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#High recognitions . . . find the source from where this glimpse comes.

“Meditation, godliness, enlightenment, nirvana,
they all came into being through love,
because through love a glimpse was achieved.
And when the glimpse was there, daring souls went on an adventure… 23 more words

Gratitude And Inspiration

#Symbolism . . . The Birch tree

The Birch tree represents the first month of the Celtic Tree calendar,
December 24th – January 20th.
Associated with beauty and tolerance, the Birch’s vibration… 57 more words


The hour of calmness . . .

“Be guided absolutely and entirely
by the vision of calmness,
and not by the shadows of anxiety.
The hour of calmness
is the hour of illumination… 18 more words


You know those tender moments?

“You know those little moments when an unexpected act
or a spoken word affects your heart with sweet,
satiating intensity―
a simple gesture that possesses deep, 49 more words


Forgiveness is . . .

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act,
it is a constant attitude.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

~ Image “Lily of the Valley” by Krzysztof Winnik… 11 more words


Nature knows . . .

“Like a great poet, nature knows
how to produce the greatest effects
with the most limited means.”

– Heinrich Heine

Text & image source: Harmony… 8 more words


#Sunday reflection . . .Learn the meaning of the creation which surrounds you

“Learn the meaning of the creation which surrounds you,
and you will perceive the mysteries hidden from your sight,
for Eternal Truth is recorded on all that exists. 64 more words