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▶ David Swanson: World Beyond War

David Swanson talks about the organization World Beyond War and its goals


Swanson spoke at a Pax Christi Conference in Michigan:

Pax Christi Michigan is honored to welcome author, activist, radio host, and journalist David Swanson to be our keynote speaker… 343 more words

Nonviolent Action

Religious Leaders and the United Nations Need Set Up a Truth and Reconciliation Process to End the Insane War Between the West and the Middle East Nations and Jihadis.

We pay a lot of lip service to the importance of the truth. The Gospel of John states the truth will set you free. Yet century after century the west refuses to accept its role as the villains in the whole middle east, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan debacle. 1,090 more words

Truth And Reconciliation

Residential Schools: Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The residential school system lasted for a hundred years and affected over 150, 000 Inuit, Metis, and First Nations. The trauma stemming from it has been passing from one generation to the next. 112 more words

"I Will Never"...

It’s a rare occurrence for me to re-blog, but sometimes someone speaks so eloquently from their hearts, that I feel compelled to share those strongly felt thoughts.   389 more words


Lillooet axes plans for tourist area atop historic Chinese cemetery

The Canadians for Reconciliation Society has forced Lillooet to shelve a project to build a tourist area atop an historic Chinese cemetery.

Society CEO Bill Chu started lobbying two months ago against a proposal to build a rest stop on the vacant lot beside the current cemetery, a patch of land that historical documents show was a Chinese cemetery for about five decades until the 1950s. 297 more words


Alleged war crimes: Restorative justice with truth and reconciliation

By Ameen Izzadeen
For how long can Sri Lanka play hide and seek with the Western powers which, for reasons political or otherwise, seek to hold the country’s leadership and the security forces accountable for war crimes alleged to have been committed during the last stages of the separatist war in 2009? 1,067 more words

Political Analysis

Zero Hedge: Reasons behind current War Fever

ZERO HEDGE: The political elites, Federal Reserve and special interests that really run the show hiding behind Congress and the president of either party in America’s closed two-party monopoly… 43 more words

Rediscovering Our Humanity