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Another could-be productive day gone to waste

Sitting in the midst of a conglomerated mess of assessment outlines and article readings, wishing to be teleported to a cosy cafe in Berlin or Paris. 475 more words

Adventure is Out There!

I think that everyone connects with movies for different reasons. Maybe the love story reminds you of your own. Or maybe you cry during a sad scene because you’ve been in a similar situation. 463 more words

Neighbors, Sales, & Weddings

So, I woke up early because my neighbor and friend wanted to have a Garage Sale and she wanted us to have one at the same time. 203 more words

True Life

Sad Face

It’s sad really…how some ppl refuse 2 see change or seek change…refuse 2 let go of the past. Would rather stay trapped in it like a cloak of armor 2 protect them from the unknown. 129 more words

Post Black Out

So I saw the European guy twice after my unfortunate ‘drinking on pain meds’ incident on our first date. We are taking it slow and getting to know each other as friends which is actually nice and very refreshing, definitely a new thing for me. 288 more words


Beyond Words

Can I take this poem
Off this page
As I do love
To the woman-
whose heart I have?

Poems somehow end-
when they end… 20 more words


Our CSI Solution

D’s Mom is getting out of the hospital today and here is what we have figured out.  She OD’d on some pain pills and in doing so, freaked out and called 9-1-1, winding up getting into a fight with the police when they took her away after the things she told them.  190 more words