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Once upon a time there was a King who was very generous towards his citizens but somehow remained unhappy and sad. Various ministers of his cabinet kept on thinking of different ways of rescuing him from the depression, but none succeeded. 312 more words

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the finish line of happiness

Picture this: you’re running a marathon. You are tired and struggling to push through, when all of a sudden, you see the finish line! All you can think about is how good its going to feel to step over that line and feel the success throughout your body. 378 more words

Why Instant Gratification Can't Bring You True Happiness

This is a guest post by Sarah Williams.

We live in a world of instant gratification, where practically everything we could ever want is at the touch of a finger. 1,038 more words

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I am Blessed!!!

Our family hardly sleep well after the injury of Little Black as we restrict his freedom to walk in garden at night. He was kept “meowing”, “appealing” to allow him to get out from house. 253 more words


Is it really worth growing up?

Is it really worth growing up? What is it that we gain by growing up – pressures, tensions, responsibilities, anxieties, heartbreak? What else? Job, money, family, economic and social standing, etc! 365 more words


Avoid hurting others and make a genuine effort to see the beauty in others. You can achieve this by assessing a character on merit without allowing the interfering disturbances of experiences from past interactions with others rob you of happiness in a new relationship and make you to reward good with evil.

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No Vacancy

The thoughts rattle in my mind like a snake warning me of the impending doom.  I can’t find a place of cohesion where my thoughts are still and calm so I try to listen to them while they’re rattling around.   211 more words