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I'll Be Happy When ....

I used to tell myself, even reassure myself, I’ll be happy when we get a better/bigger house.

I’ll be happy when I finally work out what what I want to do with my life. 541 more words

You need NOTHING to breathe freely

Recently, one of my friend shared with me that “One of her lady friend, she is so possessed with material stuffs. She just can’t sop herself from shopping. 301 more words


Constant Joy

By Rabbi Noach Weinberg,

Do you remember the thrill of hitting a home run? Getting out on the last day of school? Riding your new bicycle? 2,504 more words



I have yet to meet an artist who doesn’t want to be successful.  So I began thinking on this whole question of success.  It would seem everybody wants some kind of success. 413 more words


True Happiness

True Happiness

In that first round game she lost the first set but Japanese of small efforts done day in and day out. Don’t be afraid to use all your energy on them the your to their artists series is of greater concept? 702 more words

The Quest for Happiness

Happiness, the rarest treasure known to man. Everyone is searching for this fabled treasure. This existent, but non-existent thing. People search through career success. Fresh out of college you start at the bottom of a no-name organization, bringing the higher ups coffee and loading the printers with ink and paper. 300 more words

Jesus Christ