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Theology 101

A professor of religious studies informed his students on the last day of the term that not one of them had demonstrated a satisfactory understanding of Christianity. 103 more words

For Pastors And Teachers

Borrowed Time

Markets propped up by rust and rot

Standards lost

Flood of currency , cresting banks

Bursting dams, shallow roots

Borrowed money is borrowed time.

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Co-incidence, Planned Prodding Experiment or Universal Patterning?

For those paying attention, having done sensible serious research and enabling the connection of dots accrued from many incidents there stands out by a mile, specific  human hands delivering preordained goods. 1,618 more words

State Of The World

Guerilla - just don't

Just to be clear, this is not a fair review of this programme. It is not fair because I found the programme so awful, that I could only manage to get through one episode of six. 684 more words


All Over

Honestly speaking

I can live with the lies.

Honestly speaking

It gets better easier.

You’re better at it now

And you(re)new

Skin it in fool – 27 more words

Backpacking the Balkans — thisisyouth

Although a lot of readers seem to have difficulty understanding this, my Nepal blogs aren’t actually happening in real time. I was in Nepal in March of this year.

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Crab Cakes

Dear Joseph,
I have been praising God for our incontestable Caribbean adventure we dwelt among these past months. My brief residence aboard Freedom has silently resurrected delicate memories of secret rendezvous and passionate moments that had once served me daily as a sort of antidote for the venomous evils that perused these crystal clear turquoise waters. 88 more words