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Of tiger claws and wolves' teeth

Am fighting the lustful demons on my way
Trying to scratch the sky with tiger claws
Hoping it might bring me heaven
But I come to understand that life doesn’t come with roses on golden saucer. 118 more words


Don't Ask Me That: Trust the Bible?

Not only do we get internal claims, but also external proof that the events actually happened—reality instead of mythology, closeness to the actual events rather than centuries later, but next we get to take on… 573 more words



One thing I’m not a fan of as a human, is how narrow a view site we have. It’s like my view on life is looking through a magnifying glass, and I can never stop. 363 more words

Love or Hate - which will it be?

During this political season you probably “hate” one candidate and “love” the other?


We harbor both within our Mind however, our true identity is attached to light and love.  509 more words

IHT Insurance Promotes The Forces of Good

Empathy, unity, and compassion, are the three principles IHT Insurance Group Agency instills into each and every one of its agents. It certainly does not wish to be viewed in the same way much of the world regards insurance companies – as rapacious, duplicitous and venal, interested only in turning a quick profit from other’s misery. 405 more words

Insurance Company

IHT Insurance Empowers Agents

To understand the IHT Insurance Agency Group and the story of their success, it is crucial to emphasise that the efficiency of a company is inextricably linked with its organizational structure. 384 more words

Insurance Company

Both Clinton, Trump Seen As Dishonest

In the graphic above it shows three areas in which voters were asked their opinion about the presidential candidates. The three areas are honesty, temperament, and knowledge of world affairs. 143 more words