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what do you take
for the calcification of desire,
what pushes out the aortic stone,
sometimes caught in the left chamber,
sometimes the throat?

i take a tincture dropper filled with the memory of… 47 more words

Black Art

Aliyah 21

I was spread out like a turkey prepared for Thanksgiving Sunday… Yes, my legs were spread wide. He kept staring at me like I was a meal… Okay, I was at the moment but then I wanted to be treated with more respect; I’d have to admit I really like being spread out like this. 751 more words


Aliyah 20

His house was far from beautiful, it was glamorous. It was a 3,000 square foot house sitting on an acre of land in a very private and secluded area on the island. 1,238 more words


Aliyah 19

It is finally the day of my date with Alex, oh how I would love to moan his name all night long; I just wanted him for one night only if that wasn’t too much too ask for. 869 more words

True Life

Aliyah 18

I was waiting for this moment for a long time but still I couldn’t speak, I opened my mouth but nothing came out; I was lost in this mans eyes. 567 more words


Aliyah 17

Rachael and I became best-friends… We did everything together and were always around ourselves. She brought out a side of me I didn’t know existed, she was the best friend I never had and I loved her so much; Our friendship was envied by many, we were called “friendship goals”… We brought out the best in each other and that was enough for me. 542 more words


Savitri's Revenge

About the article

This article was first seen on-“The Hindu” and it was part of The Hindu Sunday Magazine.¬† This article is about Thathri Kutty(is also known as Dhantri¬†Kutty or Savithriavicharam) who created a social change in the history of Nampoodri and Nair community of Kerala. 1,162 more words

True Life