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Don’t lose a true person in search of a perfect person,

because perfection is fantasy but the truth is always a reality.


On the Spirituality Crisis in America

When people in America think of Christian spiritual leaders who do they think of? Do they think of St. Herman of Alaska who brought the monastic way, and who lived a life of ascetic struggle to please the Lord? 1,980 more words


Why I Write

You asked me why I write so much,
so I’ll explain why just like this…
Remember back when we were kids,
how our imaginations soared? 150 more words


" विषय"

विषय (वि + षि + अच् ।)  का अर्थ हम लोग सब्जेक्ट, थीम या टॉपिक या अध्ययन की सामग्री, जानते हैं किन्तु हिंदी में इसके बहुत सारे अर्थ हैं और वो भी एक दूसरे से भिन्न, तो शुरू करते हैं ।


The Fall

I remember standing with you —
eyes just taking in the venue.
Looking down, I saw the steepness,
so I grabbed your hand from weakness. 149 more words


More Finance No! A Lack Of Due Diligence

Far too many of Us just refuse to live within our means,
lord have mercy for all those foolish financial schemes.
Now’s the time, a prudent choice! 109 more words


True Fatherhood: An act of commanding.

Today, exactly a year ago, I got the shocking news of my father’s passing onto to the life beyond and as much as I was shocked, I had no sadness in my heart. 1,311 more words