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Bring Forth the Rain

I stand, close my eyes, and listen

I feel the change in the air

Rain is on the horizon

I open my eyes and look to see where… 155 more words


3,096 Days: Review

Title: 3,096 Days

Author: Natascha Kampusch

Publisher: Penguin Books

Release Date: 16th September 2010


On 2 March 1998 ten year old Natascha Kampusch was snatched off a street in Vienna by stranger and bundled into a white van. 697 more words


Deepwater Horizon was a Human Disaster

As a staunch supporter of environmental causes, I was quite disappointed to hear and eventually see that director Peter Berg’s latest disasterpiece was no muckraker. Berg spends little time digging deep into the wider corporate malfeasance behind North America’s worst oil spill in history, choosing instead to celebrate the heroism of those on board the ill-fated rig as it came apart from within. 232 more words


The Love of the Fight

No matter how many times it happens

The anticipation hits me every time

The moment just before the moment

Where my energy builds up on the inside… 220 more words



Drugs and snitching. Based on a true story one man risks it all for his son. It’s a long way down when you’re in too deep but the rise is his greatest feat.

Toni’s Take.

3.4 Stars


An Outlet

When you suffer from an illness like mine

You need an outlet to help unwind

I have so many things I’m good at

That I feel like I don’t have enough hands… 122 more words


I saw you. I saw you hitting him. I saw you yelling at him. I saw you manipulating him. I heard you screaming at him. I heard you threatening him. 220 more words