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Weekly Teaching


to use speech wisely
is to speak truthfully
and in a way
that the listener can accept.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling

His kiss is slow....

“I’m silenced by his right hand cupping my chin and ear, his left hand flattening against my ribs as he gently pushes me back against the wall. 49 more words


Happiness is Your True Nature – Look for It Within

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If you think about it, the way we seek happiness as a society seems counterproductive. We rush around every day to earn a living, and in doing so, we never give ourselves any time for the pursuit of actual happiness, contentment or inner peace. 997 more words


Weekly Teaching


anger is like an addiction.
not only did we get upset
the first time,
but we go over and over it,

like watching reruns of a favorite movie.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling

You Are Enough

I’m a big personality. I make big facial expressions. I have big hand gestures. There is really nothing small about me, except my chest size. 757 more words

True Nature

Empty Hearts, Empty Words

I believe that the majority of people who claim to be Christians are not. And what do I look for that’s kind of tell-tale signs? Well several things. 236 more words

Weekly Teaching


to be happy ourselves,

first we help
somebody else
to be happy.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling