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My Top 5 favourite TV series based on books.

One of my ambitions as an author is to have my work on screen; I mean who wouldn’t? So, as my work hasn’t been picked up by a lovely TV producer (yet) here’s my top 5 TV shows based on books. 385 more words

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Catalyst Ch. 12

Chapter Twelve: Quirks

Eric’s POV:

‘Dracula 2000,’ I think with mild amusement again while I fly toward Shreveport. Pam had shrieked with laughter when I told her about Sookie’s comment regarding fangs being ‘sexy.’ My progeny seems convinced that outing ourselves might not be as tedious as once thought. 5,092 more words

Fan Fiction

Catalyst Ch. 11

Chapter Eleven: Family

Eric’s POV

“What the hell have you done, Eric?” my Maker snarls at me as soon as I am through the door. “To your knees!” he commands, and my legs fold without my consent. 5,842 more words

Fan Fiction

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 4th Night, Part 1, is up!!

Hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas and that your New Year will be filled with all things good and happy!!  59 more words

True Blood

Catalyst Ch. 10

Chapter Ten: A Shoulder

Jason’s POV:


Or as much as Eric’s condo is ‘home.’ Whatever. I’m just glad to not have any more needles in my arm or gettin’ woke up all the time for blood tests or bandage changes. 5,383 more words

Fan Fiction

A day out of the office = 4 new necklace creations

What is wrong with me that I enjoy days off work when I get to “work” on my necklaces? Even with my current bout of walking pneumonia, I cannot stand the idea of just laying in bed not doing anything. 384 more words

Holiday Wishes & Moon, Ch. 38

Here’s hoping every one of you has a very Merry Christmas (for those of you who celebrate it) and/or a fantastic holiday of your choice (if you so choose!) and that all your best dreams come happily true in 2017! 178 more words

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