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Social media - help or hindrance to our own true happiness?

Good evening to you my enthusiastic e-readers,

For this months post, I really wanted to dig deeper into the evolution of social media and to try to fathom if the backlash towards its exaggerated ideal of perfection is warranted. 622 more words


Truly Happy?

Joy is fleeting, whereas true happiness and calm can come to us only after intense pain, when we have confronted ourselves in the mirror of our souls and… 163 more words


Most of us love the person we’re with but not all of us have fallen in love with them as we should.

Breakups and disappointments from the people we love have become an incurable disease of some sort in this generation. 386 more words


The Myth of the Easy Life

Things I try to avoid —  public speaking, mingling at a work-related social gathering, introducing people to each another (when the name of your best friend of 30 years inexplicably flees from your brain).  355 more words

The Only Thing We Ever Need

Hey everyone and welcome to another devotion on the Faith Filled Friends. This afternoon, I want to talk about the only thing that we really need in this life, Jesus! 1,242 more words


So, You Want to be Happy?

Happiness. Something we all want (or think we do). It’s so popular as of late that there’s a multi-million dollar industry built around attaining it. Happiness self-help books, podcasts, TV shows, apps, internet sites… you name it, it exists. 872 more words