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The truth is the truth no matter what state you're in

Hi Peter,
One concept in some of the Buddhist studies I have been involved in brings light to the importance of “leaving family,” meaning leaving worldly attachment and focusing one’s life more on the study of “Truth.” 492 more words



I have been wanting to start a blog for the longest time! Along the way I made up various excuses of why I needed to wait and now I have pushed all of those excuses out of the way and taken that leap of faith! 244 more words


“The thoughts attached to the real desire of the seeker will lead us to him and him to us.”

– Anonymous poster found on a Parisian wall circa 1622

Creative Writing

To get this communication you must embrace paradox

I have read this over and over. I don’t think I understand:
The Book of Not Knowing 25:39:

We’ve seen that distinction doesn’t mean separation. 336 more words


5.39 The Book Of Not Knowing

Learning to question isn’t complicated; in fact the difficulty lies in it’s very simplicity. When we speak of questioning, we’re not talking about going into nature to ponder the meaning of life, or mentaly sailing off into abstract notions of the cosmos seeking some answer.

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FIRE AND ICE is a unification of the great opposing forces we live between.

It is a reminder to explore both sides of every coin and to live in balance. 147 more words

Jasmine Raskas

Mourning & Hope (on approaching milestones)

Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Year’s Day.. all transitions and opportunities for reflection. These milestones represent growth, changes, and something new. Unfortunately, it may also be a reminder of loss and a a time wrought with regret or sadness. 473 more words