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Learning to Pray for Me

It’s difficult to know how to pray when it comes to our own lives.

I couldn’t help but pause at the above words when I noticed them penned in the middle of an article I was reading. 625 more words

Truths That Transform

A Hope That Does Not Disappoint

The last few months I’ve been bumping up against the word Hope. I’ve also been bumping up against people who are either walking this life’s path filled with it, or seemingly strangely empty of it. 820 more words

Truths That Transform

When I Don't Know What to Pray

I wish I could say with confidence that I always know how to face a situation head-on, that I never struggle to find the right words to speak relief into the heart of a fellow-sojourner. 548 more words

Truths That Transform

The Space In Between

What happens in the void of waiting?

This space in between the trial and the victory?

These moments of unknowns and not yets and hoped fors? 551 more words

Truths That Transform

Let Your Little Child Lead

“As a mature Christian, I had somehow stepped over the phase of being a child with my heavenly Father.”
– Laura Bower

As I pondered the above statement, I had to give a nod of acquiescence to the reality of these words holding true in my own life. 446 more words

Truths That Transform

Finding Faith at the Edge of Risk

Jesus called His disciples to be a lot of things, but “safe” was not one of them.

My husband and I are standing at the edge of risk, and we are preparing to step over that edge this week regarding a particular decision. 687 more words

Truths That Transform

Hope's Invitation

Hope begins in the dark, spilling forth rays of light from empty tomb. Casting its magic upon the desolate and barren.

Creeping tendrils of goodness snake their way through the shadows, erupting with resurrection’s dawning of grace. 241 more words

Truths That Transform