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If Homebodies Were 100% Honest...

Anyone who preaches, “honesty is the best policy,” ironically, is lying. That statement is erroneous malarkey, essentially advising people to thoroughly sabotage every last human connection they’ve ever had, hurting feelings and becoming a widely despised individual because they followed a socially detrimental policy. 1,048 more words

Beauty Can Be Found

Having a chance to look deep inside. The thoughts that spring up are different from what springs forth.

The harshness that has grown; the hate and anger that has been left to ferment, the hostility hidden beneath smiles, buried beneath laughter, the jealousy, the envy, the greed, the many acts of love drowned by a cloak of kindness. 262 more words


Truth or Lies

Some truths may be

Well disguised lies

Carefully fabricated

To create an aura

Of believability

Posturing as true


Using guile to

Masquerade as truth… 37 more words



Have you ever had a strong desire to purchase an item that you felt you couldn’t live without? Well, for many of us that is a regular occurrence. 553 more words


P is for PEACE

P is for the peace that eludes you

A is for the army that occupies you

L is for your stolen land

E is for the equality you long for… 50 more words


Let There Be Light

Belief in God does not signify ignorance of Science but coincides with its complexity.