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In Which I Channel Beatrix Potter and Write a Tale of The Two Mice in My Shed

If you’d rather I read this story to you (think of it as story time for grownups) click here:

Once upon a time there was a very useful garden shed; it was made of wood and painted red. 555 more words


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A throwback to Beatrix Potter, with a modern dimension - such a great read.

Squatting for life

One of the abilities I lost over the years seems to be the ability to squat. Squatting is cultural and in our environment and is the most natural thing to be able to do but not for me- not any longer. 125 more words

Truths And Inspiration

Can it be ?

I was out of town for a week. While my husband attended his conference, I roamed Philadelphia on foot. Where I live, I miss the use of my two God given legs especially during the summer. 249 more words

Truths And Inspiration

Travel Notes

A quick, unplanned, unexpected trip for a conference took me out of town for a week. Now I am back and hope to be in circulation for sometime.

Truths And Inspiration

Life is but a stage

Evita was a great success in my college. It was 1981 and the actors achieved cult status among the students. This was much before my time but we heard about it- not once but many times. 396 more words

Truths And Inspiration

Now may be best

A friend of mine from another university has been on the line a couple of times trying to contact me. I missed her calls a couple of times and didn’t call her back, when I could, always finding excuses to not call. 274 more words

Truths And Inspiration

A friend's problem

A colleague of mine was leaving. At the send-off lunch, everyone assembled to wish her luck. This is the colleague who owns Pepper and Elsie and Max( dogs). 168 more words

Truths And Inspiration