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This Is Why It's So Hard To Trust People When You Have Anxiety

Anxiety convinces you that your safety is always in jeopardy. Be it physical, emotional, or mental. Doesn’t matter. You’re always worried. There’s a voice you can’t ever seem to mute. 382 more words

Pros and cons

So one of the big things that S and chatted about the other day was this baby situation. And she brought up that I really shouldn’t put the decision off or wait longer than I have to. 1,319 more words



There’s a strange unspoken truth now with S.

Everything S makes sense, an ideal.

S dated inbetween coming back.

For that I still cannot trust S.


Trust is like a marble jar (3 steps to trust in 3 mins read)

“No man is an island” is an indisputable saying. We simply cannot do everything alone. Which means that trust is central to being human. We have been doing it for thousands of years. 1,459 more words

When you woke up this morning (if you paid your light bill) you trusted that the electric company provided you with electricity to see and get ready for the day.  152 more words

Dealing With Your Issues

Trust issues

I’ve been reading this book about adults molested as children and how they can cope with the trauma and move on. And it’s really interesting, but it’s been a little hard to read. 1,662 more words


First blog post (first outcry)

I’m just new here and it’s been a while since I started writing blogs.
But this one is going to be my self-ventilation den.

Let me warn you that most of my blog post could be trigger-warning to some readers who get easily butt-hurt with negativity.

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