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Broken Systems The Education System Live stream starts at 6:30 PM Est

We live in a world that is filled with broken system’s, many of which are meant to be broken and that is why they never fix them only compound the problem till it collapses as it was designed too. 81 more words

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Not All Things That Glitter is Gold

Not all things that Glitter is Gold, it’s time we point out what is going on in Tuscon AZ with VOP Team Alpha CO Pulaski

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Human & Child Trafficking here in the US

Earlier this wk I did a video about the VOA group in Tuscon AZ & what Craig Sawyer had to say at that time, he latter this wk came out and said there was no evidence that there was a child trafficking site, but lets not diminish the facts that this is happening here in the US as I will show from a sting that happened on Thursday in ALT Georgia where 160 children some has young as 3yrs old where rescued. 35 more words

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Now Thyself

Our mind is such a power tool, but yet so many people give others control over their mind while yet others have become prisoners to their own mind through false truths and false ideologies. 22 more words

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