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Card of the Day: May 26 2015 - Knight of Pentacles

You may be on the more cautious side of things today, wanting to have stability and security, not willing to take any risks. Someone you know may be the cautious one, reminding you of the opposite side of the coin to any risky propositions or investments you may be considering. 40 more words


How To Generate Great Leads For A Business

It is essential that you know how to glean the right customers if you’re going to succeed in business. Lead generation brings in new customers. But, leads alone are not sufficient, because you also need to make conversions. 15 more words


Pitfalls and opportunities of frameworks in building trust

This post is about the possible role of frameworks in developing trusting relationships. Here I define a framework as any predefined means of addressing a problem, opportunity or issue. 1,519 more words


Is news from social media trustworthy?

With social media usage continuously increasing people are naturally beginning to use it as their primary source of news. Everyone is aware that the power the media has on the actions of the general public yet these days this power is shifted to social media. 492 more words

Social Media


Honesty, your fragrant purple flowers

Oval translucent seed heads

Gleam with eerie silver light.

You seed yourself freely.

Honesty you are of moral character… 25 more words

Did You Survive the Remodel? How Trustworthy House Cleaning Services Can Be the Cherry on Top

A remodel can be a trying and exhausting experience, but trustworthy house cleaning services can help make it all worthwhile. Seems dramatic, but it’s true. There are some real reasons it’s a great idea, and totally worth it: Get Your Money’s Worth You just invested your money into a remodel for your home. 133 more words

Love!... Where?

Love!… Where?.

I want to find love.

I want to be in love.

I want someone who will love the person who is tucked away so much of the time.  92 more words