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Just Friends

I always hear people say friends can be lovers but lovers can never go back to being just friends. Especially right after the breakup.

I’ve never been friends with any of my exes… Until Marc happened. 373 more words


Trust issues 

Everybody thinks that they are the only one with trust issues when the truth of the matter is , that everyone has a trust issue in some form or another. 75 more words


To: You who betrayed me

Last Friday was a lot like hell. I found out that one of the most important people in my life betrayed me, and together with a friend whom I trusted and learned to love. 537 more words


Love: The Horizon of Hate

I wish I had the courage to fully walk away

Not to say the aim is to hurt you

But to be free of all that binds me to you… 183 more words


"Hard Letting Them Change?"

“How many times is so’n so going to say they’ve changed, but in reality, they never do?” Have you said this before about someone? Or even thought it? 725 more words


God's Timing: Desires of the Heart

It occurred to me today, this morning around 2 in the morning after waking up again after another night of not sleeping well, that I’ve been indulging in a prolonged period of self pity for quite a while now. 647 more words


as i sit on the floor with a familiar emptiness in the pit of my stomach, i wonder how the hell we found ourselves here. what happened to us? 213 more words