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The Psychology Of Trust Issues And How To Overcome Them



Trust—the act of placing confidence in someone or something other than yourself—is social superglue. It is the binding for the deepest…

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Privacy Rant

So I just moved into a new house, right? And it’s those movers that unpack your shit. Not like sorting, they just take it out of the boxes and put it in stacks. 360 more words

I Wish You Were Dead

This is going to be sort of a very morbid post. It is also something I’m not entirely proud of feeling. I don’t want to wish death on anyone, but I wish it had happened. 287 more words


Before it Started

Fate, destiny, meant to be

All this you made me believe

You gave me hope, I dared to trust

Everything you said to me

Beyond what I have ever heard or felt before… 42 more words


Just So You Know #1 &Tiny Letter #2

I realize I have had a lot to say about my mother on here. Not in an attempt to paint her evil but rather, to free myself by facing what I have either never said out loud or realized I was feeling until I saw myself write it. 173 more words

Trust No One

I have seen enough, heard enough
come far enough to know what shape
my lies will take, to know what truths
their tongues will tell later… 50 more words

Tula #12: Tanghaling Tapat

Sa ilalim ng araw ako ay nakamasid
Sa bawat taong dumadaan sa aking panigin
Guso ko sana malaman kung ano ang tumatakbo sa kanilang isip
Hindi siguro mailista sa dami ng kailangan nilang gawin

Ako naman ay naririto, nakaupo, may tanong na iniisip
“Nagtitiwala ka pa ba?” Hindi alam kung tama ba na akin pang tanungin
Marahil ako lamang ang nakakapansin
Na tanging tanghali na lamang ang tapat sa mata ng nakatingin

Pero yung totoo.. 358 more words
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