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A Very Long Distance Relationship

We’re into a very long distance relationship. If it’s true love, nothing can separate you not even death.

Our story begins like any other love story, but it will never end. 1,112 more words


The Lost Girl

Once there was a girl who thought who knew herself well but she didn’t. She is completely clueless. She’s clueless about herself. She didn’t know what she’s got. 282 more words


It All Feels Heavy

Everything right now feels heavy. I went to my final divorce court hearing. It was supposed to be completely over. However, I found out my x filed the paperwork too early :( .  302 more words


A Fruitful Day

Today has been a very productive and fulfilling day. Not only have I filled my tummy with delicious local fare but also filled my spirit with positivity. 674 more words

Personal Experience

*** Michelle Obama by Peter Slevin

Michelle Obama: A Life is a biography of the First Lady, from her humble beginnings in Chicago to the White House. The author tells of her upbringing by loving parents with high ambitions for her and her brother, her move to Princeton University (following her brother) and to Harvard Law School, then her work at a prestigious Chicago law firm where she met her husband, and the extinction of her professional identity as she moved to the White House. 104 more words

True Story

Naif nya hati

Baru aku sadari, yang bersinar tak selalu cahaya. Buktinya kamu.

Baru aku sadari, yang menggetarkan hati tak selalu seni. Buktinya kamu.

Baru aku sadari, yang memikat tak selalu bunga. 64 more words

Side Story

Confession #5: Backing Out While Balls Deep

sometimes i skip out on major life events because i’m tired.

then i regret it.

then i get drunk and reminisce about all the beautiful memories i’ve made. 31 more words