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Can I Trust? Can I Be Kind? (#BestOf)

(the Best of) A Year of Being Kind, Friday, June 23, 2017

Trust: a challenging concept, to be sure. This post talks about trust, from the point of humans and from God’s point of view, too. 630 more words

Trust Issues

I don’t trust people.

This isn’t a reflection of you, or of any specific person, it is just a fact. I know that people suck. They will let you down. 1,136 more words

Eating Disorder

When We Attempt To Trust Each Other Again

I know you’ve been hurt, more than once, maybe more than twice. I know it’s hard for you to trust people again or let anyone in. 868 more words


All this time, I thought we were friends. I guess I was too delusional to even think that. Heh. Shame on me. No wonder why I have trust issues. 22 more words

Trust Issues Begin With You.

My mind was blown when I finally understood that my myriad trust issues stemmed from not trusting myself.

Because I felt that I had made decisions that led to a lot of trauma for me – including hydroplaning and wrecking my car, which was not a decision but an event from a number of factors that were mostly outside my control – I did not trust myself to make good decisions. 104 more words

Thoughts Of An Anxious Girl

On the perpetual fear of being turned against

This is going to be brief, because it’s personal and also because I literally have 48 items on my to do list today and I’m going to a concert tonight so I don’t have too much time. 332 more words


Guilty Crown's cycle of trust issues

ANIME, DISCUSSIONS – After listening to the opening theme song for the anime series, Guilty Crown, which is My Dearest by the Japanese band  804 more words