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Your own Boss

You have got to be your own boss. You cannot rely on anyone else but you. I have become so dependent on my support system that it is a GOOD thing that I am leaving them. 305 more words


A Few Different Topics

It’s the 3rd day of my cold and I don’t want to go anywhere.  I should clean the kitchen but, don’t feel like doing that either.    71 more words

True Life

How Others Live

I find stories of poverty and hunger, interesting.  Of course I find most stories of people who live different then I, interesting.  However, having been raised middle class and not experiencing poverty or hunger, it intrigues me on what people do and eat. 99 more words

True Life

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Yesterday, I sorted out paperwork (I should do a little every day) then, walked to the office to mail my bills.

It’s been really hot!  I wonder if this means we are going to have a really, cold Winter.  209 more words

True Life

Getting Out Of Funk

D. didn’t respond; but, I”m not sure what I expected.  We have both played the silent treatment game and said cruel things to each other…the whole drug and annulment issue tore us apart. 277 more words

True Life

I'm Back, Baby

Hey!! So, check it: I started working on a new story about six weeks ago. And by pure coincidence, at the same time I discovered a magazine that accepts unsolicited short story manuscripts!!! 146 more words

True Life

It's About the Dog Owners

Each time I posted a video, wrote a story or shared a picture,


I wanted to prove that I was better than the other trainers. 308 more words