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Solid Tips On Lead Generation That Anyone Can Easily Understand

Owning a business means taking care of many things. One of the most important is maintaining a strong customer base. In order to do that, it is necessary to get new leads on a regular basis. 274 more words


Mary: The Faith of a Mother – Luke 1:26-56

There is nothing more comforting and encouraging than the faith of a godly mother. A mother who loves the Lord and her children is like a rare and precious gem. 1,388 more words


That Is Your Teacher?

That  Is Your Teacher?

Since we know  deep down inside  that we are very inadequate  in so many areas,  we look for advice,  and help  in many areas.     481 more words


How do we know who to trust?

Recently, I’ve been stumbled by the fact that we don’t know who to trust. To put this into more understandable words, the only way we know who we can’t trust is if that person has betrayed us. 331 more words

Agile KM from 'SMART goals' to 'practice SMARTS'

The game of knowledge management has changed.

Despite the definitions given to knowledge management (see this useful post by Stan Garfield – and my own definitions of… 745 more words


Being Trustworthy

If someone were to share a secret with you, would you be able to keep it? Or, are you one who will tell ‘just one’ other person and tell them not to tell anyone? 146 more words