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Fearless is not so Fearless After All

As I walk these streets,
Of my beloved city,
All I see are tumbling buildings,
And souls crying out for help.

I stumbled along with the broken, 306 more words


A broken glass is a like a broken trust

This image doesn’t need any explanation. Because this image shown about trust. I’ve said that this image doesn’t need any explanation, but i’ll still explain my thoughts on this. 29 more words


I’m the girl who grew up everyday realizing that even a mother can give up on her own child, and walk away. And yet, I choose to stay a dreamer, a hopeful, even when I awake a cynic and I hate everyone in this weird and wicked world.

Small Thoughts

Some clearing up we did.

Last night, when husband came home from work, I could tell he was not in a good place mentally. He was upset. I was upset (see previous post) and things were not looking good. 1,038 more words

Open Marriage

May 20th 2015

If somebody asked me to tell them a memory I’ve had from every year of my life not one of those would include my father. I don’t remember him from when I was a child but I know that from those occasional times I have seen him somewhere in my memory I remember him. 1,676 more words

How a Coach Can Help You to Build a Sense of Trust

Trust Builds One Little Notch at a Time

Each time you tell a person how you feel and they don’t reject your for it, trust builds. 335 more words

Life Coaching


Stop moving forward cause I’m afraid of your words.
Abstention from rejection and negative situations.
Angry eyes, burning lips sputtering vile disillusionment.
Too much fighting. 92 more words