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Makeup Shaming

Lately, there has been a lot of makeup shaming going around on the internet. The first time I saw it was about six months ago on Instagram. 420 more words

Trust Issues 

Trust issues develop from many of life’s situations and disappointments. Absent parents, empty promises, being cheated on in relationships, or just being lied to repeatedly by people close to you can cause one to have a hard time trusting. 453 more words

She's more upset at herSELF for TRUSTING you than she is at you for breaking her trust.

What hurts her most is, she’s more upset at herself for trusting you than she is at you for breaking her trust. Her mind warned her about you. 1,382 more words

Ebrahim Aseem

Second Chances and Burned Hands

I’m here to give everyone more details on “Harley” the gentleman that stood me up the other night. Well, he did it again…kind of…

I suppose I should give you a bit more background on the whole scenario. 264 more words


The Skills of the Horseman/woman

When we look at how skilled a horseman/woman is, what is it in our own minds that determines those skills?  I work with horses that more often than not have no other options due to behavioural issues, issues that quite frankly, are caused by so called ‘skilled’ people.  288 more words


Wade In The Water

In Timeless, Part 1,  I mentioned that I hoped I would have a chance to connect with Mr. International before he left for London. Fortunately, that opportunity presented itself…and it would definitely become a memorable day for me. 1,037 more words