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The Second Circuit Misapplies the Per Se Rule in U.S. v. Apple

In its June 30 decision in United States v. Apple Inc., a three-judge Second Circuit panel departed from sound antitrust reasoning in holding that Apple’s e-book distribution agreement with various publishers was illegal… 1,412 more words

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The Green Shoots of the NYC Taxi Rules on Ridesharing Companies

I am of two minds when it comes to the announcement today that the NYC taxi commission will permit companies like Uber and Lyft to update, when the companies wish, the mobile apps that serve as the front end for the ridesharing platforms. 337 more words

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Passive Resistance and Contributory Liability

If you haven’t been following the ongoing developments emerging from the demise of Grooveshark, the story has only gotten more interesting. As the RIAA and major record labels have struggled to shut down infringing content on Grooveshark’s site (and now its copycats), groups like EFF would have us believe that… 1,284 more words

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Truth on the Market Welcomes Kristian Stout as New Blogger

Truth On the Market is pleased to announce that Kristian Stout of the International Center for Law and Economics (“ICLE”) has joined our team of writers. 200 more words

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New Heritage Foundation Publication on Saving Internet Freedom

Yesterday the Heritage Foundation released a series of essays on “Saving Internet Freedom.”  These analytical essays are an excellent reference work for interested members of the public who seek answers to those who claim the Internet requires new and intrusive government regulation.  548 more words

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Interesting Upcoming Law and Economics Center Privacy Event

On Wednesday, March 18, our fellow law-and-economics-focused brethren at George Mason’s Law and Economics Center will host a very interesting morning briefing on the intersection of privacy, big data, consumer protection, and antitrust. 157 more words