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True Happiness

True happiness comes from doing one good deed after another without expecting anything in return but a smile. It’s humbling yourself to serve others with no strings attached, even if you feel like they don’t deserve it. 44 more words



I sometimes think I don’t know how to be happy
I don’t understand the concept of living without worry
My brain constantly defaults to the worst case scenario… 124 more words


Weird-Kaitlin-Strategy: "How to not see the H8ers" Edition.

KALL ME KRAZY, but I believe that….

….true contentment is: Being able to whole-heartedly say, “In some sense or fashion, I successfully make myself happy EVERY SINGLE DAY, without compromising the happiness of others”. 14 more words

They don't wear condoms in porn

Alright, so I apologize for the title, but it all relates to another interesting conversation that took place recently.

Most of us (yours truly included) seem to desire a certain amount of thrill in our lives. 565 more words


Finding happiness: Don't ask how. Ask where.

So often, I see people searching for happiness outside themselves. I think that’s the reason they can’t find it.

Because the thing is, even though I’m not a psychologist and I’m not an expert on it, I believe that true, lasting happiness never results from external factors aligning.  211 more words


The circle of God's love

Ma says the greatest mistake in the world is the notion some people get that outside of God’s laws there is freedom.  She says that the only real freedom to be found on the earth is within the circle of His laws, and as soon as one steps outside of that circle, he finds himself in another circle that gradually closes in upon him, closer and closer till all the joy is squeezed out of his life and out of the thing he went outside to enjoy.  67 more words

Faith And Life


True happiness is often hard to muster.

Though unfortunate, it is a challenge.

However, tonight I believe I have discovered the secret to true happiness. 40 more words