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Children as pawns

We now know that this particular child was not taken from her mother, but it doesn’t really matter. The symbolism of the photo is what matters expressing as it does the harsh cruelty of what Trump is doing with the migrants on the border. 97 more words


I Really Don’t Care. Do U? Enough Is Enough

Thank you, Melania, you’ve made it all clear. For a long time, I’ve been trying to figure out the voices of your husband and his followers. 489 more words


Wake up, America, we're being played by a master

I’m upset with myself. I’ve fallen prey to an elaborate shell game, and even though I know I’m being tricked, I can’t take my eyes away. 581 more words

Changing the conversation on mental health

For the second time in my life I’ve been signed off work for depression and anxiety. The old me would be completely mortified by this but right now I’m actually feeling pretty calm about the whole thing and I’ll tell you for why – I do think the world is changing for the better. 767 more words


Trump, Defending Immigration Policy, Laments Deaths Caused by People Who ‘Shouldn’t Be Here’

The president’s remarks, delivered with relatives of those killed by undocumented immigrants, came two days after he signed an executive order to keep together families detained at the border. 22 more words


Some Advice for whoever Opposes Trump in 2020; if he Lasts that Long

It’s my job to attack Trump personally; it’s both easy and I enjoy telling the truth. However if you become the Democratic nominee, don’t do it. 448 more words

Trump rising

The Trump Era meltdown among far left, water carrying members of a once proud profession called journalism has arrived at a critical juncture. They have transformed years long chaos along the United States’ southern border into a humanitarian crisis — perpetuated, they shriek, by a President who believes in enforcing immigration laws already on the books. 528 more words

Trump Presidency