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Polo Black.

You’re ten years older than him. You’re experienced, you’ve been around more than he has. He’s recently divorced. You’re worried his youthfulness will lead him away from you. 355 more words



DREAM-a small word with a huge meaning. Dreaming is the most essential phase in the journey to success. Your dreams decide your success. Dreams decide what you think about yourself and how eager you are to attain a goal.Donot go with the flow. 179 more words


How Do I Find You?

Happiness, where are you?

Happiness, please stay.

Happiness, would you hold me and keep the bad thoughts away?

Happiness, I want you.

Happiness, I need you. 88 more words



📖: Genesis 21:1-7

Confession: Psalm 91

Laughter is a physical reaction. It is a response to certain external or internal stimuli.

God is the initiator of laughter. 540 more words


The invention of Facebook and other networking sites are a marvelous thing. I think about why people are drawn to such places to begin with. Is it the ambiguous nature about them?  407 more words


Trust the Unfolding

My mom woke up from a dream one morning and heard the words, “Trust the unfolding.” These words were particularly poignant to her and, consequently, to the rest of my nuclear and immediate family, because they provided hope during a year in which there has been great flux and uncertainty. 923 more words

Have you ever felt despair

once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a separate reality. a reality where she was not allowed to be who she was. 902 more words

All About Love