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Bad Gift Stories

The Holiday season has technically started, so today I want to talk/hear about bad gifts,

I’ve been reading a lot of stories on this so I’ve decided to share a few of mine. 327 more words

True Life

Credit Counseling Complete

Okay, So I went to credit counseling.. actually it’s called ‘Fast Credit Repair’ and has great reviews. They help people get Charge-Off’s removed from their credit, but that’s not my situation. 181 more words

True Life

Mellow, Not Manic, Monday

Woke up with a song in my head from church yesterday. Here’s a verse:

“What A Powerful Name It Is
What a Powerful Name It Is… 172 more words

True Life

Need Suggestions, Fast

An hour ago, it was 51′ and it still isn’t even 60′ yet! My Siamese cuddled under the covers with me, all night. I have a small, fireplace heater going, but haven’t bought screens or whatever for the wall heater because of and to save money. 50 more words

True Life

Please Pray For Puma

If you’re a Christian, PLEASE pray for my oldest cat, Puma!

She’s terribly matted with dander or dandruff underneath (I can’t get a brush or comb through) and she isn’t keeping food down, tonight. 36 more words

True Life

My Feelings Slump

Well, it’s a new day and I feel complacent, blah, mixed? I am still not fantastically happy, but I am facing reality.

I have a lot to be thankful for – A sister (although annoying) that cares, my little house/trailer, my beautiful Fur-Children, the basic necessities (food, water,gas,electric), my health (such as it is), and my belief in God..without which, I might have given up a long time ago. 76 more words

True Life

Want vs. Deserve

What I want and what I deserve.

There’s this idea out there that if you work really hard for something you want

You will get it. 347 more words