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The Gospel: An Inconvenient Truth

I look at our Gospel reading this morning (Matthew 10.24-39) and it seems that we`re faced with some pretty pointed and challenging stuff. If we`re going to be like Jesus, he seems to be saying then just as they called him `a son of the devil` then we will be in for same kind of treatment. 1,768 more words

This Sunday

Why Seek Ye Christ?

They would the Lord yet show another sign
With prideful claims that they would soon believe.
Though pious outwardly, their hearts are dark,
So darkened, blinded by their unbelief. 69 more words


White lies.

Truth be told we tell lies,

To hide ourselves

In made pretend realities

If the truth ever came to be

Life would seem too bleak; 80 more words

The Only Voice that Matters

If someone…..

Tells you to be quiet,
It means you have something to say

Tells you to work
Respond by going to play

Says that you’re ugly… 110 more words

Blog Post


Oh deep and wondrous waters
Stretched beyond what eye can see
It’s not the mysteries of your depths
That gives thy meaning up to me… 78 more words


THE TOMBOY DIARIES: LOOK NO #16 - Catcher of dreams

Well well, wassup tomboys? Hope you are well and I know I haven’t posted for a little but here I am with something that is suitable for summer. 127 more words


While I Was Away...

I spent some time in a metaphorical submarine as the unconscious unfurled while I sought answers in the depths of me. Thankfully, I did have wifi connection wherever I went, so upon emerging from the deep blue seas, it was not a particularly intimidating readjustment. 329 more words

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