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The Mousetrap Question

Jesus did something that scared the living daylights out of His critics.  Do you know how?  Was it with a startling miracle?  A demonstration of mighty power?   472 more words


What I wish to say

I need to go and never come back unless I want to visit my family.

I’ve been hurt too many times, by you and by others, by illness and by death. 63 more words


There is this guy who was very thin. Let’s call him Stick. I used thin purposely because of his desperate weight condition. He lived with his mum and step dad. 934 more words


Forever After

Blissful  Tomorrow

We will go on separate paths,

Crave for those seldom laughs.

Miss those classroom fights,

Calling up late in the night.


Your faces may fade from this mind, 148 more words


Barack Obama, Liberals are Blind to Truth about ISIS, Political Islam

Barack Obama and Liberal Political Correctness turn a Blind Eye to Truth about ISIS, Political Islam


None so blind

Tim Wildmon

There is none so blind as those who will not see.

682 more words
Judeo-Christian Culture

Confessions of a single man.

1. I don’t know, with confidence, where I keep spare toilet paper in the house.

2. Dishes are only done when something is needed.

3. Groceries are purchased based on how it’ll taste with vodka. 165 more words


New Life...On the First Day of Spring!

My life has been so busy for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve neglected to post some wonderful news! Just over a week ago, while I was on my way to North Carolina to visit my daughter, I received word that my daughter-in-law was on her way to the hospital to give birth to my new granddaughter! 416 more words

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