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A Blessing or A Curse - Choose which you want to be

In a situation where a couple is challenged with the issue of trust, any evil can fester in that home without it even trying to gain grounds. 222 more words


Is it okay to Lie – Part 4 - Do unto others. . .

Before we address (or undress if you will) the “do I look fat in this outfit?” question, we must establish that 98% of the situations we face are not lose/lose scenarios. 449 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce


So, remember that post about me wanting my life to be interesting?

Yeah, I feel like posting that opened Pandora’s box because since then I’ve had my boyfriend leave me, and then change his mind and want to come back. 204 more words

Counselors Couple Counseling For All The Couples

Counseling can be described as a type of talking therapy. It is usually delivered in a safe and private setting so that the individual or couple or group can relax and talk openly and freely about their particular problems or issues or emotions or feelings without being judged. 249 more words

Affair Addictions

Starting with Pi

I’ve never trusted anyone to want or accept all of me, starting at age 6…maybe 7.

I’ve kept myself from romantic commitments so not to be disappointed if I invest time and emotions and they didn’t want me. 307 more words


Still Working Through It

I feel that I am over the part where I miss the relationship and have any hope or desire of wanting to get back together. HOWEVER, now I am dealing with a completely different aspect of post-breakup issues. 676 more words

A Month Long Relationship

Just had him, last June 25. For me he was great, though i am not okay with his totality because for the current trend, he’s “cheap.” so cruel of me right? 472 more words