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Because I Was Not There To Protect Him, by pd lyons

This great big man
only wanting to be left to himself

intruded by all those who knew better
exposed by all that heavy Modern American Medicine… 55 more words


What if I could tell you about the day? Six Crows Snow, by PD Lyons

Six Crows Snow

What if I could tell you about the day?
The first real snow, crows huddled in the grey fingers of that tree, 530 more words

Ghost Poems


he will not chase the cocaine of your gold

he will not learn the lessons of your success

all acts of freedom are outlawed

all truths are offensive… 31 more words


"Thanks a Ton."

Shit it was,
To know that finding ‘x’ will never gonna help,
To know that number 11 is bigger than 10,
This cramming up NCERT not gonna pay rent. 300 more words

Three Texaco Ruffs by pd Lyons

There was this guy and his wife. They ran a Texaco service station in town. Their home was just behind the pumps and a two bay garage. 391 more words

Sentences We Like

” The summer nights were passing outside like gay whores with tinkles of cheap jewelery, opened and emollient like a vast bed”

  Anais Nin

” All things were born anew when her dress fell… 14 more words

Old Songs

Resting bitch face?

More like-

Someone isn’t texting her back, face.
She just started her period, face.
Her period is late, face.
She has a yeast infection, face. 28 more words