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No Self

There is no self, just this experience as it is from moment to moment. A patterning on and in a screen of nothing.

A vibratory web or net of ever changing conscious energy; a continuous surge of becoming, being and evaporating.

Without a centre.

Sūtra III.10 - Chapter III, Sūtra 10

तस्य प्रशान्तवाहिता संस्कारात् I

tasya praśānta-vāhitā saṁskārāt

As a result of the profound influence (saṁskārāt) of this (tasya) flows (vāhitā) an undisturbed peaceful state (praśānta). 535 more words


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Rereading Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull as a good reminder for “Find what it is you want most in the world to do – and then do it.” 417 more words


Natural High!

Tap into your imaginative self-expression. Never be afraid to shine your genius and allow your creative juices to flow in you and around you.

When you are in alliance with your true nature ( and it is different for everyone), there is a natural flow that automatically aims you in the direction that is best for you to express and explore your creative self-allowing you to share the best parts of yourself. 90 more words



Keep being aware that all that is sensed is sensed by objectless presence. Everything and everybody encountered is done so by sensing, there are no ‘things’ outside that. 35 more words


I have no interest in cars as long as mine runs OK and each journey is safe… that’s it. However I do tend to attract folk who are really and I mean really into cars. 59 more words