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An Adventure With God

On Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from a sergeant, telling me that I was going to deploy to Europe.  He gave me no other information than that, no place, length, or departure date (or month for that mater), but he had advised me not to make plans for the upcoming school year.  375 more words

Stay One Step Ahead

In this game we call life, you will meet many people who will play you as a fool. The key is to stay one step ahead. 114 more words

To Trust or Not to Trust

Trust is important in all relationships. There are only two choices you can make when it comes to trust: Trust the person or don’t. But it’s hard. 318 more words


Do you trust?

Only John’s Gospel makes Thomas a significant character. The other three Gospels merely list him as one of the disciples. In John’s version of the life and teachings of Jesus, Thomas figures in three episodes. 779 more words



Yesterday I took Peanut through the car wash. It was a little scary for him but I told him he could snuggle under my arm. He did great and when we came out, he went back over to the passenger side of the car, indicating that I should roll down the window so he could stick his face out and get on with his ride. 409 more words


Hymn of the Day: Trust and Obey

I was blessed with the privilege to travel to another church this Sunday. Since I am the pastoral intern it is not always easy to travel from my local church, but this Sunday I was invited to attend another church. 254 more words


Faith and Doubt

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St. Thomas Church, cradle of Christianity in India, embedded courtesy of Getty Images….

We gather today in a new temporary worship space, but I imagine many of us are still reliving memories from last Sunday. 1,145 more words