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McFarland USA (2015)

Many movies follow a proven formula very closely, but sometimes a well written, well executed formulaic movie can remind you how appealing that formula can be, and that is… 248 more words


Prayer Request Please & No-Gluten-Free Restaurants

This is the 2nd day that D. is sick and I am trying to take care of him and not get it. Or, we will be passing this stuff back and forth. 314 more words

True Life

Unofficially..Officially To Me: Engaged!

When I married my last husband, he was my 2nd choice. To be honest, when he proposed I was a bit annoyed because he interrupted my favorite show. 273 more words


In the form of proverb
We always heard ,
“Human wants are unlimited!”
So true it is !

In the form of proverb
We always heard , 187 more words


Fort Save For Massive Damage

“-ur AC?”

“Uh, 23.”

“…he misses. His disgusting, undead claws rake harmlessly off your chest plating.”

“Excellent. I give him an ominous glare as I prepare to deliver my payback.” 254 more words

True Life


O yes bitches. It’s Spring Break and I am hella happy. So many emotions right now, you don’t want to know. No more school, no more of the stupid people at school. 134 more words


Power of Prayer

Last night at church, we had the Prayer Leader pray with us in regards to strengthening our relationship. It was awesome! For a second, I felt dizzy; like I was going to lose my balance. 258 more words

True Life