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  • James: So what’s up, man? What’s been going on?
  • Patrick: Well, something’s been bothering me lately and I don’t really know how to deal with it.
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Oh no! my grandma thinks I'm a seer

hiya Royal Pancakes

Not to be a Garfield cliche but I freakin’ hate Mondays. And today’s events just made me hate it even more…

So my grandmother who lives very far visited my mum and I today, since we were the only ones at home. 247 more words


anxiety is not a trend.

the title is as simple as it gets, because that’s what the content should be in people’s head, simple.

It’s currently 03:37am and I’m being kept awake with anxiety. 630 more words


This Is Where I Saw him. (Part 2)

He was walking in my direction. Probably listening to his headphones, I don’t quite remember. What I do remember is his face, staring head. I could only imagine what he was thinking: almost to class. 144 more words


This Is What I Have To Do.

Through one thing and another, I have come to the conclusion that this is something I have to write.

I recently came across a completely life changing article (which you can read… 218 more words

True Life


She felt bile rising in the back of her throat and ran for the bushes beside the house, heaving with such a force that weakened her so much she had to go down in a squat. 2,260 more words

Short Stories

Be Healed in God’s Name – Guaranteed?

“Don, I’m telling you, you have to ask God for help with this. You have to get serious with Him, demand help. And, then have the faith to wait on Him. 789 more words