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Everything is Temporary

Imagine being a concrete road; so large and strong not even the biggest storm or largest earthquake could crumble down your highway. Imagine this road as your… 210 more words


Sūtra III.8 - Chapter III, Sūtra 8

तदपि बहिरङ्गं निर्बीजस्य I

tadapi bahir-aṅgaṁ nirbījasya

Even these (tadapi) last three limbs (aṇgaṁ) are external (bahir) when compared to a seedless (nirbījasya) state.

PRACTICAL LIVING     Last week we saw that the last three limbs (concentration, meditation and complete integration) are more subtle than the first five (relationships, lifestyle, body, breathing and the senses). 572 more words


This Holiness

You frighten what I seem to you, no human sage through practice can lower their heart and breathe rate, decrease their body temp to near freezing and not eat or drink for several months like your dreamed-up Tantramar guru can. 33 more words


Anarchistic Seeker.

Go on your own

Vision Quest,

F’ck the rest!

Cuz ya need

Ta be an


Seeker of truth.

In this Yuga

Of fake teachers… 7 more words

Practice of Non Practice

Enlightenment requires you sit 1000s of hours over decades to become liberated from the notion of egocentricity. Is the that true?

Awakening for me came a totally different way in a quarry in the Cotswolds, England. 324 more words


Misty skin, a chameleon.

Creating plates of armor.

Childhood tactics

That later create

Chaotic prana.

Driven inside

That ground field

By groundlessness.

The truth unbound… 29 more words

Perfect Thought

You are the perfect thought in the mind of Consciousness.