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If I was who they thought I was.

If I was who they thought I was life would be much simpler. I wouldn’t be hiding away all of my true feelings and emotions. I wouldn’t be worrying about being the disappointment that I know I am. 104 more words


Forty Lashes

Oh midnight star

Most beautiful conceive

Is it truth you show so vividly,

To tongue and lash continuously

Is not who we really are!?

Hate and mistrust… 40 more words



something that i want to develop more is my intuition.

recognizing my intuition and listening to it, following it.

how does intuition show up in your life? 176 more words


crazy cat lady

You know what I love about myself? That no matter how dark things seem to be, no matter what negative twist is thrown at me, no matter what it is that enters into my bubble to bring me down I am always able to find that light, that humor, or the positive in every situation. 392 more words

The Waiting Room

There’s much I wait for:

⁃ a sharp razor that’ll cut a tree

⁃ an axe with its immense strength to cut my hair

⁃ common sense to thread it’s way into politics… 40 more words



Truth for it; and likewise continued to smash any object in his cot.

“I wonder if thinking men whose statements printed by us, which we should the daily applied, for the Heart of it. 1,003 more words