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Restoring the Old-Fashioned Budget Virtue of...FDR and Truman?!?

This is a column I never expected to write. That’s because I’m going to applaud Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

This won’t be unconstrained applause, to be sure. 474 more words

Fiscal Policy

Can't Wait for McCullough's Next Book About The Wright Brothers

I am sure you join me in great anticipation of David McCullough‘s next book, The Wright Brothers (Simon & Schuster, 2015), scheduled for release on May 15. 265 more words

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Channeling Harry

Barack Obama faced an obstructionist Congress in 2012… much like the one Harry Truman faced in 1948.  Truman waged a fiery campaign against what he termed the “do nothing Congress” and… 188 more words


The domino theory was the idea that if one country fell to communism it would have a knock on effect making other countries topple and fall like dominoes to communism.

108 more words

Enough of the Fear

So many people can tell you what they are afraid of, but can’t tell you one positive thing they believe in. It is discouraging to me to see so much of what is going on in our civil discourse today that is motivated by nothing but fear. 419 more words


The Vast Panorama and Perspective of World War II

The great United States Civil War General, William Tecumseh Sherman observed, “War is hell!” Gen. Sherman personified his utterance as he marched through Georgia toward Savannah and the “sea” late in the war, burning everything in his path. 1,123 more words

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