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{Fireside Fridays} I Read Because / Because I Read

{I read because … }

I have wanderlust

I need to be reminded who I am and why I am here and what I need to do… 234 more words


Staring At The Trees

“Staring At The Trees”              

        Sometimes, I pick up my journal with thoughts and questions swarming around in my mind and all I can do is pick up a pen. 2,502 more words

Just Because: Military Healthcare (4/29)

Nothing grounds me in purposeful writing like having a cause. And sure, I have many things that I’m passionate about, but for now, I’m fixated on the failings of a certain large-scale system that has personally affected me over the past few years: military healthcare.  1,131 more words



Don’t worry, the words are coming
In many different ways
And as usual
Don’t take what I have to say
Too seriously
Or you just might find yourself… 42 more words


To the Point

Look into my velvet orbs
And know I will not purloin
Your heart
My candor for truth
May set you back
Forgive me if you wish… 70 more words


True Worship

True worship isn’t about ability, it’s about your heart and your spirit. God isn’t moved by our abilities, He’s moved by hearts that are so full of love for Him that they can’t help but sing out-no matter how it sounds in the natural. <3 <3