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What makes people really happy

If you’re going to ask me what happiness is all about, then I’m going to give you my personal point of view on the subject matter. 590 more words

Wonderful Parenting Experience

5 Signs You've Definitely Found Your Calling

1. The right people seem to appear in your life.

When you’ve found your calling, you enthusiastically approach every new day. As a result, instead of attracting all the wrong people, people that hold you back and hook you on the wrong things, you’ll find that the right people show up. 223 more words

20 Important Scriptures You Pray Over Your Husband - Part 2

Women play a very important role in a man’s life. The Bible describes her as his helper.

In Genesis 2:18 AMP it says, ” ‘Now the Lord God said, it is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable and complementary for him.” 778 more words

Christian Faith

Bursting Balloons

This post inspired by: These Sky-High Balloons Could Generate More Power Than Solar Panels

Image credit: Unknown, but came from linked article above

Just another stupid idea from those who want, for some indiscernible reason, to hold on to some form of technotopia that has absolutely no hope of succeeding. 644 more words

20 Important Scriptures You Pray Over Your Husband - Part 1

There is a popular saying that says, ‘behind every successful man there is a strong woman.’

Her devotion, her sacrifice and level of support most definitely have an impact on him to motivate him, encourage and inspire him to push through unprecedented heights in life. 879 more words

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Poetry of Emotions

The essence of true happiness lies in embracing the emotions which hide it. The irony is that we only realize it when every other emotion fades away. 366 more words