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Forgive & Forget.

Holding grudges will only lead you towards bad stuffs of Life. People do mistakes and they are born to do the same. A good person is one who forgive others mistakes not because he has nature of forgiveness it is because he don’t want to carry bad memories in his life. 143 more words



📖: Ecclesiastes 3:1-16

Confession: Psalm 91

As human beings, one of the hardest things for us to do is having to wait on God’s time. We forget that our timing is not God’s timing. 504 more words

Good Fortune

I’m so poor right now. Monetarily, spiritually, emotionally… just poor. However, I’m so very fortunate that the previous statement isn’t extremely accurate. I’m blessed beyond measure. 327 more words

People who have trust issues

Trust is the building block of any relationship, be it with your parents, siblings, your friends, people you meet in your professional life and most importantly with the person you intend to spend your entire life. 1,426 more words


What time is it?

1 Chronicles 16:11 Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!

God and I

That’s all I need. I have been living my life looking for love and approval from others. People who weren’t going to give me those things anyway. 384 more words

Who Do You Trust?

This is an excerpt of a message I gave to NewCreation Church as I prepared to step into the position of pastor. The message was on change and trust, and the need for a congregation to get to know and trust their new pastor, and for the new pastor to get to know and trust his new congregation. 2,123 more words