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Truth or Dare

Sometimes you get that premonition that something could happen. My premonitions almost always came at the expense of one of my friends experience shoe loss. It’s not much of a talent, but sometimes I could see the scenario playing out long before it actually happened. 680 more words

College Days

The Truth or Dare Effect.

Truth or Dare is a childish game. One that we play as teenagers when we’re too scared to ask each other for what we really want. 338 more words

About Last Night: Beware of Truth or Dare


Welcome back to my little weed-spot blog, located in a teeny tiny corner of the social media universe. Based on the title of this post, I bet you can guess what I did last night, and if you can’t, maybe you should put the bong down for a minute! 802 more words

My 55th Book!

Ahhhhh! I just released my 55th book and didn’t even realize it. Recently, I was chatting with my friend, and fellow author, Tia Fanning, and we created a Quick and Dirty line of books: They’re speedy super hot reads. 178 more words


ThisIsMyTruthNow Tag: AKA me being a spectacular wuss and taking the easy way out

Heyyyyyy…. So I’ve been tagged. Mwahahaha.

But, as you probably guessed from the title of this post, I’m gonna be a gigantic wuss and take the easy way out. 258 more words


Nerve live game. We are Murderer!

Truth or dare. 我會選 dare.


這是一套題材關於網絡玩命 live game 的年輕人電影。電影大網大概是一個新興的玩命 live game。年輕人 subscribe Nerve channel 就可以選 Watcher or Player. 選擇 Watcher 就可直播會員現場接受 Dare 挑戰,這些挑戰越高級越玩命。 10 more words

Bitchy Me !

Today in Madonna History: July 31, 2015

On July 31 2015, Madonna’s Blond Ambition World Tour documentary, In Bed With Madonna (aka Truth Or Dare) was certified platinum by BPI (British Phonographic Industry) for sales of over 50,000 units on DVD/home video in the UK.