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Can you hear the earth weeping

Can you hear the earth weeping?
Listen carefully! and use your other senses

Can you feel the climate changing?

Will we ignore the consequences?

Man is the cause of global warming… 385 more words



if you notice there’s nothing like a monster or monstrous situation to bring out the most beautiful of humanity. stay true. the Hitlers and the Trumps and the murderers of this world are not the majority. 67 more words

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birthday note on turning 60 by pd lyons

today ends my fifth decade. to morrow i will be 60.

the sixth decade begins at 5:54 am

bringer of the new dawn

 ever aging scorpion. 161 more words


The sky Is a blanket

Covering the land and sea

As wide as the equator

Decorated with stars for you and me
The tree is a friend… 39 more words

Happy Anniversary 18 years! (part 2) bravest of the brave,

love of my life

“Fisherman’s Blues”

I wish I was a fisherman
Tumblin’ on the seas
Far away from dry land
And its bitter memories… 239 more words

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