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Paranoia and anxiety

A new journey: a new method to document my innermost thoughts, fears, and ponderings. A place I can vent about my paranoia, most importantly, and how I worry about its grip on my life. 474 more words


trust issues .. Man vs Woman ! 

Does a man have more trust issues than a woman? If a man has trust issues is it because of his past relationships? What makes a man automatically turn into bad guy after one bad relationship? 874 more words

Why do people leave?

It’s very difficult for me to get close to people. Friendships and relationships alike may be something I struggle with the most. The only reason I can even begin to ponder is because of my past. 477 more words



Trust is a big issue in people with obsessive compulsive disorder. They have difficulty trusting that the environment is not this inherently dangerous place out to get them. 90 more words


Loving with your eyes closed

Constantly inebriated
To the point your loved ones become a target for that internal hate you try to drink away

So you try to be extra careful with your lover… 125 more words


On Learning To Be A Survivor

If it comes for you with
open mouth,
with sharpened teeth,
with tongue reaching-
it is coming to devour.

Do not make it into something… 27 more words

Faking It

In last week’s post we discussed the human desire for mind blowing bedroom action and how sometimes the act falls short of our great (s) expectations. 759 more words