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(Most)People Are Stupid

Now before I start offending everyone, let me clarify by saying that not ALL people are stupid. If you are reading this then YOU, my friend, are… 749 more words

Social Media

Trust Issues {Entry 3 (5-26-16)}

I find myself living in a bubble sometimes. Through my lenses, I view the World in an optimistic way. That’s not to say that I view my life that way, but that’s a whole different story. 247 more words

Diary Entry

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

I want life to be simple.

I’ve moved passed my youthful, type-A black and white mentality to reluctantly accept the many shades of grey in this world, but some days, like today, I am forced to acknowledge how woefully immature I am. 939 more words

My Life

I wrote this roughly a year ago

Sure, I am such an extrovert and friendly and loud girl; but I am very careful when it comes to emotional attachments. I don’t get easily attached to people, and I don’t want to have too many people I truly care about. 274 more words

The Technicolor Phase

Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable to someone is baring yourself without any pretensions. You’re just being true to the other party and to yourself as well. To be vulnerable is to allow other people to know you on a deeper level, laying down your guard and exposing your weaknesses. 278 more words


Trust Issues

I feel like the character Antwone Fisher. Even though he’s a real person I can only imagine the character and the real person are not exactly the same. 1,383 more words


Don't Be Offended That I Don't Trust You

To anyone I know now, or will meet in the future, we could be great friends. You may think we are the best of friends and feel that you could tell me anything. 366 more words