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My Soul, Wait Patiently 2

Originally, there was no intended part 2 on this. But when the Spirit leads you and gives you insight, it’s best to obey.

It’s Holy Saturday! 823 more words

My Thoughts


If we aren’t best friends what’s the point?

If I can’t hold all your secrets then who will?

If I can’t tell you when you’re wrong how will we grow together in this thing? 87 more words

Love Notes

You attract what you are!!

Its our innate nature to long for companionship. The desire is so strong that we often bypass our awareness and fall for people who do not match our frequency. 180 more words


Easter Year Two

Don’t ever bite the hand that feeds you makes good sense to me but its our second Easter here and, as the tourists invade, only one word seems to fit:- 197 more words



Today you just make some declarations over your life in Faith. It is relevant that you make declarative Prayers/statements over your life and over issues that you desire that God handle. 176 more words

WORD BROOK(Daily Words Of Truth)

A Lesson in Patience & Trust

If I had to point out my greatest flaw, it would probably be my lack of patience and trust. I hate putting my trust in other people to do things for me and having my life out of my own control gives me the most anxiety compared to anything else in my life. 746 more words

The Knowing

Photo by Co Sch on Pexels.com

I woke up this morning of April 13th 2019 about 3am and I knew without a doubt that three years from today I will be flying in from New York City on my very own plane staffed with my hand picked flight crew to be met at my hanger by my husband in his black Range Rover I bought for him as a present. 324 more words