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Wandering mind, Sometimes, is really dangerous..

Last night, thinking about the firstpost on herlove2fantacy .. stuck in a traffic of several thoughts,had a glance over all the 20 years of my life, which i had spent over “finding my truecalling”. 279 more words

True Calling


Meaning someone with multiple potentials. Multi- talented. Interested in many things. Good at many things. May not be a specialist in one thing but multiple. Passionate about one thing to the exclusion of others for a while and then, bored, moves on to the next thing. 167 more words

Finding purpose as a multipotentialite

It seems that a week cannot go by without the publishing of a new article on finding one’s purpose. A cursory Google search brought up 196 million hits dedicated to doing so. 498 more words


Plan Alphabet, my site tagline, refers to the endless iterations of the who I think I am that have come about ever since forever. I’m long past “Plan B”. 1,272 more words

How Did I Get Into Massage?

Back in the 1990’s, I was finished with college, had a BA from UCF in Anthropology, and worked at a restaurant. One of my coworkers told me how proud he was of his girlfriend, who was graduating from massage therapy school. 423 more words

Feeling lost? Here's how to find your passion

There will be points in everyone’s life when they reach a crossroads and have to decide on which path to take. Some people know exactly what they want, but for those of us that struggle with making life decisions, or can’t even make up their mind on what to have for lunch, you may feel lost. 524 more words



The term Super Power is a trendy and well used phrase with the new gen. The dictionary meaning passes it off as a fictional superhuman ability, but I reckon otherwise. 272 more words

Chase Your Dreams