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this day in crime history: october 22, 1934

On this date in 1934, notorious outlaw Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd was shot and killed in eastern Ohio.  According to the FBI version of the incident, Floyd was shot by agents as he jumped from a car and drew a .45 pistol.  79 more words

True Crime

Jeremy Bamber Through The Window

On October 29th 1986 Jeremy Bamber was convicted of a total of five murders after a long trial at Chelmsford Crown Court

The sentencing judge recommended that he should serve a minimum of twenty five years before being considered for parole… 911 more words

True Crime

You Tuber Aimed Towards Youth Caught Masturbating On Camera

YouTube Personality “Darksydephil” Was recency caught up in a scandal involving what youth today refer to as a “Live Stream”

Many youth of today enjoy this method of entertainment as a way to show off the latest Super Mario Brothers Or Call Of Duty Video Games. 237 more words

True Crime

Titles You'll See Here Soon

The last time I put up a preview page, it was in the midst of household chaos, and I made the post by way of apology for not having a review to put up. 92 more words

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Anniversary of Gaddafi's Murder - Part II

Dear Readers:

Today finishing up  this piece by Darya Mitina.  Commemorating the 5-year anniversary of Colonel Gaddafi’s brutal murder at the hands of American-backed violent jihadists affiliated with Al Qaeda.  1,308 more words

Human Dignity

My Favorite Murder

I just started listening to My Favorite Murder. In honor of my love for MFM; here are some murders/deaths I find interesting:

  • The Tylenol Murders- Seven people in the Chicago area were poisoned by cyanide laced Tylenol.
  • 215 more words

Why I Love True Crime Television Shows

I have a confession to make.

I watch true crime shows on a semi-regular basis, particularly on channels like Oxygen and Investigation Discovery. It’s my guilty pleasure, no pun intended. 529 more words

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson