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Biblical Questions, Observations, Etc.

Have you ever watched a persons (friend) life twist and turn on Facebook, and you want to comment, but know the friendship will end if you do? 252 more words

True Life

Sins Of The Flesh

Went to church today and Did Not Like It!

Pastor talked about marriage, divorce, being single and saving yourself for marriage. He wanted women to make a covenant between themselves and God not to give it away before marriage. 204 more words

True Life

Tonight's Mood's

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and I was going to go out and celebrate. I even went to The Goodwill and bought clothes to wear since I only had a Christmas Cap. 396 more words

True Life



‘Tunnels with no escape’. The mere thought of our girls being abducted over and over again is heart-rending. Even more painful is that their abductors are free to do it again and again. 379 more words


Raised with Face-Book?

My niece posted this on FB:

Who feels me on this J

Being the older sibling you watch the

evolution of how your parents

strictness just fades away… 170 more words


The Battered Girlfriend - Surviving Domestic abuse

When i say battered i certainly don’t mean the eggs and milk with hot oil kind… im talking bruises, beatings emotional abuse, sexual abuse im talking full on domestic violence beyond extreme, 1,037 more words


YAY!!! Celebration!

It’s true: When I’m at my best, I celebrate every possible occasion that I can. People who know me know that I LOVE (all caps) a celebration. 595 more words

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