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Resting bitch face?

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Someone isn’t texting her back, face.
She just started her period, face.
Her period is late, face.
She has a yeast infection, face. 28 more words


no look away for america

no look away

it is through the gathering of our broken hearts

that hatred be



sorrow shared is not weakness

it is a statement of intent

Pdlyons Photography

How Do We Have A Good Life?

preparing for death is all we really can do.
so doing that well,
is enough

dear america - A response to reading the news today by pd lyons

dear america
how many does it take?
how many of my beautiful daughters
torn beat burned drugged ripped raped shot?
how many of my beautiful sons? 46 more words


Do you KNOW the grass ? Muffin Man Zen

We Don’t KNOW Anything ‘Cause We Can’t

we can label

we can call this        a blade of grass

but can we explain

exactly what it is? 8 more words

Pdlyons Photography

I find this mildly interesting...

This formed after a man buried his legs into the ground and it cracked.


not what breaks your heart

not what breaks your heart,

but what hardens it –

this causes true harm – Djanet Tozeur