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Thank you for your attention

just to say thank you to each and every one who has ever hit the like button, made comment and for those of you who are real – decided to follow this blog. 53 more words

here's the thing

every action has a reaction

this is karma,

a lot like physics

not too mysterious at all


there are no laws

May All Who Journey

When you need violence to speak

when you need guns to speak,

you’re not speaking the word of god,

you are speaking the words of tyranny 8 more words

May All Who Journey

Taking a chance

I have been mulling this over and I know I’ve made some passive aggressive arguments through my poems.
I feel like I might be ready to say something about it. 201 more words



I once wished
To take all the
Pain in the world-

With the horrors I’ve
Seen, I wish to take
That wish back.

Still, what is life
Without pain?




I’m sorry it
Hurt your feelings,
Not that I said it.
I’m sorry it
Took me saying it
To change your mind-
I’m sorry you… 8 more words


-brave change-

I understand your
Desire to hide-
But yon,
Peek through
The gates-
You were made in
Their image,
Not ours-
Be where it’s awesome- 14 more words