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"...this is necessary. Life, feeds on life, feeds on this..."

“Doctor has just returned most enthusiastic and confident that the little boy is as husky as his big brother. The light in his eyes discernible from here to High Hold and I could have heard his screams from here to my farm.” 984 more words

A One-Armed Economist...

This post is going to be about the economy and how the stock market has been acting lately.  Don’t expect me to give you some sage advice about where to invest your retirement money. 280 more words


1947: When Now Begins (Review) - Elizabeth Åsbrink

Scribe, 2017

(Featured image: still from the 1947 movie Somewhere in Europe)

The partition of India and of Palestine; the legacy of the holocaust and the beginning of the Cold War; Simone de Beauvoir, George Orwell, Billie Halliday and Christian Dior; Åsbrink talks us through the year 1947 month by month, following a large cast of real-life characters and a long list of historical threads. 1,297 more words


Coffee & A Rant = LIFE

TRUMAN CAFE – Port Phillip

381 Montague St,

Albert Park, Port Phillip,

Victoria 3206 Australia

Sooooooooooo I was like you know who needs to know where to eat & not waste your money? 851 more words

Hockey Scores 2-21-18

Neshaminy 10, Truman 7

North Penn 11, Souderton 1

Pennsbury 3, C.B. East 3

SHSHL Game Recaps

Ông trăm tuổi trèo qua cửa sổ và biến mất

Tình hình là trước Tết có đi săn lùng quyển này đến tận hôm 23 24 tết mình mới mua được cuốn này với trị giá trăm ngàn Hồ tệ :3 Quyển này nghe review oánh giá các kiểu khá là ổn nên sau khi mua được thì tranh thủ những ngày nghỉ dài dằng dặc không biết làm gì, mình liền lôi ra đọc và đến bây giờ tức Mùng 3 tết thì mình đã hoàn thành những trang giấy cuối cùng của cuốn sách này. 1,169 more words


Truman, Trump and Trumah

In Efrat, Israel, live inspirational friends with whom Renee and I spent a few nights in 2015, and with whom we expect to spend a few more nights this summer, including a Shabbat.   213 more words