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TV's Steamiest Sex: Watch Pulse-Raising OITNB, Scandal and Thrones Scenes (*If Your Boss Isn't Looking)

Heat waves are baring down on both the east and west coasts this week — but instead of pushing our exhausted air-conditioning unit to the breaking point, we’re waving the white flag and giving in to the swelter of it all. 176 more words

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Bookstore Update

Here it is, folks! The last chapter of this little tale that shows their beginning. There will be at least one more(not sure when), but it will be set in the future to show how our couple is coming along. 73 more words

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Top Ten Favorite TV Relationships

Through the years, the television relationships we bear witness to are ones of true love conquering all, best friends falling in love and two of the most unlikely people becoming strong and steadfast couples. 178 more words

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10 Observations I Made While Marathoning All 7 Seasons of True Blood

I decided to start watching True Blood because… I hate myself. No. Joe Manganiello is in it. However, no one told me his character is only in it for, like 8 episodes and he’s not introduced until season 3. 253 more words

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Go Back Into The Pile With These Memorable TV Orgy Scenes

If the intention of last night’s True Detective was to dissuade viewers from attending an orgy, mission accomplished, Nic Pizzolatto. It looked terrible. Women were required to take a spritz of Molly, there were old man butts everywhere, and, I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather not be in a house surrounded by armed watchmen ( 410 more words