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truly see the world, a child like poem by Pd lyons

if we truly see the world as it is our hearts would break.

and  if our hard and well protected hearts  broke

then they would become truly soft. 54 more words


God on our terms

We love you Jesus
But ……
Only in our way

We worship you Jesus
But ……
Let us do it the way we want
Let us worship the way we like… 170 more words


There are only two choices :

 There are only two choices : To be aware or to not be aware. And when we are not being aware, we are caught up in the five poisons. 11 more words

May All Who Journey

Machik Labdron from Blazing Splendor

Machik Labdron

“Instead of begging 100 times Save me! Protect me! It is much more effective to say once, Devour me!”

– Blazing Splendor


May All Who Journey

The Woman, by pd Lyons as published in A New Ulster # 30

The Woman

I could not speak.
Maybe loved more gently
I could have.
Maybe if there was a moon
I could have.

But only sun – 88 more words

Stay true to yourself.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and values and here’s my take:

I’m a staunch believer of showing sincerity from the deepest depths of my heart; and like the ethic of reciprocity that says, “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” Nobody likes deceitful people. 876 more words


My Hero and the Big Sea Shell

My father was a huge influence in my life.  I can not imagine who I would have turned out to be without him.  And, much later in life, standing up to him made it possible to stand up to men, and for myself, in general.   841 more words