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True Identity Of 'Jane Doe' In Usher's $2oM Lawsuit Has Been Revealed 

The identity of “Jane Doe” in Usher’s $20 million herpes lawyers is finally revealed. Laura Helm is the woman who filed the September 19th suit in Atlanta, claiming she was not infected with the virus before her two sexual encounters with the singer. 136 more words


Created to Rule

We humans have been created to rule over every creature in the world (Genesis 1:26). We have dominion over the world and sin. However, we seem to have lost that dominion to the world. 48 more words


When You're Tired of YOU Torturing You

Dear You,

I’ve been avoiding this for far too long.  I was scared of what would happened when I started to act. Worry has halted my steps, shielded my eyes and paralyzed my heart.   400 more words

Casondra Radford

Milan at August- Dead City

As I like to call lovingly Milano during the August time – the dead city!

Some people love it, some people hate it and most are not here! 244 more words

Life Issues

Random everyday quotes

Once in awhile we hear powerful quotes from random people at everyday situations.

They might be powerful once that stick to our mind or the once, which make us chuckle or see certain occurrences from a different perspective and make you think for awhile or longer about them. 228 more words

Life Issues

Potential & Faith

Potential as defined by dictionary. com is, “capable of being or becoming.” Potential is what you are capable of doing but is not yet in existence. 290 more words