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Weekly Teaching


when changes occur
we can choose to adapt
or cling to our ideas.
we can choose to understand
or cling to our pain.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling


At a recent sitting in San Francisco, I had this interesting back-and-forth with one of the participants. She brought up such good questions, ones I think many of us wonder about, that I wanted to share the conversation: 793 more words


When I began practicing yoga some moons back, bringing one foot forward from dog to a lunge is all about thump. You know that sound when your foot lands like a big heavy cement bag? 383 more words


Weekly Teaching


neither indulge oneself
nor ignore the one in need
for to do so is self-centered and

seek the middle way to

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling

for goodness’ sake

been wrapped up in
sheets and blankets
twisted and sweating
all night now so that
I can hardly move

but then I found I
could just stop… 405 more words


You filthy animal...

You know the old saying “A leopard never changes it’s spots”? Well if you’ve ever said it, here’s a few things to consider…

Firstly, you have resorted to using a phrasing that compares people to animals, to try and describe their actions, because obviously there is no other way?…like just perhaps saying “She’ll never change her ways”, “He’s always been a nice guy” or maybe even “He’s always been like that, don’t know why you didn’t see that coming”. 545 more words

Trapped Angels

There are so many varied stages to the spiritual experience, and it is for each of us to live through them on our own terms being sincere with ourselves every second. 842 more words

True Nature