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Moses Didn't Make It

This morning I was thinking about obedience. Moses came to mind.

I think it’s safe to say that he bore much fruit throughout his lifetime. 124 more words

Truth And Scripture Study

Passover - The Grafted Church

It occurred to me that many who are new to keeping the Lord’s appointed feasts might be searching for a reliable place to learn.

I remember when the Lord first began laying truth on my heart years ago (about 17 years ago) I was so hungry for truth. 142 more words

Truth And Scripture Study

Happy New Year! Start of a new Biblical year!

Did you ever stop to think about the fact that the whole world runs on a clock that is different than what is revealed to us in Scripture? 469 more words

Truth And Scripture Study

Shabbat Parah- Matcha Challah

There are four special Sabbaths that occur at the start of the spring.

There are two before Purim and two before Passover. The Sabbaths are called: Shabbat Shekalim, Shabbat Zakhor, Shabbat Parah and Shabbat HaChodesh. 636 more words

Truth And Scripture Study

The Difference Between Owr and Maorot

I have embarked on a very interesting study of the Scriptures.

Yesterday I learned something that completely astounded me.

I have always wondered why in Genesis chapter one we see that on the first day Hashem created “light”  but….He didn’t actually create the sun until the fourth day. 559 more words

Truth And Scripture Study

Aligning the Camps

Abba has been doing a mighty work in my heart. I can’t go into all the details because many are personal and complicated.

I will say that Abba has realigned my compass and pointed me in the direction that He wants me to walk. 2,002 more words

Truth And Scripture Study

What does joy look like in my life?

Continuing on the subject of joy I wanted to share what joy looks like in my ordinary daily life.

Many times “us believers” say things to others like “the Scriptures command us to be joyful…so…choose joy!”. 1,286 more words

Truth And Scripture Study