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You know you have an emotion because you feel it and identify it...

Consciousness Exercise

You know you have an emotion because you feel it and identify it as a particular emotion.

Yet do you know what that emotion really is? 44 more words


What is thinking?

Consciousness Exercise

What is thinking?

Consider that everyone doesn’t do the same thing when they do what they call thinking. What do you do that you call thinking? 45 more words


How to Look Within Yourself and Find God

Nuann Cares, MSHS, BA is a clinical research specialist and spiritual advisor.  In this segment, she discusses ways to confidently identify God in Yourself without a book, a doctrine,  church,  or other people.  Share and leave comments!

"Females In The Game"

All around you are objects and creatures...

Consciousness Exercise

All around you are objects and creatures.

Look at a tree or plant. You see the plant, but do you really see it for itself? 41 more words


The Begotten Son on Trial

*this blog scene is set in a courtroom, so put on your law caps to proceed, you are now a sworn in juror. I ask that you look at all the evidence.* 1,350 more words

Daily Thoughts

Perception vs Reality

Think about this…what you think you know most likely isn’t what is.

I was thinking about perception today based on some recent events that have taken place around me. 350 more words


Follow Your Heart Using Truth and Knowledge #inspiration #motivation

What does your life reflects?

Is is truth, love, greed, humility or something else?

My intention is the spread the Light and help others, especially those less fortunate. 73 more words