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Which One Are We?

Is she loving, giving
or manipulative, even cruel?
Can someone be both?
Do we always function
from a position of take
so that even giving… 34 more words


Who Are We?

If we are not who we think we are,
then who are we?
We are that which comes before
who we think we are.
We are the knowing beings… 35 more words

Spiritual Poetry


The longing to return to the Origin
Is Origin calling you
and expresses Itself as:
“I long to return to my Origin”

The longing to return to Source… 84 more words


Sūtra III.14 - Chapter III, Sūtra 14

शान्तोदिताव्यपदेश्यधर्मानुपाती धर्मी I

śānta-udita-avyapadeśya-dharma-anupātī dharmī

The fundamental essence (dharmī) retains (anupātī) its characteristics (dharma) in the past (śānta), present (udita) and future (avyapadeśya).

PRACTICAL LIVING     Last week we discussed the factors influencing transformation: our essence, time and our environment. 453 more words

True Nature

"The Iceberg of Ignorance"

Source: https://twitter.com/andydevale

“The Iceberg of Ignorance” highlights the higher up the leadership chain, the lower the knowledge of front-line problems.  Specifically, 100% of front-line problems are known to front-line employees; only 74% were known to team leaders; 9% to middle management; and 4% to top management. 158 more words

Your true nature

Sharing some wisdom from one of my favorite teachers today (cribbed from her Compass Points email):

I cannot believe it is the end of May! Who hit the fast-forward button on my life?!?




LILITH - PLUTO Day of the Decade Alert!

What’s UP (and down) today?
Quite the Astro gig, actually:

LILITH in CAPRICORN conjunct / passing PLUTO retro today, May 18.

Be in your True ‘Wild’ Nature and Essence, connect with Power-that-IS, find your Wisdom Source and Inner Elder. 302 more words