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The Deep: into the depth of human endurance

Typically reserved and inward-looking, this intriguing Icelandic docu-drama treads much the same water (sorry) as Robert Redford’s All Is Lost romp. But while the latter is a ripping yarn of high-tension on the high seas, The Deep is far more remarkable because it’s a credible re-telling of actual events. 399 more words

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Steve Jobs (2015)

Dizzying with its dialogue, Steve Jobs tells the story of its titular man through three Apple product launches, 1985’s Macintosh computer, 1988’s Apple rival and failure, Next, and 1998’s iMac, the beginning of the re-emergence of Apple into ubiquity. 272 more words


Spotlight (2015)

Spotlight is the true-story behind the 2002 expose into the Catholic Church’s cover-up of decades of sexual abuse and it is unflinching in its focus and animated by its outrage, which is the best and worst part of this awards-caliber movie. 289 more words


Sister Drama Continues. .

It is really sad when y you may have to stop communication with your own sister.

However, I really think Self is a Hypochondriac who creates her own stress. 98 more words

True Life

Black Mass (2015)

For decades, James “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp) was the most feared man in Boston. After being released from Alcatraz, he returned home to his Massachusetts roots and consolidated power with an iorn grip. 1,240 more words


Reasons why you need to forgive your Ex! 😁

Hey guys, it’s been almost 4 weeks I broke up with my boyfriend. Sometime I still received many texts from my friend and my family that worry with my feeling. 1,126 more words

True Life: I Depend More on my Parents at 23 than 16

I wish I could remember the exact moment when it really sank in that at 23 I needed my parents more than when I was a teenager. 793 more words

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