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When you are guarded around people, always keeping them at arms length, becasue you’ve seen the monsters human beings can be, it is hard when you finally let that defense down and realise you were right all along. 129 more words

The Broken Art Series


Few things are as soothing to the soul as talking with your best friend, especially when you are an emotional clam like me. On the outside I am hard and strong, desperately clamped shut so that my delicate interior is safe. 420 more words


Another year

It’s my birthday and it’s been a very interesting and special year for me in a lot of ways. This year has been meaningful in so many ways… personally, professionally and evolving how I view Relationships, and the word Friendship.Today in the world of Facebook reminders it, I’ve realised the older I get the more people forget my birthday. 742 more words

The more information you have the more democratic you are

“The more information you have the more democratic you are” I heard it from somewhere. In this generation when we are curious about something we only need a phone or laptop and the Internet connection and BAM! 658 more words

The Genesis of Online Trust Issues

Hey everybody! My last post was about this dilemma I have where I want to share and express myself but I’m also afraid to show too much online. 1,641 more words


Look To The One Who Can

I’m struggling, friends. My prayer lately has been

“Lord, Lord. Help me to trust You.”

I’ve spoken before of the recovery program that I am attending through my church. 498 more words


Trust Issues

How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours. -Wayne Dyer

I was asked to do a blog on trust issues, so here goes.

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