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Temple Chronicle: 11th February

The master’s voice is unconditional. Only one tiny part of it is used to convey information, practical inspiration, instructions for those who can only follow. The greatest portion is from inside the torrential river, fizzing energy of spray and turbulence, which is silenced and stilled. 323 more words

True Nature

Lawnmower man

Read an idea recently that said: If we all grew food rather than lawns then we nearly all could eat for free.

Isn’t that a beautiful ideal? 96 more words


Temple Chronicle: 10th February

It is only the conditioned mind, the bridge or verandah around the house as it is sometimes called, that is sustained by knowledge and cannot tolerate any other kind of sustenance. 434 more words

True Nature

Courtesy of Gilles Asselin: wisdom from the Hebrew divinities

Stilling the Mental Body

The Mighty Elohim Speaks on the Seven Steps of Perception, p 36

The mental body is two-fold. It is the receptive consciousness into which the Pattern comes; then, it is perceived, accepted, and when it has been grounded in the mind, the great creative power of the mental body begins to act in a controlled, channeled and rhythmic manner. 147 more words

True Nature

Cloudless Sky

What gives form to the world, has no form of its own. – Rumi-

It’s been few hours

Since I watched the sun rising

But the sky remains cloudless… 93 more words


Daily Meditation: among the blind

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Daily Meditation: among the blind
Posted on February 10, 2016 by lindenthorp

in each tiny interaction with other beings

we leave our traces behind. 66 more words

True Nature

Temple Chronicle: 9th February

Our minds trick us into living constantly with negative and unnatural thoughts. All around us, there are many other negative energies exhibiting themselves in the world which overcome us with their cheap perfume. 250 more words

True Nature