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What is True Happiness: Discovering What Happiness IS and IS NOT

Her pursuit of happiness is all about women and the quest to find what makes “her” happy. What you may find funny is, for a very long time, I had no idea what really made me happy or more importantly what happiness meant for me. 644 more words

"In The Arms of a Real Man: Happiness Is Your Pot Of Gold"

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Its not asking too much for you to want and desire “true happiness” with a “real man”. True romance and love with a man that is worthy of your time and heart. 125 more words


Finding Your True Purpose in 2017

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season spending time with those you love. I also hope you were able to get some space from your usual busy routine to relax and that you feel rejuvenated going into the new year. 1,038 more words


Stop Buying It

A lot of what we’re chasing after,
a lot of what haunts us,
is this desire to feel complete.
And we think something outside of us… 152 more words


Happiness what does that word really mean?

Does it mean to have a lots of friends family and money ..a big house with expensive cars and the latest iphone7 or does it means to simply make the most of Life? 380 more words


What is true Happiness?

Before starting with the post, I want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a happy & prosperous new year which is about to begin, may the coming year bring more happiness and love in your life than ever. 930 more words

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Celtic saints knew that Jesus came to save the whole world. In John 3:16 the Greek word for world is ‘cosmos’.

So often this verse is interpreted in a Western, ego-centric, individual way which is reductive in the extreme. 125 more words