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Soul-Mate vs. Life-mate

Recently I had a revelation…this happened while talking to one of my lovely friends after work… while sipping a glass of wine in my favourite bar the topic of… 934 more words

The Boy Who Loved.

I been trying to write something good for so long and I just couldn’t find the right words or the right emotions or both to put my thoughts into words. 99 more words

Sweet Delicious Solitude

While some of you are getting engaged and having kids…. some of us are in a different stage of life….

That’s right ladies let’s be honest here… most of us out there are exposed to face the world as a single woman….we deal with feelings of insecurity, fears and self destructive thoughts…..let’s start with a few…. 967 more words

Where does happiness live???

Happiness was once asked: “Where do you live?” It replied: “In the hearts of those who are content with Allah’s decree”…

My Journey of Self-Discovery Pt.1

HAS anybody else felt like the cause of being down or unexplainable tough times is that they are searching for something they will never find? Or perhaps yearning for something that just hasn’t yet happened? 686 more words


124_alal: Entitled To Ultimate Happiness!

There’s Hannah again, our plus size CosmoGirl. This 20-something big city (single?) girl has a thing for ‘Men & Food’… or is it ‘Food & Men’!?! 48 more words


Diary: What Is Happiness To Me?


~Diary Entry~

So I watched the movie “Vanilla Sky” today with a friend – which I highly recommend everyone to watch. 1,029 more words

INTJ - Diary Soliloquy