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and now a message from the author :

PD Lyons

Born and raised in the USA. Travelling and living abroad since 1998. Now permanently residing in Ireland.

Received The Mattatuck College Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry. 238 more words

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Off The Bookshelf - Brave Boat Harbor & The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation

This is one I have had for ages. Snagged from my dads bookshelf when he was selling out of print items. It was published by Yale University Press. 178 more words

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We can never obtain peace, The Dalai Lama, in The Dalai Lama: A Policy of Kindness

We can never obtain peace

We can never obtain peace in the world if we neglect the inner world and don’t make peace with ourselves. World peace must develop out of inner peace. 102 more words


Bed Poem 6 May version, by pd lyons


angels sang

in his head

as he lay

across the aubergine and green bed

Sometimes the sun

danced elliptical

 edging his cup

fingers tap tapping… 28 more words

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I live in a valley of tears, by pd lyons

I live in a valley of tears
whenever I forget
the whole world reminds me

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don't blame jesus for your stupid shit

so where in your book does Jesus say to exclude and persecute? does he promote the attacking of those who are different? does he say rebel against Cesar? 96 more words

yes there will be another summer - poem by pd lyons

Warm summer evening

Soft summer breezes

Stars through the windows

Warm steady breathing

Secretly dreaming

My love asleep in my arms 6 more words