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As all begins to shift and to move once more then new directions and new avenues will begin to open up beneath our feet.  At this time I am uploading more podcasts which are concentrating on how to illuminate the behavior patterns that we default to when we feel we are somehow “under attack”, this moves us into what is referenced as “survival mode”, as this is a taught behavior pattern and is triggered repeatedly within the old 3d earth created construct it is important to understand why and how it is illuminated in order to release it and move further into expansion. 51 more words


Anecdotes and Truth Claims

My life is filled with claims that ______ (oh my goodness sooooooo many things)___ will change your life in some way or another, from relieving a headache to curing a disease, from financial blessing to weight loss. 624 more words

My Mind

I Vow to Always Tell the Truth, Even When it Hurts

What is blogging but a place to put down your thoughts for anyone who cares about them. It’s taken our society by storm and everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon. 191 more words



by Bill

All addicts enter recovery out of isolation.  Often that was our choice, because we didn’t feel that we had anything to offer others, or believed that we were contemptible in their eyes.   237 more words


Activist social science

Like way too many social scientists, I’ve been overly obsessed with the LaCour/Green retraction. Partly, it’s the perverse attraction of watching the slow-motion crash of a career, but more substantially, it’s a chance to reflect on how social science is supposed to work, and where activism fits in–or not. 642 more words

“There are four questions of value in Life:

What is Sacred?
Of what is the Spirit made?
What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? 10 more words