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Why I Can't Break Free

During my 6 months tasting the corporate life, I can’t totally say that it has been delicious nor bitter. It has full of ups and downs, and sadly, I can’t still find a true friend. 590 more words

All About Me

The Power of Encouragement (reflection)

Yesterday I attended one of the most impacting worship services. The Lord kissed us during the worship; it was one of those you-had-to-be-there-open-heaven-divine moments in corporate worship one remembers always. 525 more words

Queen Life Musings

What is Solipsistic?

Technically, all those men slinging this term exclusively at women while being mistrustful Look Out For #1 types are being hypocrites. Classically, men are the more selfish sex. 37 more words


A Slightly Cynical Micro-Rant


Don’t trust people with personal information regarding things like your relationships, finances, religion or lack there of and habits. Unless you have known someone to be trustworthy and understanding and consider them a friend, don’t discuss personal matters as way of making conversation. 122 more words


The Lion in Me

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)

The lion in me roared
when you got too close.
Your hands out to touch me.
I snapped, and you pulled back. 95 more words


Dating. And Stuff.

I’ve apparently acquired some additional trust issues from my last go around in a relationship. Extreme mistrust of anything anyone I date says. I have a lurking fear that they are misrepresenting themselves, in the same manner I felt VDO (Ex-boyfriend) misrepresented himself throughout our relationship. 452 more words


What Exactly Is 'Sexy'?

What is exactly is “sexy”? Is it perky boobs, tiny waist, or perhaps a round, perky bubble butt? Or perhaps it is shapely legs? Sultry legs? 719 more words