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don't forget your present

time frame 2016 til present…

I keep dreaming the same dream over and over again.

It’s been like this for months now.

At first I dismissed these dreams. 199 more words

La Shamanessa

Censorship Wars

the other day I was watching a You Tube video where Christopher Greene of AMTV was sharing a perspective that we are living in a digital prison… When I tried to share his You Tube video on my facebook page, it was flagged as SPAM and I was unable to post it… WTF!!! 150 more words

Awakening Woman

Mama Bear

The thing with writing about my most personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences, is that people read them. And when those thoughts, feelings, and experiences involve other people- who read them- things can get interesting. 1,244 more words

If you break your word in some way...

Consciousness Exercise

If you break your word in some way to yourself or others, no matter how insignificant it seems, it will affect your integrity whether you notice the consequences or not. 30 more words


You know you have an emotion because you feel it and identify it...

Consciousness Exercise

You know you have an emotion because you feel it and identify it as a particular emotion.

Yet do you know what that emotion really is? 44 more words


What is thinking?

Consciousness Exercise

What is thinking?

Consider that everyone doesn’t do the same thing when they do what they call thinking. What do you do that you call thinking? 45 more words


How to Look Within Yourself and Find God

Nuann Cares, MSHS, BA is a clinical research specialist and spiritual advisor.  In this segment, she discusses ways to confidently identify God in Yourself without a book, a doctrine,  church,  or other people.  Share and leave comments!

"Females In The Game"