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Demonic Oppression (Growthpoint week 1 notes)

Part 1: Introduction

Before we talk about what demonic oppression is, let’s talk about what it is not. The first thing that comes to many of our minds when we hear the words demonic oppression is someone who is demon-possessed. 1,816 more words

truth as stay

push as its own determination

as its own seeking

as the energy

as its own how

as its own pulse

as the going

and direct… 46 more words


Human Life

This human life can be so subtle and chaotic. Yet it teaches us many things. Things such as how to speak and write properly even when faced with sudden unexpected allegorical nonsense. 248 more words


The Bitter Truth

It’s been so long
Since a truth last past these lips.
The taste of it was foreign, and bitter, and metallic.

It was as if my lies were razor blades I had swallowed. 46 more words


Buying Fishing Tackle

Her name was Daisy.

She got blue ice cream.

After she named all the colors of the various dots on the ice cream window (blue, red, orange, green, and purple), I told her parents that she was adorable. 159 more words

Personal Success

The Purpose of Beauty and the Great American Eclipse

Something strange was happening – the sky darkened and took on an eerie character, almost like twilight but something different altogether. A cool breeze picked up, the temperature noticeably dropping. 737 more words


Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Play the game.’ I see what you

did there. Writing rules for the many,

creating consequence for those unwilling to

listen. Moderation for the few, the handpicked. 43 more words