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Sutra II.25 - Chapter II, Sutra 25

तदभावात् संयोगाभावो हानं तद् दृशेः कैवल्यम् I

tad-abhāvāt-saṁyoga-abhāvaḥ hānaṁ tad-dṛśeḥ kaivalyam

As that (tad) misunderstanding gradually reduces until it disappears (abhāvāt), the association (saṁyoga) between mind and soul also vanishes (abhāvaḥ). 647 more words


Just one to notice

The individual mind doesn’t start or stop its movements, doesn’t choose the content of arising thought or even what seems its own take on things. There appears not much logic in the mind being your life long true essence or something worthy of oneness carrying forward spiritually beyond its appearance, it may at times seem a useful tool in what you appear to know are untrue slants on things, the realization of an un-owned though prevailing collective of untruths offers a pause, a space which is often overlooked, this space which is always here only has to be noticed to slow the collective spin. 38 more words


GOOD MESSAGES: Disintegration!

We have to let go of the fragile ‘self,’ to throw away all the masks, to turf out ‘wanting’ and ‘needing,’ in order to reach our higher consciousness and step into the bright light of the expanded field of awareness. 691 more words


The Life Intensive

My current process has been going on for several weeks at least.  It is likely my life stage.  I find myself doing an exploration of my life.   702 more words

True Nature


Let the sunshine in and connect with you heart.
Let your human body feels the glorious sensation of being fully aware of mother’s Earth vibration. 28 more words


The Light Is Always There
Drawing attention to stillness, silence, and spaciousness shifts your focus from feeding the insecurity of the ego to connecting with pure being. 45 more words



God . . . through Christ reconciled us to himself. (2 CORINTHIANS 5: 18)

Total reconciliation demands a total effort by the offending party to make amends. 293 more words