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Literarily Meritorious: The Highbrow, the Lowbrow, and Why It's All the Same

As a student of literature–or more accurately, someone who is still in a fair amount of shock that I actually get to make a career out of studying and teaching literature–of often feel the presence of a large tweed-wearing, pipe-smoking, Darjeeling-sipping elephant in the classroom: … 1,094 more words


Behind the Curve

♦ ♦

In desperate need of distraction from my flippity-floppity brain, I rented Season 5 of True Blood to see Robert Patrick as a werewolf.  And… well… kept going. 143 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Revised: Immortal Love

 It’s back!

Yes, that’s right… Immortal Love is back! 

As always, a big thank you to Ms Buffy for her editing work.

Summary: Life for a 2,220-year-old fairy cannot be easy, especially when her lover cannot remember his life with her, all fae believe she is responsible for a war that decimated their numbers, and a clueless queen is trying to obtain her for her own purposes. 83 more words

Fan Fic

Save Me Chap 1


Well, I’m still alive. 

I’ve been here a week now and for some reason I’ve kept going.  I still don’t know what that reason is however.  3,455 more words

Eric Northman

I'm in a mood... a new installment of BEEHL THE CONSTIPATED CAT!

I may be in need of some anger management… not true, I’m actually very zen but when I have a lot on my plate others tend to suffer… in this case it was Beehl. 245 more words

True Blood

10 Favorite TV Shows

It’s been a little while since I put up something decent, so today I’m gonna be listing 10 of my favorite TV shows. These are more recent shows, some started in the early 2000s though. 598 more words

Game Of Thrones

NEW STORY: Chapter 1 available

Hello all.  From the Inside Out is beginning today!  Remember that–though it is officially a sequel to Inner–I think you could get away with reading it as a stand-alone.  25 more words