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Peter Ralston Interview Episode 28: What is distinction?

What is distinction? (28 of 29) from Peter Ralston on Vimeo.

What is distinction? Peter Ralston talks about distinction during this interview clip with Leo Gura. 13 more words


Asking the question

Lately I’ve been working on much smaller paintings than I usually do, including some very small works.  The miniature format feels right while I explore a new approach to my old lace treasures and I find the process to be very meditative; there’s an intimacy and concentration of detail in the smaller works that I find very satisfying.   65 more words

Oil Paintings

What is mental illness

What is mental illness?

Why if there are so many drugs dedicated to “mental health issues”, why is the amounts of people with “mental illnesses” increasing? 482 more words

527. Deception: Where does it Really Start?

The other day I read and participated on an interesting thread at the Desteni Forum about the theory of the Earth being flat and it caught my attention because I have been part of the people that have investigated some of it in order to spend some time pondering whether we are truly living in the shape of the Earth we have believed it to be thus far… however what I brought myself to realize is how ultimately irrelevant the subject is, but more so than that how we are already perceiving reality in a very limited view and the very fact that we cannot even be aware of how every single cell and organ of our body functions all the time and how every single thought or experience that we allow ourselves to have impacts our body. 2,894 more words