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Guilty Pleasures @ Guilty Pleasure, Itaewon

I have a new algorithm that helps me determine whether or not something I eat is blogworthy, or will simply be shared as a square, filtered photo and a punchy caption on my… 1,405 more words


The World's Best Guacamole

Oh Guacamole, my old friend. My ultimate comfort food.

After many trials and rounds of refinement, I feel safe in saying I’ve developed them recipe for The Worlds’ Best Guacamole. 217 more words

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truffled pea & pecorino crostini

I am one of those people that if anything truffle related is on a menu I will melt away into truffle heaven and hand myself over to the truffle gods.  219 more words


sugar detox day 6 ... and more music for the weekend

let’s start with music and end with food. i always had a soft spot for doris kappelhoff, or DORIS DAY as she is better known … those fluffy 50s and 60s comedies have enchanted so many of my childhood sunday afternoons and continue to do so (let’s be clear here, obviously i was not born when those had their cinematic release, but i watched them on tv in the 80s!): it happened to jane, pillow talk, lover come back, the glass bottom boat, caprice, the thrill of it all (the latter with the hilarious ‘my name is beverly boyer and i am a pig’-scene!) – they are still as enchanting and lightly fluffy nowadays as they were back then (if one can accept the male/female stereotypes and see them as tongue-in-cheek) and still make me laugh and feel comfy! 487 more words


A walk in the woods

I love eggs, but what I love even more are soft boiled eggs. A friend of mine recently gave me a handy little kitchen tool: a plastic egg that you put in the water with the real eggs and, depending on the heat and amount of time you leave it in, it changes colour to tell you how your egg is cooked. 78 more words


famoso neapolitan pizzeria

After last time’s neapolitan pizza adventure at Nicli, we were at it again. It was like the God’s heard our prayer, Groupon was doing a promo for… 557 more words


Heavenly Hashbrowns

I am a fool for hash browns. Perfectly toasted, hot and savory. It has taken me a while to perfect my recipe. I hope you like it. 120 more words