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All about Fonts

There seems to be a few types of font files such as .otf , .ps , .pfb , .pfm , .afm , .ttf , and so on. 481 more words

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All About Fonts

Fonts can come in so many different sizes and styles. They are really important to know about, especially as a designer. Fonts are constantly used from this article that you are reading, to the apps on your phone, and to the words in a book. 762 more words

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Drawing with Bézier: Bézier Curves in Animation & Design

A Rigorous Introduction to Bézier Curves

One of the more intuitive and interesting geometric objects used in computer graphics and animation is the Bézier curve, popularized by French engineer Pierre Bézier in 1962 after he used them to design automobile bodies for Renault. 1,659 more words


The Font Talk

Each font has a unique look which differentiates from font to font. These letter shapes are called glyphs, which are made up of a series of defining points.   838 more words