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True Blood: Ep. 1 || Liveblog + Review

This will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Reminder that True Blood is a TV-MA show, so commentary will follow as such.

Yeah, I know this show is ancient, but it took me a while to get through the books and I wanted to finish the series before I started the show, so here we are. 824 more words

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John Billingsley was born May 20, 1960.

John Billingsley was born May 20, 1960.

John A. Billingsley is the actor best known to Star Trek fans for playing Doctor Phlox, the Denobulan chief medical officer of the Enterprise NX-01, on Star Trek: Enterprise. 1,406 more words

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This page is full of videos I edited for various Television shows (fan videos)

My video-edits for Game Of Thrones

Video Edits for the UK show Misfits!  89 more words

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Unspoken Feelings Ch. 14

Chapter Fourteen: Don’t Look at Me Like That

Sookie looked nervously at her watch as she stood in the lobby which housed Eric’s private mailbox. What if he’s already come to pick up his mail?  4,549 more words

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Some Violent Thoughts.

Most people think women are all peaceful and soft, and while I am not someone getting into physically violent situations I do have violent fantasies that are not very feminine. 599 more words


A Hollywood History of Vampires

With the revival of vampire literature after the release of Twilight back in 2006, vampires, having faded in popularity, suddenly skyrocketed, with shows such as  609 more words


Unspoken Feelings Ch. 13

Chapter Thirteen: All Good Things

“Don’t cry, Sookie,” Eric soothed as he hugged his fiancée tightly. They were standing in his dorm as Godric dragged Pam away to give the couple some privacy. 5,018 more words

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