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My Harsh Reality

I can’t help but think about the homeless this time of year, and be thankful I’m not.

But, I am starting to freak a bit at the idea of losing my car. 105 more words

True Life

Thankfully, Not Poisoned

Good Morning to another chilly but sunny Sunday in Las Vegas! So thankful I am not sick.

Yesterday, I opened and tasted some Kroger Mustard Potato Salad from Smith’s and it tasted nasty. 23 more words

True Life

I know I should update.

I realize I haven’t updated this blog in almost two years. I KNOW THIS. But life got very hard, very fast and I don’t have a way to explain it easily. 88 more words

True Life

Politics & Creativity

I don’t post much on Facebook, but I do share, some. Most of what I share are Forwards of things I believe or agree with. Most of my ‘Facebook Friends’ are people I went to school with. 184 more words

True Life

Expanding Christmas

Hi All,

So as we are all gearing up to start counting down to Christmas 2018, I thought I would just start-up a debate to see what we all thought about the fact that Christmas seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year and so much more expensive. 173 more words


Early Morning & More

It’s 4 am and I am wide awake. My body has been so off since the silly time change.

I slept 4 hours. But, this ia also just my mentality, I guess. 188 more words

True Life

Picking Nits & Not Starving

Have you heard the term “Nit Pick”? That’s what I have been doing to my Puma cat. No, not the nagging type. She’s a cat! I mean, physically picking at nits. 201 more words

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