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If only people saw all the things that ive seen
If only people knew all the things that i knew
Then maybe they wouldnt get so mad… 29 more words

Deep Thoughts

Your SO’s Trust Issues Are Not Your Problem

Trust is a fragile thing. You’ve probably heard that before. You’ve also probably heard trust is earned, not given. Or trust is everything. Or maybe even… 898 more words

Trust Issues

I’m almost positive that most of you can relate.

We all like the idea of “being”with somebody great, but actually “being” with somebody great is a lot to handle. 765 more words


The World According to, Muah!

“In the cool of the night, when nothing seems right, the feeling can take you. Strange as it seems, you make your own dreams come true.” – Chaka Khan… 1,261 more words


Of Cookies, Dinner and Graduations

Before I begin: thank you so much for the follows and likes and comments from you all since I’ve started this, I appreciate that you care at least a little bit about my life :) 900 more words



Secrets and shame are so toxic yet so universal. If there were no secrets, half of the worlds stories would have nothing to tell. We live with our secrets, or try to, but they stay there – nagging – no matter how we try to ignore them. 142 more words


Pinpointing Trust

How do you pinpoint trust in a relationship? How do you pinpoint people? Is this even possible to do?

Recently, I was wrestling with these questions. 1,267 more words