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The No. 1 thing successful married couples never do with their money

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

When you say “I do,” it’s a vow to share everything with your partner: Your fears, your dreams, your home, and even your money. 578 more words


The Good Stuff

Intimacy typically means something different to everyone. Different stages and levels, an everchanging spectrum depending on what you’re in need of at the time, as well as your abilities.  498 more words

Transparent Technology

 “I hope that if we come back here next year we’ll be talking about things very much more positively. So rather than just worrying about the niggling fears that people are going to be spying on us and doing the wrong things with our data, instead I hope we will have woken up to the completely exciting possibilities when it comes to our data.” – Tim Berners-Lee, Professor of Engineering, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, USA… 517 more words

Advent 12.03.16

I wonder as I wonder, as the old hymn goes

  I wonder about a lot of things

  And send my thoughts adrift

  Not sure which thoughts to hold onto

  And which ones to dismiss

  I wander down these paths

  In one direction or another

  Only hoping that I’ll find

  A way to harmonize it all

  Is wandering a luxury? 40 more words

Utility sub

So not all of our D/s is sex…a lot of it is, in fact, utility.

When i moved in with Maximus two years ago, i asked if He would add me as an authorized person on the utility accounts, that way if something went wrong with telephone, internet, gas, water etc. 1,175 more words


Just OBEY Him

Sometimes, we just need to obey Him. Who is “Him”? He is the one who made us and also the One who suffered His one and only son, Jesus Christ. 194 more words


when hardly anything fits on your plate.

I recently had a friend remind me of something I was fond of telling her when we spoke of self care and boundaries (which was often in our two years of sharing life together.) How often Jesus uses my own words to challenge/correct/encourage me. 1,231 more words