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Truth for Tuesday

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”

– George Washington,
letter to Charles M. Thruston

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That's Not Who You Are

“…And I’ll sit my child down & say, “that’s not who you are”. Even if they ARE being lazy right now. I’ll tell them. you ARE NOT lazy. 789 more words

Who is God? God is the eternal Supreme Being that created everything that has been created. God is in complete control of the universe as its Creator and Sustainer. 876 more words


"What is Truth?"

How ironic that Pilate would ask this question of Jesus, the embodiment of all truth standing right in front of him. 

The Jewish religious leaders wanted Pilate to execute Jesus for blaspheme and for claiming to be king of the Jews.  453 more words


Day 4: Saved $600 Million and Countless Jobs

Written by Adam

First Monday Trump’s in office and he really started delivering on promises for a better tomorrow. Ended the TPP, Mexico City policy rescinded and a hiring freeze to government employees. 768 more words


The Deal

Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“The Good Deal that God has for you is right in front of your eyes every day if you listen, open up your heart, mind, and senses to the truth, centered in front of your face, by faith; if you don’t walk away.”  ~ Jon Barnes…

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Daily Devotional

Moving through the darkness to visions of light

As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things. 567 more words