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New book release! Truth Seeker is now out!

A dead child.
A girl locked away for his murder.
A mysterious gift.

Locked up for the murder of a boy she tried to save, eighteen year old Aleeta Veritras is determined to bring the real killer to justice. 599 more words


Sagittarius New Moon 11th December 2015

It’s time to infuse ourselves with the hopeful and exuberant New Moon in Sagittarius energies!

Sagittarius is an energetic optimistic sign. It’s the truth seeker archetype, full of passion and faith in life. 883 more words

New Moon

V(igilance Forever) (A-Z #22)

V is for Vigilance Forever.

This is what Samarpan said to me: Vigilance forever.

There isn’t a time when one is no longer vigilant. Vigilance is your nature. 558 more words


TV News Fear Porn

We are addicted 

To the drama

To the story

That keeps on repeating

Over and over and over

And then we repeat the story, to others, to our neighbors, to ourselves. 130 more words

Awakening Woman

Cafecito Break PREMIERE - bboxradio in BKLYN

Because I refuse to be seduced by a robotic state of being, because I believe in dreams and in freedom of expression, because I believe in protecting creativity, because I understand that change must begin with me, because I believe in truth, and because I know better. 63 more words

La Shamanessa

Something to contemplate...

Are you being you? 

Or are you being a caricature of yourself?

Are you playing into a role because that is the way everyone else does it?   49 more words

La Shamanessa

Move Your Body With Love

Why do you exercise? Is it because you want to lose weight? Is it because you want to get the ‘perfect’ bikini body? Or is it because your friends are all sweating it out at the gym, so you think you should too? 895 more words

Ed Recovery