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With child of
the Holy Spirit
before she was
even wed

Joseph thought
to put Mary off
but took her as wife

A laid down life witnesses miracles. 211 more words


When All Goes Dark: part 2

I walked back into my 6th grade classroom and looked for my Valentine’s box. It was sitting exactly where I had placed it the week before. 2,575 more words


A New Day

Day one.

I awakened light hearted, but anxious. I felt alone at first, and longed for the false security I burned away the eve before. I tussled with my fears and sat in bed thinking how much work this transition would actually require (key word… 339 more words

Why Evil Spirits Love Narcissists

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Regressions to the past... am I searching for the wrong destiny?

In the wee hours of the morning, I begin to awake. My previous dreams of the night have now escaped me. But still being in an astral state, I decide to regress. 1,591 more words

Paul turns into Christ? How?

Jac Forsyth was not a medical doctor. He was the founder of the Perilous Physicist Society, and had known Paul for years. He had decided to examine Paul himself, not to take any credit if something special should be happening, but to keep Paul’s condition secret. 886 more words



I have been writing an awful lot about friends lately. I like it. The people who are in my life right now are fantastic. To me, they are the definition of a kindred spirits.  213 more words