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The (War)rior 

I feel like I am amidst a life long war where the enemy is invisible to some people, who don’t believe that the war even exists. 344 more words



There is a deep, mute despair beneath the innermost of the soul’s seals. You pick at the skin until it gives way, parting to reveal flesh, then bone, then nothing. 290 more words


Yep, I have rules. 

“Yes, there are people greater than her. There are people more attractive, more intelligent, more caring and more fortunate. That’s life- full of temptations. But don’t be deceived by those things. 437 more words

Truth Blue : Aura Colour

This is an old piece or writing I did many years ago. I’ve since incorporated Truth Blue into the Aura Card named “Expression Blue”, because they are different facets of the same aura frequency. 1,179 more words

Reading The Aura