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Sūtra III.4 - Chapter III, Sūtra 4

त्रयमेकत्र संयमः I

trayam-ekatra saṁyamaḥ

This triad (trayam) combined (ekatra) creates a complete and exclusive understanding of the object of meditation (saṁyama).

PRACTICAL LIVING     The last three sūtras described the subtle processes of concentration, meditation and complete absorption. 374 more words


What would have been the March 7, 2017 post: A life lived well

March 7th is my dear grandmother’s birthday… but I do not think she remembers it. She has been suffering from dementia for a few years now, and she has forgotten much about herself. 479 more words


Torn Between Two Lovers - Slight Return

It’s now almost a week since I returned from my trip, but it might as well be a million years ago, because it all seems nothing more than a distant memory. 370 more words

From The Heart

The Aperture of an Open Mind

Our journey to spiritual and social evolution begins with your minds aperture. Living with an “open mind” is an important facet to personal and spiritual evolution. 1,182 more words

True Nature

Sūtra III.3 - Chapter III, Sūtra 3

तदेवार्थमात्रनिर्भासं स्वरूपशून्यमिव समाधिः I

tad-eva-artha-mātra-nirbhāsaṁ svarūpa-śūnyam-iva samādhiḥ

When the mind is as if (iva) empty, it becomes its essential form (svarūpa) and the object (artha) of meditation glows (nirbhāsaṁ), that (tad) is complete absorption (samādhiḥ). 624 more words


Change has no vacancy

  • Movement, the certainty of change will only occur in the prevailing conditions. Chicory seeds had no say in forming into roots with arising flowers. In this natural flow a stream of thought may deduce their somewhat sensed form seems not separate from the prevailing surroundings, just a shifting expression of change, no different from all the often perceived as others?
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Episode 10: Church of Love and Human Goodness

Summary of Episode 9: Spiritual leaders have seen reality and eternity by coming to know their True Nature; Death is inevitable-no exceptions; Prince Siddharta… 1,465 more words

True Nature