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Ask The Blogger: What 3 Books Would You Take To A Deserted Island?

One of the most important reasons the Berryville Public Library decided to create a blog is we wanted to provide a form for conversation with our patrons. 1,199 more words

Alexander Stillwell

this day in crime history: february 8, 1932

On this date in 1932, bootlegger, kidnapper, and hitman Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll was gunned down (this would constitute “death by natural causes” in Coll’s line of work) in a drug store phone booth. 101 more words

True Crime

And Once Again on "Crucified Babies" and Other якобы Malarkey - Part I

Dear Readers:

Okay, please indulge me and listen to my introductory rant for just a minute.  One of my pet peeves in life is when people recite established “memes” or “proverbs” that are technically inaccurate, just because they are too lazy to create new ones.  2,544 more words

Human Dignity

Justifiable Juvenile Jailing vs Juvenile Execution

There are currently 19 states that allow the execution of 16 and 17 year olds for the commission of capital crimes and 73 people are currently on death row for crimes they committed when they were that age. 1,009 more words

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Making a Murderer - Guilty or Not?

Netflix has been streaming Steven Avery’s story since 2015. It is entitled Making a Murderer and is 10 episodes long. In case you aren’t familiar, Avery was convicted of a… 1,286 more words

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