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Faithlessness + Lies = Trust Issues

Years ago, I had encountered different people who betrayed me and lied to me but thankfully they are no longer part of my life now.  It is really tough to meet somebody who cannot differentiate the truth and lie. 1,321 more words


Trust Iss(you)es

Nowadays a lot of people carry “trust issues” in their heart because of the past, but it is impossible to live life without trusting anyone. You trust that the gas from the station is real gas and that the pump actually filled your tank with the number of gallons that you paid for. 354 more words

Love & All That Jazz

Of Trust Issues and Whirlwinds

Let me talk to you about trust issues. (Yes it’s okay that Drake is the soundtrack to this, in your mind).

A few (or a lot, who knows really) months ago I had a post-bar heart to heart with my best male friend. 740 more words


Content Developer, Screen Writer, Director and Media Consultant of HWC Entertainment, Kenechukwu Ibedu,  in the early hours of 1st December 2017 took to his Facebook wall to announce alongside a ‘Happy New Month’ update, the official participation of CAMPUS TORI in their forthcoming move shoot for #TrustIssues as their official media team. 73 more words


Mind Games

There is only so many times you can be told something by many different people before you yourself starts to believe it to be true. I believed for so long that I was unlovable or hard to love I had given up even trying because it was obviously true right?  1,120 more words

Trust issues 😔

“No, you will be like everyone else.Just let me be.You’ll end up hurting me, I’m scared.”

“Who’s that blind woman I saw you helping to cross the road today ?Your baby mama?So all this time you’ve just been cheating on me.I knew it.You were never to be trusted. 34 more words

DID Posts: Multi-level triggers

What happens when different alters in a system get triggered and start having flashbacks at the same time?

For other people, I don’t know.  Not everyone communicates with all of their alters the way I do. 837 more words

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