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Decision Made, and Other Things

Yesterday was really cool. We worked on characterization at school and it is funny when your husband asks how school went and you say “Great!, I went to the park, and then to the bank, and then to a horrible dinner” and he believes you and gets all confused. 224 more words

True Life

It never fails 

you as a woman ALWAYS have an unexpected encounter with someone who has a certain level of importance to you in your life when you look like this… 13 more words


'Life is like a box of chocolates...'

It has now been a year since I moved away from my small town in Northumberland to the city I studied my degree in. This change has been a huge and terrifying one. 698 more words


The Love of Naked Paper. I’ve got it Bad.

Nothing excites me more than naked paper – I love paper, I have reams of office paper, stacks of notebooks – small, large, lined and unlined – I have tiny ones that fit in a pocket, larger ones by my bedside, even some that stay in the car and I always – … 91 more words


As this is the last day of January 

anything that we wanted to improve on to be better people,

we would have already applied by now

No time for bullshit


Age Group Dilemma & Writers Questions

If you have been reading /following long enough;  you know I have a weak immune system.  You may also know I volunteer with the children at church. 159 more words

True Life