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BaBA (2010)


BaBa (2010)

The chanting to a desert god, unidentified but certainly made of sound and sand.

The tenderness of absent fingers playing with both grains and vocal vibrations. 266 more words

True Nature

Meet Divine Awareness

‘The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware,                                                                    joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.’                                                                                                                        ~ Henry Miller (1891-1980)*

Not just ‘to be aware,’ as that infers that we might be something other than that, but to recognize that we are awareness itself. 97 more words


No clinging

Hindu deities are fahioned out of mud

exactly so that there is no danger of them

or the spirits behind them becoming permanent.

TIbetan Buddhists make sublime mandalas… 84 more words


Make every moment sacred

We each have a unique view of the world we navigate,
but because we are beseiged by the secular and
satisfying our senses,
by getting our own way and… 182 more words

The Yin Yang Symbol and You

The Yin Yang symbol represents Taoism and acknowledges that all things have a complementary light and dark side that are interconnected and, most importantly, interdependent. 564 more words


Blushing: A Curse Or A Blessing?

How do you stop blushing all over when you end up smiling even a tiny bit?

How do you stop your cheeks from being sunburnt once you step off into the blazing sun and can’t even peek at a random hot guy walking down the street because they would think you have a silly crush on them? 118 more words


The world of words

The world of words demands that we churn out concepts and assertions mindlessly. Each word creates an image in our visual libraries and memory banks. The bridge of the mind leading out to the vast field of consciousness is so cluttered with verbiage and images that we are stranded there. 525 more words

True Nature