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The FTC Takes on “Petitioning” of Government as an Anticompetitive Exclusionary Tactic

  1. Background

Some of the most pernicious and welfare-inimical anticompetitive activity stems from the efforts of firms to use governmental regulation to raise rivals’ costs or totally exclude them from the market (see, for example, … 1,246 more words


Legatum Institute’s Special Trade Commission Advances Brexit Policies Designed to Promote Economic Freedom and Prosperity – for the United Kingdom and (Eventually) the World

The Legatum Institute (Legatum) is “an international think tank based in London and a registered UK charity . . . focuses on understanding, measuring, and explaining the journey from poverty to prosperity for individuals, communities, and nations.”  Legatum’s annual “ 1,000 more words

Truth On The Market

ABA Antitrust Section Transition Report: A Respectful Critique

The American Bar Association Antitrust Section’s Presidential Transition Report (“Report”), released on January 24, provides a helpful practitioners’ perspective on the state of federal antitrust and consumer protection enforcement, and propounds a variety of useful recommendations for marginal improvements in agency practices, particularly with respect to improving enforcement transparency and reducing enforcement-related costs.  1,497 more words


How to Regulate: An Overview

So I’ve just finished writing a book (hence my long hiatus from Truth on the Market).  Now that the draft is out of my hands and with the publisher (Cambridge University Press), I figured it’s a good time to rejoin my colleagues here at TOTM.   1,728 more words


Understanding government negotiation of Medicare drug prices

In a weekend interview with the Washington Post, Donald Trump vowed to force drug companies to negotiate directly with the government on prices in Medicare and Medicaid.  951 more words

Truth On The Market

FTC Economists’ Paper Discredits Claims of Inappropriately “Weak” Merger Enforcement

During 2016 it became fashionable in certain circles to decry “lax” merger enforcement and to call for a more aggressive merger enforcement policy (see, for example, … 449 more words


What Will Trump Antitrust Be Like? Come to Heritage on January 24 and Find Out

During a presidential transition, it is an old Washington parlor game to discuss public policy tweaks and personnel changes, with speculation often focusing on former political appointees who are linked to the new President.  202 more words

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