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Leaving the Night Behind

We are all beautiful to someone, and we are all ugly to someone. You are the apple of someone’s eye, someone is apple of your eye. 263 more words


The Man on the Train

At a train stop somewhere between Berlin and Frankfurt, I dragged ten days’ worth of luggage from one car of the InterCity Express to another. My seat was at the end of the aisle, and my seatmate—an elderly stranger—was already settled into the window spot. 967 more words

Dallas Baptist University


The Lord is Beautiful. He is Magnificent. How can one so Majestic, so Powerful- Extreme and Supreme- be so kind and gentle and tender with me? 998 more words

True Story

The gym misunderstanding

So my gym has a women’s only area that’s great for having an area to stretch. I’m at the gym today and there’s only one other woman in there when I’m doing my stretches. 104 more words

Exhausted, Activities Time, and Thanksgiving


I am exhausted at the moment. But, I feel good. Why, you ask? Well, I spoke in church this morning and sang with the choir. 569 more words

Random Sunday

A Nightmare on Sherbrook Street

I’ve been waiting months to share this story and now the time is finally right.

Most people that know me, probably know that I move around a lot. 2,672 more words


Student Debt

I mostly ignore my student debt.


That’s not the most humble or intelligent statement to make, but it’s the simple truth. I have in excess of $30.000 in debt that I took on while studying and I have next to no hope, plan, or windfall that’s going to make it go away any time soon, if at all during my lifetime. 361 more words

True Story