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The Great Man Theory of History

I was thrown off the history CSE at school for not showing sufficient interest. If I take a Stoic view of myself, the history teacher was right, I had no interest in the Great Man theory of history. 326 more words

Public History

Salute to adventures, to new friends

There is a graveyard in my mouth filled with words that have died on my lips.
-Emily Palmero

Home is where the Heart is – Part 2…

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Home is where the Heart is

It’s been a long time. Almost four months since my last post. Yama-chan has done a good job of keeping this blog alive – in the widest meaning of the word – and now I’m finally back! 858 more words


God Is Black -- He Told Me So

God is black.

If you read translated source material that theological beliefs are built on, or read theologically foundational, authoritative writings like those of early Christianity’s so-called “Church Fathers”, or Augustine, Aquinas, Pseudo-Dionysius, etc., you’ll see that “God is black” is no more incredible or baseless than so very many of the statements made about God over the centuries: cryptic, ambiguous, unsubstantiated, and intentionally so. 1,276 more words