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Showing one's true nature

Growing up I remember my mom telling me and my siblings this story if we were fighting over a toy or an animal or something along those lines. 1,385 more words



Our essential being, Awareness, that which knows all experience but is unaffected by it, is . . .

All powerful.

OM . . . nipotent. 30 more words



Being angry at others is like blaming and being angry at the weather when a weather forecast failed to predict it correctly.


Our inner compass

Many clients request coaching because they feel that something essential is missing from their lives.

Their experiences are expressed in different ways: “I don’t feel alive anymore”, “I have lost access to the feeling of possibilities”, “I am caught in the web that I have created and I want out”. 289 more words

Why I'm Not Interested in Being Right

I don’t know if it’s a matter of winning or losing thousands of arguments throughout my life but I’ve put my shield down and thrown the swords away for good. 550 more words

Hip Over 60

Hip Over 60!

I look and feel 40 and don’t give a hoot about my age except in the context of earned experiences. I am the sum total of my life experiences and therefore, the longer I live the more experiences I have to tap into to become first, knowledgeable about myself and true nature, and then wise. 275 more words

Hip Over 60

NaPoWriMo Day 7: Layers of Identity


Which pronoun do you address me by? Which do you see?

All fully realized, un/re-fulfilled, all facets of reality,

At the helm, some say a soul, a spark, a brain at the wheel, 27 more words