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It's been a while.

Even though we are all source awareness ( a Timothy Conway phrase) the mind still plays it’s tricks. I am dedicated to see my sadhana through. 186 more words

Finding your Enneagram type

One of the most amazing tools I’ve ever found for self-discovery is the Enneagram. Unlike many other personality typing systems, the Enneagram doesn’t just give you a description of your type and then leave you dangling and wondering how you can possibly overcome your fears and hang-ups. 536 more words

True Nature

Non-Duality (not that I am an expert)

This morning I read a facebook thread about a teacher in what he called non-duality who committed suicide.  I gather from the thread that this happens from time to time.   1,346 more words

True Nature


We’ve all heard that the main part of an iceberg is underwater.  90% actually, is what we  don’t see.   What of us as human beings?  We trust that we have these physical bodies, to the extent that they maintain themselves, we move our muscles, we feed our bellies, we cut our hair,  we tend to our wounds and we react to the circumstances around us.  622 more words

The Superimposed Self

This post continues from the last on the idea that the self or ego is a steady state system. Note that a steady state is neither fixed nor locked in place. 632 more words


The Fog

Where am I?

Standing in this dark night, this swirling fog…

I can’t say anymore.

The fog of war obscures all paths.

Smoke and flame mixing with the fog. 87 more words

Monstrous Souls

Be A Tree

After communicating with the tree, practice being that tree you are talking to.  Move your body and arms, mimicking its limbs and bending in the wind.  183 more words