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The rabbit and the tiger

Once upon a time there was a rabbit and a tiger, who were travelling together. They went from mountain to mountain, from city to city and from country to country. 198 more words

True Identity

Teenage Identity Crisis

An Illinois school district could lose Title IX federal funding because a school would not let a boy use the girls’ locker room and showers. The U.S. 288 more words


144 The Light

Later, after forgiving the adulteress, Jesus is teaching as the morning sun comes over Mt. Olivet and hits the gold and white marble of the temple. 244 more words

Good And Evil

Encountering Another In-Road to the Beautiful Mind of God

Who is this Guy?

This incredible Being–who is everywhere, who created all things–how do we encounter Him?One thing we know for sure, we must approach Him based upon what He has revealed about Himself. 855 more words

Who is everyone's friend?

Jesus came to change our understanding of God. With religion, God is external to us; Jesus made it possible for God to be IN us! The greatest friend will always tell you the truth, even though it sometimes hurts to find out we have thought and believed a lie about someone or something… 518 more words


The Way

“Follow the ancient pathways and you will find rest for your soul” Jeremiah 6:16. Before Adam, Christ was! Before the foundation of the world, the Lamb was slain! 990 more words



I’ve always found comfort in the dark. It allows me to be free-the idea of knowing how most people are asleep already gives me some relief. 11 more words