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Politics and why I won't talk about it on this blog

I have a lot of really strong feelings. A LOT. And I’m not exactly quiet about them. If you search hard enough, you’ll find them. 141 more words

True Life

Financial Fiasco

I have not been this much in debt since I was in my 20’s in an abusive (mentally) relationship.

My car had to have a whole new electronic system and I can’t get a new one installed until I pay $1100. 47 more words

True Life

And So It Begins

Last night,  a Realtor showed up but his client could not see house due to a severe cat allergy.  I just had a couple walk through today,  but I stayed with the animals so I don’t know. 14 more words

True Life

But We Need Jesus (A Book Update)

I’m sitting here at my favorite hipster coffee shop, feeling the vibe…feeling creative and artsy, and hoping to be inspired. I’m praying that I can explain what I’m thinking in a way that will make sense. 634 more words

God Ponderings

Moving Forward

Pictures have been taken and house is being listed, as I write this. Please pray it sells soon.

I am in a world of hurt financially. 85 more words

True Life

Jesus - Friend

For many years I had a tremendous friendship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Then one day I forgot He was more than just my friend and I took that friendship and relationship for granted. 288 more words


Eastern Lightning | God Loves Man | Official Trailer "Guard"

After experiencing Almighty God’s end-time work for several years, she confirmed in her heart that only the returned Jesus—Almighty God can bring man the true human life and bestow to man the way of eternal life. 271 more words

Eastern Lightning