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On #NappilyEverAfter and embracing #NaturalHair: A Review-ish & Personal Reflection

My hometown’s public school system committed to having 3rd and 4th-grade students learn how to swim. I’m an ‘80s baby and the ‘90s raised me, so “protective styling” options and swimwear accessories during the school year were very limited. 1,168 more words

Black Feminist Praxis

The Bad & The Good

The Bad-  Not terrible, just bad – Need to take a pill and go back to sleep due to a terrible migraine, couldn’t go to Women’s Group at church due to gas money and have to transfer money from savings for rent due to Cricket payment. 259 more words

True Life

Book Review, Etc..

I finally finished reading a book, in order to say, I did.   It is titled,’The Women’s Room’ by Marilyn French.  This is considered a feminist book; supposedly one of the first of it’s kind and caused much controversy.  136 more words

True Life

JOURNI’S Motivation!

Always remember your results is determined by how much work you put into something! If you want to see something manifest into something beyond amazing…….GET TO WORK!



i’ve not let my big
toe touch the sun-kissed
concrete –

once, i told a girl who loved another girl i loved her.

i learned of my fear of the previously possessed, 100 more words

Black Poetry

Can't Go To Food Bank

I talked to the bank today and they can’t help me with the amount I can afford to pay. They said the credit card would end as Charge-Off and recommended Credit Counseling. 132 more words

True Life

Facing Financial Obligations

Damn! Chase just called and I accidentally answered the phone! I need to call them back, though… about a credit card payment plan. They can close my card and reduce my payments. 36 more words

True Life