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Have you ever felt that you are seekingĀ something?

That something is missing in your life, and you can’t really put your finger to it, or define what is it that is missing? 204 more words


Being Human

Overthinking is a very common problem; not for everyone, but for many.

We think ourselves silly instead of just being the animals we are.

The mind gets put on such a high pedestal, it can be easy to forget… 37 more words

Streams Of Thought

High Turn Over

Doing right by yourself can have a pretty heavy price tag sometimes. Or at least it seems that way if you’re stupid, or if you’re a coward trying to justify not staying true to yourself. 1,292 more words

Streams Of Thought

The Monster from Within

It lurks in all its secrecy,
It moves in a way like no other. 93 more words


To struggle against your nature is what you have spent a lifetime doing. Stop. If you allow your potential to be released, your true nature in all its wholeness will be revealed.

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The occurrence of the unique stream of life we seem to live quite reasonably appears within space. Any noticeable stream to our senses are by nature primarily spacious, the human body which at any always changing moment isĀ  often calculated to be around 99% space. 37 more words


Making images :

We are actually taught to make images to symbolise or represent almost everything – for remembering, for recognising, to navigate, and so on, and we excel at it. 1,248 more words

True Nature