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Perception vs Reality

Think about this…what you think you know most likely isn’t what is.

I was thinking about perception today based on some recent events that have taken place around me. 350 more words


Follow Your Heart Using Truth and Knowledge #inspiration #motivation

What does your life reflects?

Is is truth, love, greed, humility or something else?

My intention is the spread the Light and help others, especially those less fortunate. 73 more words


Disfellowship Experience

The Peace you receive by TRUTH:

The calm that only the Spirit of the Lord can give:

This letter is to be a wake up call for SDA members around the world. 5,099 more words

Daily Thoughts

Accepting and Releasing 2

I have been working and teaching about Accepting and Releasing now for over 20 years. 139 more words

Life Journey

Truth seeker.~by Mandour Saleh Hikel

Truth seeker.

There are tens of wondering,
Deeply restless looks
In her irresolute, beautiful eyes.
And tens of obtrusively annoying questions,
Need to be answered… 128 more words


March 11, 2016

You know what happened this day?
I was sitting with my friend and doing some random discussions. Before she was leaving, I gave her something to read. 302 more words

Account Of My Life

The Truth Seeker

Discrepancy speaks;
She listens intently.
He writes a purpose in her palm
With the indelible ink of curiosity.

She gets sexually excited;
That’s purely emphasis. 189 more words