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My People

Have you ever interacted with someone who just doesn’t see you? Your gifts, your talents, your beauty? No matter how hard you try they are blind to the greatness that is “you”.   331 more words

Friendships, Relationships & Everything In Between

1241. The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his true identity. ~Tony Robbins

No one else on the planet has the same face as you. No one else has the same heartbeat as you. None other has the same fingerprints as you. 460 more words


Reading & Pondering Today. 8-25

“In realizing who I really am, I unleash my power as a child of God.

It is not what I do, but who I am, that generates my power on the earth. 111 more words

No Limits

This idea was recently brought to my attention. It was only then that I realized, I felt like the world and my surroundings were trying to make me fit into, and see through a foggy glass jar. 404 more words


True Identity

Who are you?  Do you know who you are?  Or are you lost in all the false identities that society places on us?   Perhaps at some point of your life, or even right now, you haven’t been able to accept yourself because you’re too busy trying to get others’ approval. 644 more words

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Progress Not Perfection {Don't Give Up}

What you own, where you work, what you wear, where you live – these things do not define who you are. The culture we live in will try to convince you that you must survive life successfully in a certain way. 514 more words


An identity crisis only Jesus can heal...

We cling to Truth, as the Holy Spirit physically, intimately, and privately secures us to our Shepherd. We intimately know that our true identities are only found in Jesus, and it is through His Sacrificial Blood that we are able to actively live as the children of the Most High God. 330 more words

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