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Just Listen

Have ya’ll ever just really felt alone in the world? And I mean really alone as on no one to talk to or anyone to listen? 157 more words


Insecurity, Ego and Temptation: The three "wise men" who will steer you wrong

Insecurity, Ego and Temptation. These are the three main compartments of every man’s emotional complex or what I like to call the three “wise men” in  every man’s love life. 635 more words


Trust Issues

I will never trust again

After everything that happened

Black cats don’t solve anything

Players only love you when they’re playing


Stop messing with my head… 19 more words


Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Hi, there, my dear.
It has been years since I last saw you.
How I wish that you were here.
The day you left I rue. 394 more words


surviving the narcissist

there was a time when I believed I could survive anything, because to be quite honest I dished out as much dishonesty, indiscretion, lies, and inappropriate behavior as I got, so there was a balance of evil… 361 more words

Pistanthrophobia: The Fear Of Trust (Yes, It's An Actual Phobia)

Trust is a thing that’s hard to earn yet easy to break. It’s fragile. It’s a leap of faith. It’s a terrifying thing to allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up to someone else. 608 more words

It's Not You, It's Me

I find that I generally have low expectations of people.  This way when they over-excel and prove me wrong, I am pleasantly surprised and thankful that there are good people out there.  48 more words