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Any Idea

Any idea of how things are is not how things are.

The only thing standing between you and your true nature is the idea of your true nature. 166 more words



The wound we feel
as a deep longing
as a deep inadequacy
as a deep aloneness

Is the calling of Yourself
to connect with your True Nature… 12 more words


Be Yourself Because There's Really No Alternative

If you’re not at least attempting to please yourself, whom do you intend to please? You probably won’t be very good at pretending to accomplish another person’s will for you. 372 more words

Lifting The Carpet.

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Waking up is relatively straight forward. First there is usually an interest in wanting to know the truth of reality. Then thanks to media such as on the Unisphere…my term for the Internet, one can read of folk who have seen through to their truth nature and usually they point to it via blog posts, social media, or vlogs. 224 more words

Three Gates of Tosotsu

Tosotsu built three barriers and made the monks pass through them. The first barrier is studying Zen. In studying Zen the aim is to see one’s own true nature. 142 more words


A Channelled Message of Unity

Separation is a thought and felt sense that is really just a common thing that we all buy into. Chancing a step away from the hive mentality and turning ones attention back into the viewer of all this ‘reality’ we find a no personality, a consciousness that is impersonal and yet so very much us, our natural state, also known as awareness. 96 more words

How do you find what is Eternal? You are that, so it cannot be found... -Summairu. New MJ Awakening Pic Quotes

How do you find what is Eternal? You are that, so it cannot be found. Also it cannot be found in any experience or event in time. 25 more words