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Behind the masks

Whether a Doctor, a Radio Personality, a Sailorman, a Robot, a Penguin, an Extra-Terrestrial, a Cross-Dresser, a Boy who was never supposed to grow up, or a Genie…..the masks we hide behind are only what we present to the world. 250 more words


I’m wondering whether it’s possible at all not to be attached to different things

Hello Peter,
I think that somewhere in The Book of Not Knowing you wrote something about attachment. I think you wrote that the less we are attached to different stuff the less we will suffer – or something to that effect; I was unable to find the lines where you talked about it. 308 more words



Same dream for three days now

Last time that happened

It wasn’t a dream it was a premonition

But how can I decipher something

I have yet to understand.

Seeking Truth

Her name was Mary.  Some historians say she was the wife of Cleopas.  The Bible says she was the mother of  two sons, Joseph and James.  1,135 more words

Release your potential.

We can change our future!

It takes 5 simple steps.

1 Accept the past.

2 Accept the choices that others have made that pissed you off. 132 more words


The Truth Seeker

long time ago, in India, lived a man named Admita. All his life had been spent in a harsh and hostile desert, surrounded by sand and dry, swirling winds. 214 more words


By product

Everything that’s meaningful in my life has happened to me as a result of doing something else.

As an example…. I bought my present car because the old one decided to die. 242 more words