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Thinking Out Loud: Chapter 2


Another day, another dead body. As if all of this wasn’t so fucked up already. Sookie and Tara’s screams were still echoing in my ear from when they found here. 3,315 more words


Thinking Out Loud: Chapter 1


1 year ago:

“My life sucks.”

Tara sulked over her margarita. After getting fired/quitting yet another job, she ended up on her stool with her usual drink at Merlotte’s like like every other time. 2,186 more words


Night Shift (Midnight Texas 3) by Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris is one of my favourite supernatural writers and the Sookie Stackhouse  (True Blood) novels are one of my top 10 series – I read a lot, so that’s saying something! 403 more words

Book Review

Ride the Lightning Update

It’s a miracle!

Two updates in one week. This time, I have a little Ride the Lightning for you. My Muse seems to be in a good mood at the moment; fingers crossed it stays that way. 22 more words

Fan Fic

I hate WordPress... At First Sight - Chapter 22!

It took me forever to get this up and running, damn you WP and your slow ass dashboard! Anyhow, it’s up, enjoy it! It’s short but sweet.


Chapter 22 – Semantics

Eric Northman

HBO Update

So with Husband heading out this week, my attention turns to what I can do to bide my time… I ended up watching Season 3 of GIRLS the very next night of that heady weekend and was suitably tired and devastated when it finished. 167 more words