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Follow Your Heart. Always

Vocation is more than an employment, since it is something we enjoy doing, we do it well and we believe in what we are doing. On contrary, an employment is a way to make a living, not necessarily feeding our soul. 885 more words


I Am A Multipotentialite

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After many weeks of losing sleep, shedding tears and feeling disheartened about my indecisiveness towards my future, I finally had an ‘A-ha!’ moment. 477 more words

From true calling to passion

Finding your passion is just exactly the same as finding your The One. There’s no intricate process for that, just go for your heart and it will eventually come to you. 1,000 more words


Finding A Mentor:Be the best version of you

Finding a Mentor:Be The Best Version of You

What does it mean to inspire the best version of yourself? Furthermore, how does one attain their best version? 1,101 more words



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March Reads

Every month I try and plan what books I want to read, and most of the time I get completely side-tracked by new releases or I cannot find the book I plan on reading. 97 more words


Previously entered as dirty laundry, messy hair and life, and being female

I am reposting this because, well, it’s important to keep first things first and remind myself of who I am.  Original found on the Wayback Machine at InternetArchive.org… 379 more words

What The Bible Says.