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Episode 10 - The Devil in the White City: H.H Holmes

Today, Kenny and Stephan talk about someone who has come to be known as Americas first serial killer. If you read stories online, or watch videos, you will hear that H.H Holmes killed hundreds of people in a castle in Chicago. 111 more words

True Crime

The Unsolved Death of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam’s story is one of the most baffling true crime cases of recent years, to the point where it’s not even known if it is true crime. 860 more words

Unsolved Mysteries

The Angel in the Meadows: A Manchester Murder

In 2010, a badly decomposed body was found wrapped in a carpet in a Manchester car park. Despite extensive investigations, police have been unable to identify the female skeleton, or determine who put her there. 548 more words

True Crime

Robert Cooley

Robert Cooley (born 1943) is a former Mafia lawyer, government
informant and author of the 2004 autobiography, “When Corruption was

True Crime Tuesday: The Weepy-Voiced Killer

It’s my favourite day of the week! That’s a lie. My favourite day of the week is Saturday. But “True Crime Saturday” doesn’t have the same ring to it. 1,365 more words


Episode 22 MISSING Laureen Ann Rahn

Episode 22

Laureen Ann Rahn

In the early morning hours of April 27th, 1980, Judith Rahn reported that her 14 year old daughter, Laureen, was missing. 202 more words

The Gardner Heist, Part II: The Night of the Theft

Isabella Stewart Gardner‘s collection remained in place and untouched until the early hours of March 18, 1990. The heist was no elaborate Ocean’s 11… 383 more words