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Build it (a blog) and they will come?

No… no they won’t. I’m not going to tell you how to write a successful blog, because as it should be patently obvious already, I have no idea what constitutes a successful blog. 469 more words


Dancing Girls = Good Advertising?!

You’ve seen these ads, right? They are usually advertising a refinance, or for moms to go back to school, or some other diluted version of a presidential plan. 299 more words

Kraft Shreds its Cheese Packaging

At the supermarket this weekend I did a double-take passing the shredded cheese display. New packaging! How exciting. I made a beeline for the display which looked a lot like what you’d expect a generic or store brand to look like. 581 more words

What Were They Thinking?

How to :: NOT use a font

Email blast design is just like every other technology — dangerous in the hands of those who don’t know how to use it. Here on Long Island there’s a wonderful organization called the LIA. 215 more words

Designer nightmares :: Zapf Chancery

Simply put, Zapf Chancery is the font that never should have been born.

No offense to Hermann Zapf, the font’s designer. (To his credit, he also designed Palatino and Optima.) Zapf Chancery looks a lot like the calligraphy I was teaching myself when I was 12. 283 more words

Searching for Meaning :: Verizon

If you believe the advertising hype, with Verizon, you’re never searching for a signal. But with their logo, I’m still searching for a meaning.

Verizon came into being in the summer of 2000 and that’s when this logo was born. 535 more words