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Live on Your Own Terms

In the course of her life, Ayn Rand painted a number of vivid, monumental pictures of mankind’s greatness. And of how it’s achieved only by individuals. 902 more words

Streams Of Thought

I am not a bad person

I am not a bad person, but the only world I feel comfortable in is the world of strip clubs, and brothels, and porn cinemas. The only time I feel at ease, and relaxed, and where I am meant to be; the only time my soul really soars. 206 more words


We are conditioned to think and feel that what is inside our human form is different from what is outside. That we have little control over our inside and so seek control outside where we can see and be seen, and act and acted upon visibly. 281 more words


religion is merely a step

You may be repulsed or wary of religion and those who subscribe to it. And deep down that may trouble you, may make you feel you are not ‘religious,’ or lacking in some way. 238 more words


The Comfort of Confronting Your True Nature

I heard once that the person you are when you’re 30 is who you will be for the rest of your life. I can’t say whether or not that’s true, and there are no absolutes in life, but I can speak for myself. 856 more words



The Guru’s statements that lead you to the pure ‘I am’ are like: the sense
‘I am’ is always with you, only you have attached all things (contaminants)

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

6th Point of Atisha's 7 Point Mind Training

1. Preliminaries

a) You are truth

b) Mind is Barrier

c) No-mind is the Door

2. Think that all phenomena are like Dreams

3. Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness… 452 more words