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Walter Martin Died while praying.....

A memorial service was held for Dr. Martin at Capistrano Valley Church on Thursday evening, June 29. The service featured tributary comment from family, friends, and CRI personnel. 299 more words


From Bro. Eli’s preaching, I knew I was singing praises to the wrong god of the Catholic faith

Our homosexual priest was our close pal. He would text us to gather our male friends to drink and then have sex with him and his peers after officiating mass.

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Eliseo Soriano

He was under heavy attack by the Iglesia ni Cristo and I wanted to side with the good man

In the later stages of my life, I doubted if I was really their blood sister or not. Then I decided to go to school at all costs so that I can realize my dream of serving GOD and at the same time able to get rid of my brothers’ and  sisters’ persecution.

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Eliseo Soriano

I newly bought a box of cigarettes then but I crushed it and threw it straight into the trash can

I felt the presence of peacefulness, sincerity and truth in things wherein everything is based on the bible. That is the style of preaching in the Church of God.

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Eliseo Soriano

After all, he is worth listening to, even if you hate him

It is hard to explain, but the more I listened to this man’s preaching, the more I got enlightened. Then I realized that I did not even know what my real religion was.

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Eliseo Soriano

Whereas there was much hypocrisy in others, in the Church of God, I accepted the truth without hesitation

Then came a time I heard and watched Bro. Eliseo Soriano, preaching a different kind of knowledge in the Bible. I came to notice that I am beginning to go into his teachings.

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Eliseo Soriano

Listening to God’s words better than spending time at the malls

I sat and listened the entire hour as he mentioned coherent statements from the Bible and quoting at the same time, “Bro. Eli said this… Bro.

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Eliseo Soriano