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I Hardly Dated. How Utterly Foolish!

I can count the dates in my teen and young adult life on one hand. Prom, Dante’s Peak and Nutty Professor dvds, and rollerskating with one guy, Jurassic Park with a high school friend. 1,124 more words

Trust Issues (and Other Seemingly Impossible and Unfixable Things)

You may be able to read this blog post in a few minutes, but it took me too long to even start typing this sentence. I just stared at the screen and went, “What the fuck am I doing?” 411 more words



We all limit God’s ability to work in our lives, by what we allow Him to do. What do I mean? We choose how much we allow God to do through our surrender. 145 more words

Trust in the Library

Librarianship is one of the most trusted professions. Our patrons trust us; the public trusts us; but, what do we do when we have trust issues within the library itself? 539 more words

Personal Growth

12 Ways Your Trust Issues Will Unintentionally Ruin Your Entire Relationship

1. You’re going to accuse him of things he’d never do. And you know he’d never do them, but that doesn’t matter. That doesn’t silence the paranoia in the back of your brain. 456 more words

Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way

Preface: This is a long post, but I won’t apologize. It’s a post that has been a long time coming, and it has been therapeutic to me to write. 2,491 more words


Why do his words haunt me?

Why do I let the words of a man who couldn’t commit haunt me? Why after over a year do those words still sting me like he just said them. 108 more words