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What a Simple 'Yes' or 'No' Can Reveal About Dialogs.

Yes, and No.

These two words are very difficult for people who have been subjected to physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  They do not recognize these words as either signifiers of social agreement, or markers of personal integrity. 441 more words

Trusting you 

My love to gain my trust it takes time I apologize. I’m open but to a certain extent. I’m happy but to a certain level. My trust isn’t a prize to be won but more of a understanding you gain as you go. 169 more words

Trust issues

Fresh back from vacation and down with the flu for the past three days. All kinds of thoughts running through my head: what it was like walking the streets of Havana, plans for the near future, a member of our church in a hospital bed in Guatemala City, should I take Virogrip or Fluibron? 898 more words

Christian Living

hell's gate (2)

they spread false rumors, hate speech. tell you black is white and white is black, force you to believe it, by force.

they gather mass, they poisoned their beliefs, they corrupted their minds, rooted their hearts. 95 more words