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Midnight Delirium 33

Just know that when your eyes grow heavy and I wish you the sweetest of dreams, I lie awake every night wanting more of you. It is then when I grow most desperate to hear your voice… 50 more words


Midnight Delirium 32

You have become the worst of all drugs and the best of all trips.
My inability to quit you, even for one day, has me by the throat… 15 more words


Midnight Delirium 31

The most beautiful thing about those who write is we are all beautifully bent and tastefully twisted.

We are shameless and we are sometimes irrational, maybe even a little deranged… 18 more words


Updates to information on the main Karen Dover website

At this time of vast energetic expansion and shifting of the outer waking reality that is called the human life experience I am updating the information on the main… 215 more words


how does the peanut negative cow the misguided project?

he scratches his ass.
and this world seems to be on the bottom of worlds.
and in this world we are on the bottom.
idiots. 2,039 more words


"Don't Forget" Romance

I’m in love with the peaceful, sweet feel of this gown that brings out the inspiration of romance to my soul.

Don’t Forget

Breath my air and feel My love…

144 more words
Second Life


Intuition is power. Intuition is truth.

By tapping into your intuition, you are tapping into the true message, the gift from God.

Taking the time to really listen to your intuition will take you beyond where your mind and chatter (society) want you to go. 20 more words