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The Living Dream- A Short Fiction

I remember everything very clearly now.

“It was a hot Sunday afternoon when I saw her for the first time. It was in the public library in the reference section. 2,422 more words

Day #5: Consumerism - good or bad & finding true happiness

I am a bit late, I know, but yesterday I came home pretty late and I was so tired that I couldn’t gather my thoughts. 767 more words


Don't Settle!

Settle (verb): Resolve or reach an agreement about (an argument or problem). Synonyms: resolve, sort out, find a solution.

Lately I’ve been amazed at the number of people who, if my intuition is correct, sell themselves short and settle. 868 more words

My Kids

by Anonymous

Something I am proud of…my kids. I’m proud of the mom I am because I see how happy and comfortable my son is around me, and I love that he feels that trust in me. 188 more words

True happiness (Sir 14:1-14:2)

“Happy are those

Who do not blunder with their lips.

They need not suffer remorse for sin.

Happy are those

Whose hearts do not condemn them. 60 more words

We Are All Patient. As long as long as we get the things we want today, by yesterday

What scares people the most, at least here in America, is INCONVENIENCE.  We want things right now.  And if we don’t have them right now, we’re complaining why we didn’t have it yesterday.   939 more words