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~ Your Painted Soul ~

I painted your soul in that moment,
As your forehead touched mine,
And Love announced her presence,
As she dived into my vulnerable heart,

Surrendered, I opened to all senses, 158 more words

The Road to Coorain

Have you ever wondered how much your up bringing and early family life affected the person you are? Jill Ker Conway, in her autobiography The Road to Coorain, both literally and figuratively maps out her early life, placing specific emphasis on geographic location and the importance it made to her as an adult. 447 more words


Weekly Teaching

neither fire nor wind,
birth nor death
can erase our good deeds.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling


I am enlightened. I am not enlightened.

I am awake. I am asleep.

I am liberated. I am not liberated.

I am lost. I am found. 218 more words


Tu derecho se termina donde empieza el de los demás

I know this is a controversial topic, so I’d appreciate if everyone respects my opinion the same way I do others. And please, ready everything…

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Human Nature

Weekly Teaching


do not be swayed by
external circumstances,
maintain the mind
of quiet joy and serenity within.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling

You can only be genuinely happy when you’re free, and you can only be completely free when you are yourself. Because if you are not being yourself then you are dragging that around, with that weight holding you back you can’t be truly free, and if you don’t feel free, how can you be happy?

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Human Nature