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Somebody read some Lansdale and put their own spin on it...

8. Midnight Crossroad – Charlaine Harris

There seemed to be a lot of possibility in Midnight, Texas. There are antiques, a diner, vampires, a psychic…a bunch of townspeople who are probably all hiding supernatural connections and secrets… It’s not entirely True Blood in Texas, but it’s also not totally set apart enough to not feel a like True Blood in Texas – complete with TV deal and vampire. 99 more words

Guinea Pigs

Unspoken Feelings Ch.10

Chapter Ten: Spring Break

Come on, Sookie, she encouraged herself, just say ‘ah!’ As had become her morning routine for the past three months, Sookie stared at herself in the mirror, urging her throat to cooperate. 6,621 more words

Fan Fiction

Me: Since vampires are dead, how can they get erections? I’ve been watching True Blood and I have questions, I figured you would know the answers since you are a demon and all. 63 more words


Unspoken Feelings Ch. 9

Chapter Nine: Happy Birthday!

“WHAT!?” Pam shrieked as she looked at her best friend’s report card. “How the fuck do you already have nineteen credits!?” 5,052 more words

Fan Fiction

Lincoln Durham “And Into Heaven Came The Night”

Lincoln Durham “And Into Heaven Came The Night”

Sometimes an artist bio really does capture what they are about. That’s certainly true of these words from Lincoln’s website: 260 more words


10 most disappointing endings

I started this list on my mind years ago and today I finally wrote it down. Some of the comments are mine and some of them belong to other angry fans. 782 more words

Top 10

Unspoken Feelings Ch. 8

Chapter Eight: How Does It Make You Feel?

So, today’s the day you’re going to be a pain in the ass, is it? Eric glared at his erection with annoyance and discomfort. 4,284 more words

Fan Fiction