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Right Now: Bernie Sanders taking a firestorm of criticism on Twitter

Bernie is taking some serious heat on Twitter from people who appear to be supporters or former supporters. The comments are just rolling in– with many asking why he has not yet spoken out about #DNCLeaks.


Human brain reset- for the youth!

Reprogramming of your brain. Reboot, Refresh. Renew your mind.

Reprogramming the human brain. Written by Just Jeannine. Jeannine Stokes Which is my new site not officially open yet, but soon to be. 796 more words

The Divine Dream

I had a dream;
I was in a girl of teens, with a shine on her skin.

She was standing at the edge of the world, while… 152 more words


Have a Little Taste

To live a life that is delicious,

you must choose the thoughts that feed the soul

To enjoy every breathing bite of life,

you must see every moment is whole… 89 more words

An exercise in seeing the world

In 2016 any educated person can tell you that the earth orbits the sun while rotating on its North-South axis. But our language and our experience say that the sun rises and sets to form our days. 509 more words

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