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Which group are you in?

Something big happening right now is the division of people into two groups.

The first group is tired, weary and beyond exhausted. This group is in dire need of rest and rejuvenation. 537 more words


Prayer 12: Supplication for Forgiveness of Our Sins

Our Lord, forgive us our sins and the excess in our affairs and plant firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people.
Al-Quran 3:147

Just another poem about love.

I hadn’t known love growing up.

Not that I hadn’t ever been loved

But too often that love was shadowed by rage.

Violence was common, but yelling was how we were taught to communicate. 219 more words

Creative Writing

NOAH'S FAITH ( 2019 )

The storm,  it thunders all around

With ne’er a silence to  be found

The  light’ning   crashes in the  dark

Illuminating  all  in  spark

Its odor makes the air smell sweet… 54 more words


Four-Wheel Alignment

Simple. And it’s a direct mirroring of a “conversation” I was having this morning.

“There’s nothing the Divine Feminine wouldn’t do for you.”

Redemption for them is possible, but not so long as they choose to align with evil. 18 more words


Critical thinking: Decision Making, based on Emotions, or Absolutes of God?

Critical thinking:

Decision Making, based on Emotions, or  Absolutes of God?

Dr. Joe McKeever

The Lord is not asking for feelings or wishing for greater emotions. 649 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture

How does one prove one's worth?

The proper answer is this:   One’s worth is measured in how good one views oneself from “Within” oneself?  And  what is doing this “viewing”?  It is one’s MIND, which is invisible to the brain.  97 more words