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What to do with turkey you didn't cook at Christmas Pt 1 - saltimbocca

When I wrote about our Christmas lunch, I mentioned that the turkey breast I’d bought was so huge that I cut the ends off and froze them to be used later onĀ  and this is one of the things I’ve cooked with some of the meat. 224 more words

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Zucchini Pappardelle with Garlic and Parsley

I’ve wanted to experiment with making zucchini noodles for a while now so I decided to go with my favorite cut – pappardelle. This process is so easy and you don’t need any fancy spiralizers, just a regular vegetable peeler. 427 more words



Deviled eggs seem to be enjoying a renaissance. They are on many menus these days. Sarah often makes them for catered dinners as well as for family occasions. 760 more words


Truffle Pasta- 3rd Attempt for my parents

The third time’s a charm- found a nice egg pasta- FINALLY- that was perfect for this dish.

It was Delallo Egg Fettuccine… the noodles were tender and delicate. 68 more words

Oregon White Truffle Pasta

The Oregon white truffle is a strange thing:

Raw, it is VERY strong and pungent- however, once warmed lightly in a pan of butter for a few moments, it mellows out to a more agreeable and subtly luscious form. 264 more words

1st Impressions Of Oregon White Truffles=Truffle Weirdness

I received my 1 ounce order of Oregon whites from oregonmushrooms.com. It was sent overnight via FedEx and arrived this morning.

I tore open the box and was immediately assaulted by the heady truffle aroma… 334 more words

Truffle Madness!

All month I’ve been seeing photos of gorgeous black and white truffle dishes from Europe… and making do with white and black truffle oils and butter. 320 more words