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the true nature of form.

the true nature of formlessness.

attach to neither.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling

Q116. How can I remove illusions that cover my true-self?

A. Even though most people think illusions cover the true-self and try to see it by removing them, they in fact don’t know what illusions are and what the true-self is. 163 more words


Beyond the Illusion

Just as water
appears to change states–
here liquid, there solid,
sometimes vapor,
sometimes sublimated
into tiny particles of
ice suspended in the air–
yet its essential nature… 118 more words


Q112. Why do you explain the true-self to us while saying it can't be expressed with words?

A. It’s true that it can’t be explained with words, but paradoxically we can’t avoid using words to express it.
When masters, saying that it can’t be expressed with words, use words, we should know that they have another intention in using their words besides using them as a language. 50 more words



This is a response to Gille Asselin’s inspiring comments on today’s show – ‘Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us.’  (http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/87522/the-search-for-the-inner-grail)

The grail within is not a physical entity although we can express it or channel it by using… 2,517 more words


watch the flashing - Zen

My Comment:
I find another beautiful example of divine paradox in statements from two sages. One is Nisargadatta who says “You are without knowledge”, and the other is Shunryu Suzuki stating that… 663 more words

Exploring Consciousness

Note to Self: Intention

Be intentional in your actions today. Before interacting with anyone, take a moment and ask yourself: What am I trying to accomplish from this interaction? Do I want to be right? 115 more words