want to hurt him/ her so you’re saying what you know he/ she wants to hear. 314 more words