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A Writer's True Calling

Can you lose that spark?

Can that ember fade in the dark?

Where you can no longer travel down that road

A path, one you have not chose… 141 more words


The magic of life changing and some tidying up

I own the KonMari book, of course. One time I really got inspired by it and decided to pay more attention to the struggles my bag had to go through daily. 640 more words

The Path I Take

“The greatest thing I ever dream was probably not what I really want at all!” – Daigo Kobayashi, Okurubito (non verbatim)

Ever been in a situation wherein you have to choose between life and death? 642 more words

Doubting Thomas - Teachings in Short

Teachings In Short | KrsnaKnows

Every one is born to play their part perfectly and depart.

For More>> https://goo.gl/evCwyF

Know More>>http://www.krsnaknows.com/doubting-thomas-teachings-short/


The Eternal Search

This piece is about the search of ones journey to find what it is that there looking for. This world is a mysterious place that no one will ever seem to figure out. 678 more words


Life Journeys - Following Your True Calling

Is following your true calling an unrealistic fantasy?

Months ago, I was talking to one of my best friends about the journeys of life, and she told me that following your dreams in life is a luxury. 560 more words