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Dancing Thru The Storms of LifeĀ 

“If you ever want your SOUL TO DANCE, you will at some point have to JUGGLE LIGHTNING & taste the THUNDER.” Christopher Poindexter

Many times life reveals itself in tumultuous ways and we don’t know whether we are coming or going. 95 more words


Directional momentum in the vacuum; you say

Common physics will tell you one very simple fact. In order for an object to begin, or increase a directional momentum, force needs to be generated against an external object. 509 more words


A Much-Needed PJ Day

It has been a fun and busy week. We had my family out visiting, which meant park trips, swimming, late nights, yummy food, and wonderful company. 83 more words


Your rich until you have nothing!



BabiesĀ are funny things, a dream a nightmare splendid until the dirty nappy, heavenly until the non stop screaming, but don’t let that put you off, their really magical… and loud and expensive, they puke on you shit everywhere wake you up at the most horrible times, ahhh the joys… who else do you know who you would let get away with all that? 59 more words


The only way to be free is to break your cage open

It’s hard to know who you really are. Down to the very core of yourself, words can’t be of any use. Trying to label or categorise yourself is like trying to squish and elephant into a shoe box – although I’ve never tried it, I can imagine it’s near impossible (never say never). 851 more words